Monday, December 27, 2004

Make A Little Prayer Tonight. . .

This isn't going to be the post that made a million laugh. Instead, I'm asking for a little favour from all my readers. Tonight, I ask that you make a specific prayer to God. In the last few days, parts of Asia have been devastated by earthquakes and tsunamis. Thailand, Sri Lanka, India and Indonesia seems to have got the majority of the devastation. The death toll is at close to 22, 000.

This is depressing stuff. I realize I don't usually mention topics like this. But I have some very dear friends that have loved ones that live in that area. I'm sure some people reading this may have friends that are in a similar situation. So tonight, I just ask that you make a little prayer to God. Ask that he comforts the people who have loved ones over there. Also ask that God keeps those loved ones safe.

Thank you. God Bless.

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Boxing Day Sales. . .

I wanted to deposit a cheque from my parents today. Mainly because when I'm up north I'm rarely in the town that has my bank. It's always nice to be able to turn that piece of paper into something useful -- like phone bill money or uh. . . well, that's about all I use money for right now. Since my bank is in the mall, I decided to check out the 'amazing' Boxin Day savings that I always hear about.

Maybe I just don't head out to the mall enough -- Haliburton doesn't have a real mall - but I wasn't blown away by the 'amazing sales'. There was some clothing stores that promised 50% off but even at that deal, it seemed they expecting King and Queens to shop there. My word, clothes are expensive. Or maybe I'm just real cheap? I work at a Christian Camp for a living so I'm not really one to throw my money into the wind. Needless to say, I didn't take advantage of the 'sales' at the mall.

Oh well, I'm going to be sweeping that Million Dollar Lady off her feet in no time. After she hits her head from the fall, maybe she'll be off guard enough to give me some spending money.

Saturday, December 25, 2004

To Be The Man. . .

Last night, I finished reading the autobiography by professional wrestler Ric Flair entitled 'To Be The Man.' After my Christmas shopping, I decided to get myself a present and picked up this book. I completed it in less than two days. That alone would be a sign of how much I enoyed the book. Or maybe a sign of how much time I have on my hands?

I enjoy professional wrestling. My all time favourite wrestlers is none other than the 'Nature Boy' Ric Flair. For most of his career he has played the bad guy but despite that, I've always found myself rooting for him. He is ultra charismatic and has an unrivalled ring presence. Arguable, the greatest professional wrestler ever. Of course, this is coming from someone who just admitted to being a major fan.

The book obviously chronicles the life and career of Ric Flair. Flair has had quite the eventful life which makes for a very interesting read. Flair has been in the wrestling business for over 30 years. For a good portion of that has been seen as one of the top guys. Flair was also a big party animal. Flair talks often in the book about his battle from being the wrestler Ric Flair and being the good father/husband Richard Fliehr. Flair did a good job about talking about his many exploits but at no time saying that he was necessarily proud of them. He regrets not being the father or husband he should have. It's encouraging to hear how hard he works now to be a family man.

The book pulls no punches. Flair says exactly how he feels. Thus quite a few guys get a good bashing in the book. At the same time, he does speak very highly of other people. I'd definitely not say it's a book full of bitterness. I would say it lacks the humour that another classic wreslting autobiography which was written by Mick Foley. Mick Foley's two books are also my all time favourite wrestling related books. The Flair book has itself some stiff competition.

I felt the Ric Flair booked lacked some detail as well. Flair seems to really skim over his life. It felt like a few years were completely skipped. There were some events that I was interested in getting his view point on but he either skipped or skimmed them. Flair is also 55 years old and thus that is a lot of life to cram into 300 pages.

I really enjoyed the book. Can't really recommmend it to any non wreslting fans considering a lot of it is about Flair's career. I think many wrestling fans will appreciate the book. Maybe even gain a new respect for Ric Flair. He has lived quite the impressive life. Even myself being a big fan, learned a lot of new things about Ric Flair.

A definite thumbs up from this reader. It gets a big giant 'WOOO' from me. Of course, if you're a non wreslting fan than I lost you on that last reference.

Friday, December 24, 2004

Merry Christmas!!!

To all my loyal readers and to all my first time readers too; I want to wish you all a very, very, very, heartfelt Merry Christmas! I hope you all have a very wonderful holidays. Be sure to give the ones you care about a big hug and show them how much they mean to you. I hope you enjoy all the blessings from God on this glorious day. Peace!

Saturday, December 18, 2004

A Movie That Made Me Tear. . .

I'm a big tough guy, right? Right??? Okay, maybe tough isn't how you would describe me. Maybe I'd even admit that I may border on being a rather sensetive guy. Despite that, guys still don't cry. Right? Hello? Alright, guys don't admit that they cry. Better?

I had a discussion with some ladies where they mentioned certian movies that bring them to tears. I was pretty positive that I hadn't seen a single one of those movies that they had mentioned. Or at least, I wasn't willing to admit to seeing it. I couldn't claim that no movie has brought me to tears. Truth is, their are thoses rare films that cause a single tear to stroll down my cheek.

I was probably 10 years old when I first saw it. I don't know how many times I've seen it since. I'm pretty sure I would have still been in high school the last time I watched this movie. Every time I've seen this movie, I've been pretty close to shedding a tear. The very least, I was a little choked up after. The movie? Lucas.

Stop laughing. I'm being serious. Actually, you may not be laughing, you may be wondering what movie I'm talking about. I can understand that. It isn't like the film was an universal blockbuster. But I'm sure I rented it more than twice when I was younger -- so the film made at least 4 bucks. The film is about a boy named Lucas but I'm sure you figured that out. Lucas is a scrawny kid and would be considered a really big loser. He lives in a trailer park and isn't very atheletic. This is a 80's teen movie, so of course all the cool kids are football players. The football players pick on poor Lucas. That is basically the life of Lucas. Except a really cute girl moves into town. Lucas is the first person to befriend her. Naturally, they become friends. Obviously, poor Lucas decides that he likes this girl very much. Of course, she is oblivious to this and only thinks they are friends. Instead, she has a big crush on one of the football players -- one of the ones that happens to be nicer to Lucas.

It isn't Shakespeare. It also is the opposite of unpredictable. If you've seen any teen 80s film then you know that the scrawny, unatheletic Lucas joins the football team in order to impress the girl of his dreams. Hilarity ensues as pipsqueak Luke tries to play a game that he knows nothing about. I actually don't remember how he got on the team. He ends up spending time warming the bench most games anyway.

Then the big day happens. Somehow, Lucas is brought on the field to do a play. I really forget why but it's an 80s teen movie so the reason was probably flimsy to begin with. No matter how he got there, he was there on the field. This was the big moment of the movie. As I'm sure you've already called, the quaterback for whatever reason has no choice but to throw the ball to Lucas. I don't remember why he threw the ball to a stickman that never played a game before. Especially since I think it may have been a championship game and they probably were down by 6 points. I'm not sure if that was the case but it's an 80s teen movie so I'm sure I'm close. He catches the ball. He made a run for the end zone. Or maybe he didn't run for the end zone. I do know that he catches the ball. I also know that he gets creamed. SPLAT! Big boy crushed shrimp. End of Lucas. He gets stretchered out. You got to feel bad for the guy especially since the girl of his dreams still likes Joe Football even if Lucas just put his life on the line to impress her.

Lucas survives the squashfest and comes to school. Probably ready for a day of wedgies and spitballs. He enters the school and everyone is staring at him. He goes to his locker probably convinced some prank is awaiting him. Then, the moment happens. The time that I get a tear in my eye. I start to cry like a baby. Lucas opens up his locker to see the High School Football Team jacket inside. He checks his locker to make sure this is the right locker. Suddenly, the guy who stole his girl starts to clap. Everybody starts clapping even the meanies who made sure he got a wedgie a day. They all clapped for him. They finally accepted him. He was one of them. Even if he was still a scrawny, shrimpy, wierd dork. They loved him anyway.

It's a typical 80s teen movie. Dumb jokes. Silly script. Completely predictable. For whatever reason, it gets me right in the gut. Makes me turn on my eye faucets. I blubber away like a 180 pound baby. It's pathetic. It's true. The room must be full of onions when I''m in there. Or maybe the place wasn't dusted?

Thursday, December 16, 2004

A Christmas Tradition. . .

I thought, I would do everybody a service today. Consider this a Public Service Announcement. There are many holiday movies out there. Many of them are considered holiday must sees. I know many people that have that Christmas movie that they need to watch every single year. To them it is the family classic. I respect that. I do feel that there is one movie that is the must-see Christmas movie. The holiday movie that needs to be watched every single year. The movie that without seeing it, Christmas just won't be the same. I, of course, am speaking of none other than the Christmas Story. The true holiday, family movie classic.

Is there any other Christmas movie that can claim the line, 'You'll shoot your eye out!' Or any family film that has a Lady Leg Lamp? Truly, this is the king of all Christmas films. Be sure to do yourself this service and watch the Christmas Story this season. The true family Christmas movie.

And if you hate it, remember it wasn't me who recommended it. It was Jim.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

What is Love?

Two people rush into a marriage and their reason is because they love each other. A year later, after very much bitterness they decide to file for a divorce.

A girl is abused frequently by her angry boyfriend. She refuses to leave him because she claims that she loves him. She is convinced he loves her. He continues to hit her.

A boy proclaims to the crush of his life that he is in love with her. After a month of dating, he decides that he would rather make out with her friend.

A married couple is together for 20 years. They have 5 children together. The husband walks out on the marriage one day because he feels he hasn't loved his wife for 5 years now.

These are really sad tales. If you are anything like me, thinking over these scenerios cause you to feel pretty down. Sadly, you probably know somebody in each of those situations. I know I do. I can put a name to each of the individuals mentioned up there. How heartbreaking is that?

What is wrong with the world?

I'd say the problem is because we have forgotten what love is. It's not a warm fuzzy. It's not a magic feeling. It not something that will make you feel all special inside. Actually, love isn't about you or me at all. It isn't a personal thing.

My favourite chapter in the Bible tells you exactly what love is. Here is an excerpt from 1 Corinthians 13. These are verses 4 -7.

4: Love is patient and kind; love is not jealous or boastful;
5: it is not arrogant or rude. Love does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful;
6: it does not rejoice at wrong, but rejoices in the right.
7: Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

How often does one follow those rules of love? I know I fall short almost everyday. If I try to follow them and remember them than I know my relationships will benefit so much more. Because love really isn't about how I feel. It isn't about what it does for me. But what can I do for others?

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Home for the Holidays. . .

A youth group postponed their planned banquet at Medeba this Saturday. This of course means, Medeba loses some potential revnue during a period that we sorely need it. This of course means, I should be saddened by the cancellation. I'm not.

It's selfish but I'm rather happy to not have the group in. Not because my ultimate goal is to see the end of all potential revenue at Medeba. Definitely not because I have a fear of large groups and never want to host another one. Both of those things, are not true at all. I would love Medeba to get some much needed revenue. I'll take large groups over 40 hours chained to the desk of horror anyday. Actually, I love working with groups. Any other week, I'd have been sad to see the cancellation. Not this time. This time, it means I get to return to my hometown a little bit earlier for Christmas.

I love Christmas. I love spending time with my family during the holidays. It means so much more when you are separated from them for most of the year. I have no car and live about 4 hours away. I tend to see them about 4 times a year. I know, I just had the September of living with them but the Medeba bubble has allowed me to forget that long period of time.

I love Medeba. But it is a bubble. I can only happilly stay in the bubble for so long. I'm giddy with anticipation with the prospect of going to my parent's house this Friday. It will be a blessed homecoming. Maybe we will play Clue? Maybe I'll bug the cat until he scratches me to shreds? Or maybe I'll start missing the Medeba bubble after being there for 10 minutes?

Ah, Brantford - here I come.

Sunday, December 12, 2004

The Rumours Are True. . .

My loyal readers, you have not received a post from me since November 25th. Many of you may have wondered where I am. Why has Chris neglected his blogging duties? Has he fallen off the face of the earth?


It is true. The rumours that I had fallen off of earth are not exaggerated. The reason that you have not received any communication from me has been because I have not been here. Of course, my fellow employees may argue that I have been into work for the last few weeks. There may even be some Guest Groups that can claim I have been here to host. It's not true. I have actually been drifting through space after a particularly nasty fall. Yes, a fall of off the face of the earth.

I never actually thought that it was possible. I just thought it was a cliche term for someone who has been absent with no known whereabouts. I didn't know that it was a very real hazard. Yet there I was, walking on the nice, clean snow not aware of the evil ice that was hiding beneath. I slipped. My feet flew up over my head. I was ready to collide with the unforgiving ground. Instead, I was drifting in space. I had fallen off of the earth and didn't know how to get back on.

You may be saying to yourself, 'Wait a second, there was no snow on the 26th of November! This is all a lie. He's just making an excuse for not blogging for a couple of weeks! Boo!'

First off, booing me is rather uncalled for. Do I really need that kind of jeering? Second of all, calling me a liar is a rather harsh claim. Third of all, I didn't type anything about snow. No, don't go back up there and check for yourself. Please don't reread this post. I didn't say a thing about snow. Trust me.

I said that I was up at the camp treehouse. It was a warm and sunny day. The weather was perfect for strolling through the camp. I was enjoying a tuna fish sandwhich while listening to the chirping of birds. Oh, the lovely memories this all conjures up for me. But then I heard some rustling in the bushes. So, being the curious person that I am, I decided to check out this rustling. That is when I saw him! It was a real life gnome! He had a big red hat and fat, curly shoes? Do Gnomes wear shoes? Uh. . . I mean, they sure do wear shoes because I saw one! So, I decided to chase him because if I caught him then he would show me where his pot of gold was. I work at Medeba, so I could really use some gold.


Gnomes don't hide gold? It's Leprechauns? Well, I meant rabbit. It was a rabbit that I was chasing. Because. . . uh, he stole my tuna sandwhich. He was such a jerky rabbit. He kept going on about being late for an important date. So, I followed him down his rabbit hole. . .

A rip off from Alice in Wonderland? I don't know any Alice and Canada's Wonderland is like 3 hours away from here. Do you really think I'd walk? Besides they don't admit rabbits into Wonderland. They only allow seeing eye dogs and some children into that theme park.

You're not buying this? Are you? Well, it's true. I fell off the face of the earth. And it was a nice trip.

Thursday, November 25, 2004

E-Scam. . .

The General Director of Medeba (who I like to call Bruce, much less words) showed me an e-mail he got today. It was an e-mail from E-Bay that was informing him that they need his updated debit and credit card numbers in order to keep up his E-Bay account. I'd say that already sounds like a pretty fishy request. To add to the fishy situation, Bruce doesn't even have an E-Bay account. Yikes!

If you haven't caught on, the point of the story is the e-mail was a complete scam. The e-mail had links to Ebay and even had a pretty Ebay logo. Yet, it wasn't from Ebay. Rather some jerk over in Europe who would like nothing more than to spend some poor saps money. Maybe use it to buy a Christmas gift off of Ebay???

It's just another sign to not give out your Credit Card number very easily. Even when you may think it is to a trusted source. The internet can be a very scary beast. It's disturbing how easy it is to be suckered out of your money. I almost miss the days when I guy would just bump you upside the head and steal your wallet. At least than, you have a cool bump to impress the ladies.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Pain of Disappointment. . .

I'm a people person. Moreso, I am a people pleaser. My day is a whole lot cheerier when I know I've left a smile on the face of those I was with. I like it when people are happy. Generally, I feel good when I know when those around me are well. It's who I am and who I will probably always be.

My job usually works with that personality. My main goal as Guest Group Coordinator is to serve the group and make sure they have a lovely stay. When I'm booking groups, I tend to be able to make them rather happy when I have spot for them to take. Most of time, it's a pretty nice fit with my motto. Unfortunately, I somtimes need to be the bad guy. I need to look at the business side of things over the people side of things. As I'm sure you can guess, this part of the job doesn't want to make me do back flips.

Today, I got the displeasure of having such a situation. Unfortunately, this weekend we have a group that is set to bring in a much smaller amount of people than they had intended to bring. I have a contract that states they promise to pay for a certian amount of people. An amount of people that is very unlikely to be able to come considering it is two days before their arrival. The most vile part of this whole deal is that this group's booking caused another possible group to not come this weekend. Not only do I have a pitifully small amount of people coming but I also lost out on having another possible group in here at the same time. Instead, Medeba is stuck with the inenvitable possibility of losing money. Or I get the grand joy of telling a group they need to pay an amount of money which is far more than the amount of people they have coming. Not a fun scenerio. An opportunity to definitely disappiont a few people.

Maybe I can grow to love to disappoint people??? I mean, I once really disliked squash. Now, I think squash is a very important food staple to your Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner. Then again, I also used to hate liver and I'll still pass on that. No thanks.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Super Size Me. . .

On Sunday, I caught probably about an hours worth of the film Super Size Me. As a rule, I tend to doze off with anything that seems borderline to the reality entertainment phenemonon. But this film was actually pretty entertaining and not really comparable to the tripe that litters the airwaves. I'm sure that line just upset about 80% of my readership. Oh well, what do I know because I don't even have cable. This wasn't meant to be a rant against reality television (despite my major dislike for it) but rather an endorsement for Super Size Me.

I didn't see the whole film but I'm slightly motivated to go out and buy it if I can find a cheapie copy which might be unlikely for a new release. Of course, I'm always willing to suck up my pride and except a gift. Back to my opinion on the film, what I saw of it was pretty fascinating. It was also a fairly sad commentary of where our soceity is going health wise. I got to day 22 in the film, it was pretty scary the damage that McDonalds had done to him in such a small period. I never thought that a full month of just McDonald's was a smart health choice but it's pretty scary to see how hamrful it could be. The fact that after about a week his body was addicted to the food and it was providing highs when he ate it and lows when he wasn't eating it. The most disturbing thing was what the food ended up doing to his liver. Yikes! I think the doctor was saying the liver had the same amount of damage done to it that an alcholic would do to his liver. Just really disturbing stuff.

On a plus side, I think North America is waking up and beginning to get back on the health food craze. I'm definitely not one to start endorsing Nutri-Sweet because I don't actually think that is all that great for you. But banning things like pop and chocolate bars from schools can't be a bad thing. I do feel that just concentrating on what we eat is really losing the whole point. If we want to be a healthier Continent than we need to start becoming more active. Exercise needs to be a regular thing in our daily ritual. I know that skipping exercise is something I'm guilty of. I spend most of my day in front of a computer and don't really do a whole lot more outside of work. It's bad. Seriously, a healthy style of living can start with what we eat but also needs to he helped out with an active style of living.

Another scary thing I got out of Super Size Me, an elementary grade only had 2 hours of gym a week. Yikes! You got to get the kids more active than that. I know learning is important but physical health is major too. I'd think that at least 5 hours of gym a week would be a good thing to implement into an elementary school. Then again, it may depend what other things they do throughout the day and how long their recess periods are.

Definitely a movie that got me thinking. I highly recommend all to check it out if you have the opportunity. This is coming from someone who hasn't even had the chance to see the entire thing. I guess, I'll skip out on the Big Mac tonight.

Monday, November 22, 2004

Till Death Do Us Part or When We Get Bored. . .

First things first, the reason for the week long absence was that I was back home in my old stomping ground of Brantford. My dear, close, personal friend was about to embark on a truly amazing adventure because as of Saturday he started his life with his beautiful wife. It was a sheer pleasure to be the best man for this special occasion. It was quite moving to see the tears in his eyes while he watched his beatiful bride walk down the aisle. I could feel the true love he had for her. I've said it many times on Saturday but I will now say it in blog form, Congratulations Tim and Carolyn!

I'm sincere in all I typed up there. As happy as I was for the day of my friend's wedding, I've also heard some really sad news lately. Over the last few months, I've been informed of the end of several marriages. One marriage is a little over a year old and another marriage invovled children in the mix. That is a sobering thought. A very sad thought. An even sadder thought when you realize all these marriages are of Christian couples. Couples that should know the sanctity of marriage. As Christians, we are supposed to know how sacred that bond is and how only death should be the reason it ends. But it isn't. It takes much less to end a marriage.

Boredom. Or losing the loving feeling. Or finding someone else who makes one feel so much better. Or realizing the person isn't who one dreamt them to be. Or maybe the person was exactly who one thought they were but one was hoping they'd magically change after the wedding day. Something out of a fairy tale, where your pumpkin is now a chariot. Unfortunately, real life works more like when the clock strikes midnight and everything turns back to reality. The love of one's life turns out to be a smelly rat.

A lot is put into the love feelings. People really like warm fuzzies. People really like to have a heavy attraction to someone. But what does one do when that is all over??? What happens when the feelings start to fade? The person one wakes up to just ends up being the norm rather than an adventure? What do we do then?

Love is work. The love of the movies is a fantasy. The feelings that make one feel like they are flying or on top of the world is a fantasy too. They aren't real. Those feelings don't last. Those feelings might not even mean this is the person one is to be with. I've heard that it is more important to like someone than love someone. Marriage has a better chance to work if the person is a friend rather than a lover.

So, are we to give up on the magic feelings? Is there to be no romance? There is one thing I know. My parents love each other more now than they did when they got married. I know my parents are madly in love. My parents still go out on weekend dates. I think that is a pretty impressive thing for people who have been married for 27 plus years. I obviously believe that passion and love and feelings can be in marriage.

It takes work. It takes work to keep love and feelings in a marriage. Sadly, it seems soceity doesn't want to take work. They would rather start over and find someone new. That is such a sad thing. Such a horrible example for the children that are growing up watching there parents. Nothing is sadder than seeing a loveless marriage. Maybe it happend because the couple rushed into marriage. They let feelings dictate everything. Unfortunately, marriage is real and it can't be some fantasy.

I believe there can be magic in marriage. I also believe people need to take marriage more seriously. Not to rush into it. Once they are in marriage, they take there wedding vows seriously. That they are with their mate through sickness, poorness and bad times. They truly love the person even when they don't want to. Because than, the real magic can begin.

That's your rant on marriage from a guy whose only taste of it is from observation. But I've had one of the greatest couples to observe when I was growing up. Two people who still truly love each other.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Boo On Technology. . .

You ever have one of those times where you have really good intentions that you're actually about to fulfill until nasty old fate steps in to squash it? A few days ago, I decided that for the next few days I would check my e-mail every single day. You may not think that is a tremendous feat but for a guy who can get distracted to the point that he forgets that he is hungry I'd say it isn't a bad goal. I have a slight distraction problem. It results in me very often getting side tracked from daily tasks like checking up on the ol' inbox. Besides this minor flaw, I have been able to be quite studious in the daily checking of e-mail for the last few days. Today, fate just wasn't on my side. For whatever reason, Hotmail has decided that I should not check my e-mail today. Despite spending the last 40 minutes trying to gain access to my inbox, I have not been able to enjoy the pleasure of seeing awaiting mail.

If you are someone who has typed me an e-mail over the last 24 hours than please note your letter is safely locked away in my inbox. Nobody will harm an electronic hair on it's little e-head. Not even me.


Monday, November 15, 2004

Not The Best Thing To Tell A Potential Guest. . .

I'm on the phone today with a Youth Pastor about a potential booking of a retreat here in the winter. Things are going really well. I've got all the important information and he is ready to make everything official. He want to have a retreat hosted at Medeba and Medeba wants to host the retreat for him (as long as he is ready to pay the $99 per person for the experience). The Youth Pastor is excited about the retreat happening and the phone conversation is going really well. So, how do I decide to end this very important conversation (because at Medeba all our potential guests are so valued)? Simple, "I'm sorry I need to go because the camp is burning down!" Probably didn't get him too excited about coming here anymore.

Luckily, the camp didn't burn down. But we did get a nice visit by the local volunteer firemen. You see, the annual wood burning in the pit got a little carried away. The burning decided it would like to do some of it's thing outside of the said pit. Luckily, the super men that are the Medeba Maintenence crew was all over it like stink is on a dirty monkey. The wild fire was able to be contained back within the pit.

In other news, things got burnt in the pit a lot faster this year.

Oh, as for my potential guest, I was able to call him back and let him know he still has a camp to come to this winter. He was relieved.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

27 Years Young. . .

November 13th has just passed and as is tradition with that date I just got a little older. I have to admit I can't believe I'm in the late 20's now. I think I'm supposed to be all mature and settled now. I know people this age have homes, children, careers and slippers. I do have a credit card even if it claims the owner's name is Christophe. I really need to find that guy and give him his card back. He'd have better use for it anyway. Not a lot of need for spending in the bubble that is Medeba.

I'm sure a good birthday rant is supposed to be all philosphy and reflective. Instead, I'l just remark on how cool it was to have cake and ice cream again on my birthday. Escpecially the ice cream since I've been on a drought of that recently. Here's to year 27, I'm excited to see what it will provide.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Strike Out. . .

As a child, I was a huge baseball fan. I collected the cards. I read all the stats. I kept a record of how well my favourite players were doing. Going to the Exhibition Stadium (yes, I'm that old) was a really big event for me. In the summer, I'd occasionally attempt something vaguely considered playing baseball with my friends (the unathletically blessed can only do something that resembles playing). Other times, I was making a Major League Baseball season with one of my friends on the old Sega Master System. This was before the high tech games now, so we had to record all our own stats and our own league standings. Yes, that made us geeks, but we didn't care. Because we both really liked baseball.

I don't even know who won the World Series this year. I didn't watch a single game. The saddest part, I don't care at all. My childhood past time is officially dead. It has been dead ever since the strike of '95. In 1995, Major League Baseball was heading towards one of its best seasons ever. The Montreal Expos were on the verge of being the breakthrough team of the decade. Then greed got in the way and a strike stopped the World Series from happening. It's sad that two World Wars couldn't stop the World Series but the need for money sure can.

This year it looks like a strike will stop the Stanley Cup from coming about. The older I get, the more bitter I become towards professional sports. It is becoming a money game. It's becoming about greed. It gets harder and harder to just sit down and enjoy the sports anymore.

Times like this, I wish I could just be a boy again.

Friday, November 05, 2004

A sign I'm not a kid anymore. . .

Here I am, in a job that could safely be said is a career. Now if I decide to make it one is besides the point, the fact is that it could be a long term career. It's even got a big, official sounding title. Guest Group Coordinator. I don't think it gets me a free dinner at any fine dining establishements and it's probably not a big impresser at social gatherings but it's a title nonetheless. It just happens to be my title.

I've got myself a credit card now too. Sure, the card says that my name is Christophe but I'm still pretty sure it's mine. As a kid, a credit card was magical wonder that only big people got to play with. Gues this makes me a big person.

Today, I was reviewing my benefits that come with my job. I was looking over my life insurance. Life Insurance??? Man, now only a few years ago I was pretty sure that was something only old people worrried about. Guess this makes me an old person.

Not a kid anymore. A sombering thought. I definitely didn't turn out the way I had imagined when I was younger. I also imagined I'd be living on Mars and battling evil toxic terrors. So, maybe this route isn't so bad.

I've grown up. Notice I didn't throw in the word mature. I've aged. As I sit in my own personal office, I realize I'm not 16 years old anymore. Hmmm. . . maybe I'll go play some video games now.

Seriously, Frank isn't me. . .

So, in my last post I made it clear that Frank was not me. I wasn't hinting at it being me. Nor did I want you to think that he was me. Yet everyone and their mother (and a few people's dogs) seems to think that Frank is me. Let's look at the differences and see for ourselves.

Frank has red curly hair
Chris is losing his hair

Frank likes ABBA
Chris thinks ABBA is the cause of hair loss

Frank collects Fungi as a hobby
Chris is a fun guy

Frank likes a girl named Lacey
Chris likes bowls of ice cream

Just to really prove the point that Frank is not me. I will give you the word for word conversation between Frank and the girl of his dreams, Lacey where he tried to confess his feelings.

Frank: Uh. . . um. . . Hi?
Lacey; Hello, Frank. How are you today?
Frank: Well. . . uh. . . did you ever. . . hmm. . see that movie with that guy?
Lacey: The movie with the guy?
Frank: Yeah, you seem to know the one. Wow, isn't amazing how we connect in that way.
Lacey: Wha?
Frank: I know, just makes you go WOW! We're just so close and such great friends.
Lacey: I'm lost.
Frank: But we are lost together.
Lacey: Huh?
Frank: Hmm. . . so. . . do you ever wonder why. . . uh. . . like. . . since we are so close. . . and lost together. . . uh. . .us. . .um. . . date?
Lacey: November 5th
Frank: Oi (Frank faints)

See, I can't be Frank. I'm so much smoother with the ladies. It takes me at least 5 more minutes until I faint. There you have it, Chris is not Frank. Frank is not Chris. Just for Candice, no Frank isn't a pirate. Yes, Pirates have loot but where do you think they plunder it from? That's right, from poor old Frank.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

The Relationship Catch 22

Let's pretend there is this guy. Be sure to recognize that this guy isn't me. To make sure this guy isn't me we will call him Frank. He will have red, curly hair. I don't have red, curly hair. He also has an extensive ABBA collection which is also something I don't nor would never have. Let's not dwell on his poor music taste but instead get to this tale. Just so the girls can play at this game too, you can pretend that Frank is a girl and her name is Francine. She is more of a Jars of Clay fan and has long black hair. She also is not me.

Have we established this isn't me yet?

So, Frank finds himself falling for a very good friend of his. His friend just happens to be a girl which is probably one of the reasons he fell for her. In Francine's case, she fell for a guy who also is not me -- for the record. Though she'd have a better chance with me because she has a better musical taste alone -- plus she's a girl. So Frank/Francine had this really great friend. This friend that they spent lots of time with and felt they could totally connect with. For a long while, all he/she felt for this person was friendship. The cruellness of life has caused them to have other feelings. Those feelings just happen to be really strong for this person. You can't blame Frank/Francine because the object of their affection just happens to be a really amazing friend and person.

Frank/Francine decides to take the plunge and admit their feelings to their friend. Even though they don't know how the friend may feel back. As this story decides to tell itself, it just so happens this friend does not return those feelings. This person has decided that the friendship route is the better route. Frank/Francine is a little hurt but values the friendship so much that they decide to not let it get to them.

The decision is made between the two that nothing will change between them They will remain friends. Everything will be exactly the same. That my dear readers is where the problem arises.

Frank/Francine gets attacked by bloodthirsty pirates??? NO! Are you even paying attention? Pirates don't even make sense in this story. Besides, this story is more of a sorry attempt to get a point across. Maybe I'll save the pirates for another time. No, Frank is safe from any pirates. Though I think Francine may have a crush on the captain.

Where was I? Oh yes, the problem. The problem is that nothing has changed. That they have decided to do everything exactly like they have done before. Frank/Francine is now facing a dillema. What do they do now?

You see, they fell for this person through the friendship. The attraction arised while the friendship grew. By doing exactly what they are doing now, Frank grew to have feelings for the girl. Doing exactly the same thing probably means those feelings are going to stay around and play for awhile.

So what does Frank/Francine do? And no, he doesn't walk the plank. Please stop thinking about pirates. Sheesh.

Frank could let the girl of his affection know that keeping things exactly the same is making it hard on him. He thinks that they should take a break. Or the very least. tone the friendship down a little. Maybe not open up to each other or spend as much time together.

You know what? He won't. He liked this person. He likes the attention he gets. He loves spending time with this person. This person is probably someone who is the highlight of his day. This is someone who he holds very special. He looks forward to these moments with this person. As much as he gets hurt by spending time. As much as his feeling stick around because nothing between them has changed. Frank doesn't want to alter the relationship because deep down he still wants to be with this person. He still cherishes spending the time that they have.

It's a catch 22. Frank is hurt if he keeps on letting the friendship remain the same. Frank is also hurt if he ends up spending less time with his dear friend. No one likes losing a friend. Especially a friend that you have strong attachment.

I feel sorry for poor Frank. Afterall, I hear some pirates just took all his loot. Those jerks.

Saturday, October 09, 2004


I think, it's time to admit that I'm not a teenager anymore. I watched the film 'The Punisher' with a crowd that was a few years younger than I and within that crowd was some teenage males. The proclamations of awesome and amazing were spewed out after this film. I instead was ready to spew something else out. 'The Punisher' seemed to have the goal of being able to desensitize the viewer to the world of violence as much as possible. Or maybe the problem is that the viewer already is pretty accustomed to oodles of unneeded violence in their entertainment diet. Thus the movie feels it needs to up the ante to still leave an impact. The movie had heaps of killing but in all that gory glory, they seemed to have forgot sometimes it's nice to have a story in there too. Maybe the story starts happening after the closing credit because I'll admit I turned it off before then. I'm pretty sure they wanted there to be some overall message. All I got was that the bad people need to have really gory deaths.

It's not a movie that really sat well with me. I'll admit there was a few fight scenes that the male side of me took over and wanted to do the obligatory fist pumping. I'm a guy and fighting is fun to watch. Watching families get killed doesn't thrill me. Torturous type death scenes don't get me too giddy either. I rather feel disturbed. Sometimes disturbed is okay. I've watched many films with gore and carnage. Usually there is an overal message and story. That despite being grim, I still feel I can learn or get something out of it. This was just an action movie that decided instead of action we will substitute carnage.

But man, there was one wild fight scene. Too bad I don't see myself wanting to take another viewing at 'The Punisher'. You can always play that fun game, try to find the thin plot in order to justify the choas!

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Hmmm. . . this place seems familiar

The end of August I packed up my bags and headed out of Medeba. I found myself back in my hometown of Brantford, living in the basement of my parents. It was nice being back in Brantford. It was really nice having free food and no rent. As life would have it, Brantford doesn't feel so much like my home anymore but rather a place I like to visit from time to time. A month later, which for you keen folks you've figured out was the end of September, I found myself with my bags packed heading back to Medeba.

Surprise, I'm back at Medeba. Maybe I'll end up being a lifer afterall. Truth is, I've known since the middle of August that it would be very likely I'd be here again. I love it here. This place does feel like home.

Unfortunately, my new job at Medeba doesn't quite feel like home. It more feels like I'm stuck in a wild tornado that's destined to send me to Oz. At this point, I'm not sure if I'm Dorothy or Toto. I don't really look that great in a dress and I am a hairy young man. I'll leave up for the reader to decide my fate. I'm feeling a litte lost in my new job but I'm also really excited about it. It's something new and I'm geared up for a challenge.

This where you are asking yourself, so what's the job??? I can't blame you for asking because I haven't told many folks about it. Actually, I know almost all of you didn't know I was destined to head back up here in lovely ol' West Guilford. That's mainly because it was a big secret and typically secrets aren't things I should be posting on Blogs. I hope the surprise was worth the wait. I apologize for not providing any cake or noise makers.

Oh yeah, the job I now have. My official title is Guest Group Coordinator. When I know what that all means myself than I'll be happy to tell you all. It invovles a lot of talking to people which basically means it's a job meant for me. I like my talking and I usuallu prefer to do it with people. The camp cat, Mouser, isn't a shabby listener herself. She also isn't going to give me a group of 80 to book for a weekend. Hey, if any of you have a group looking for a retreat, I am now your man. Unless one of your requested activities is 'chase the Guest Group Coordinator around with pointy stick and poke him until Skittles come out.' I'm still recovering from the last weekend and have decided it's not an activity I would rather run. Speaking of running, how about those cheetahs? Fast little critters. Not that I have ever raced one.

On a totally different note (yes it's true no Cheetah will be mentioned in this paragraph -- except for that one I did mention -- oops)I had me a root canal and leg surgery. Thankfully not at the same time. Not quite sure if I could have handled to wait for such an operation. I was inspired to run away a few times when the countdown was happening for the root canal. Both ended up going really well and I was just a big wuss for being afraid of them. I now have some cool stitches in my leg. I hear girls dig the stitches. I better make use of stitches now since they come out in a week. I'm fine with that because these suckers are itchy.

Maybe I should have stuck with the cheetahs????

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Wedding Flusters. . .

If my soon to be married friend has taught me anything in the last few days, it is that I'm all for having an informal wedding when that time comes. Skip the tuxes. Skip the fancy decorations. Skip the weeks worth of stress. I'm all for khaki pants and plaid shirts. I definitely think a backyard BBQ for reception sounds awfully appealing. Weddings are expensive and they only last for a day than it's over. I'd say the important thing is the life you are going to be living with that special person you love. No matter how extravagant your wedding ends up, it isn't going to have any affect on your future with your mate. Maybe I'm just saying this because I'm bitter I leaving an over $400 hole in my pocket after two weddings all finshed this year.

In an attempt to save myself from being seen as a horrible friend, I'm awfully proud of my buddies. I'm so happy for both of them. I can't wait to be standing by both their sides when their big days come. One of those days just happens to be this Saturday. I'm just saying that for my day, I might opt for khakis and a BBQ.

Monday, September 20, 2004

WWE Raw 9/20/04

It's Monday night and for wrestling fans that means some WWE Raw. I remember back in the day, my old apartment would get packed with about 10 rowdies for an evening of men rolling around in their underwear. We also watched some wrestling on television too. Monday was the big night of fun. I usually found myself looking forward to the night all week. It was a great time of hanging out with the guys and unwinding for a few hours of silly mayhem. I don't live in that apartment anymore. I haven't had cable for about 2 years. My wrestling parties have been non existent. Now that I'm temporarily back at my parent's house, I do have me some cable again. Which means tonight, I got me some wrestling action, though tonight I had to enjoy the action in solo form.

I'm not sure if it was the lack of company but the night of wrestling was getting to be a little dull. A few times I found myself flipping on over to Much Music but they had a reality tv show on which as a rule I refuse to watch. The thing about wrestling shows are that no matter how dull the show may be approaching, all that matters is how the show ends. I'm not sure if it is the lack of attention span I have but as long as the show ends on an exciting note than it tends to leave me happy.

Maybe Raw wasn't knocking my socks off but then again, I wasn't even wearing socks. The night ended with a big six man tag between the evil Evolution against the spunky trio of Shelton Benjamin, Chris Beniot (you know he's cool because he's Canadian) and Randy Orton. The match was classic wrestling at it's best. The young hero in Orton got injured early in the match which meant Beniot and Benjamin where down 2 against 3. Beniot and Benjiman put up a good fight despite being against the odds. Just when all hope was lost, Orton returned to the ring and scored the big pinfall for the good guy win. I'll admit it's pretty formulic but it was still fun to watch. Even though it's completely fake, I still found myself cheering on the good guys to victory. I had a big smile on my face remembering why I was a fan. Realizing all 6 of these guys definitely deserve the spot of being in the main event.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Beware of the Driller

I'm a grown up now. I'd like to say that I can be very mature (now, everybody I know has gone into hysterical laughter). I would say that I'm a pretty rational person. I have left some of my irrational thought processes back in my childhood years where they belong. I still do have an irrational fear. A fear that measures right up there with the Boogey Man. That Boogey Man is the dentist. As luck would have it, I'm booked for an appointment with Mr. BoogeyDentist today. I can say that I'm not overly excited. A few of my friends will know that I've had a cracked tooth since high school. I've basically been a chicken and not bothered getting it checked and rather just suck up the pain. Last year, I decided to not suck it up anymore and to get it checked. I was than informed that I get the honour of having a root canal. I never went back. Which leaves me with today. I think I just have another check up and to see how horrible bad my teeth really are. Maybe I'll even get a wrist slap for being negilent. Either way, it's about time to start let the BoogeyDentist do the much needed work on my pitiful mouth. I'm going to be a man and face my fears. I mean it can't be that bad, right? If you never hear from me again than you'll know I wasn't being so irrational all these years. Or I'm just slacking again.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Got to love technology. . .

For whatever reason, none of my outgoing e-mails have been able to make it to the intended receiver. I have absolutely no clue what the problem possibly could be. All I know, is my e-mails aren't getting out there. My hotmail account is claiming that they are being sent but the people I sent them to are saying otherwise. It's a little frustrating not being able to reach anybody. I'm posting this in hopes that some of those people frequent this site. If you haven't gotten e-mail from me than you know why. Hotmail has decided that you don't get my e-mails. Hopefully, that little technological temper tantrum will be fixed very quickly. For those of you who are used to my delightful e-mails, I apologize for this withdrawal you must suffer.

Television Dating

I was watching Friends today because I tend to jump on bandwagons a little late. Sure the show is sentenced to the world of reruns and can't any longer be the cool show to watch but I've never been so good at following trends. Anyway, the episode I was watching it was about Joey falling in love with Rachel. Hold on here, I thought it was supposed to be Ross and Rachel. I guess, it was time for a new couple. It turned out though that Rachel didn't return the feelings and poor Joey was left the rejected soul. That isn't the point here. My observation is that it appears all the characters at some point in that show end up in some kind of dating relationship with each other. They all seem to through each other like a high school goes through dresses before Prom.

Then I started realizing that almost any show that had a focus on relationships tended to have all the main characters eventually start dating each other. Saved By The Bell had Zack Morris date Kelly and Lisa, while Slater dated both Kelly and that other girl whose name I forget. Those Dawson River kids all seemed to be dating each other all within the same episode. That 70's Show has Jackie date at least two of the main guys in the show. Maybe this whole post is just proving I've watched two much sappy television or I just have way too much time on my hands. I find it amusing that in the world of television it appears within the small circle of friends that everyone ends up dating each other. Your best friend seems to be destined to end up with your girlfriend eventually.

I can understand why it happens. You've got your 6 cast members that the audience can relate to. You can throw in your occasional guest star and they can date your main star but in the end there isn't a real attachment. The guest star doesn't mean a whole lot because he became the romantic interest in his very first appearance. On the other hand, you put two of the main character together and your sure to have some bit of the audience that has been rooting for the two characters to get together. The relationship connects with the audience because you have two people together that the audience knows very well.

It works in the real world too. Friends tend to get more excited when two other friends get hooked up together rather than when a friend starts dating some unknown. Farmilarity is a nice thing. Though I'm pretty sure that most friends would start to get tired if one person ends up dating everybody in the friend circle. Maybe that'll end up being the next reality show.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004


They are three simple letters. A decade ago, together they would mean absolutely nothing except a misspelling for the word 'lull'. Now in the age of the internet, LOL has a very real meaning. I'm sure most people reading this have either been on internet chats like MSN Messenger or have been on e-mail. At some point, I'm sure you've read the letters LOL. Usually after reading them they've put a rather nice smile on your face. As far as you know, you just made somebody happy. We all like making someone happy. Everyone likes to throw out a witty remark or a sly joke that leaves people howlering in laughter. LOL is supposed to be the internet form of leaving people in stitches. Afterall, LOL means laughing out loud. I'd assume that the person who typed such letters than should be laughing out loud.

You know what, I don't think that's often the case. I think that the person who typed the words LOL is often not laughing out loud. Rather, I'd guess that they cracked a smile, gave a small snicker or rolled their eyes. None of those things are something I'd call laughing out loud. Sometimes, I think LOL is the internet form of filling dead space. LOL could also be the internet way of giving the fake laugh. You know you are supposed to say something but you're not sure what is, so you throw in a good LOL. You don't want to hurt the person's feelings so you throw out those three little letters.

The thing about the internet is it is very easy to hide who you are and how you feel. For some people, the internet is such a great tool because you can so easily hide. People don't need to know how you actually are feeling. It's much easier to hide behind a persona. You don't have to be real on the internet. I think that often those three letters are very unreal. It's not describing exactly how that person really feels. It's just an attempt to make sure you keep that other person happy.

For most people that is okay. Like I said, the internet is a place where you can easily hide who are. You can have hour conversations with people without ever having to worry about someone really knowing who are. The internet isn't the real word. You won't be easily discovered. Nobody really has to know a thing about you. Except that maybe you really like to use the letters L O L.

Monday, September 13, 2004

Table For One, Please. . .

I am single. At this moment, I don't have any prospects that could change that fact. In the last few years, I've seen many of my peers enter into happy and loving marriages. In the next two months, I'll be invovled in two weddings both of which I'll see a close friend get married. I continue to watch as many of my peers and friends enter into loving relationships. I stay single with no forthcoming prospects. Instead, I'm greeted with sympathy and advice. I get to hear the lovely lines of, "You'll find the most amazing girl one day" or "God will provide you with a wonderful women, you just have to wait for his timing." People will let me know that everything will work out in the end. It's almost as if they feel I have some kind of dastardly sickness and they all hope I'll soon be cured. I've got some news for all those people.

I'm happy. Correct that, I'm extremely happy. I am a happily, single man. I'm enjoying my life. I'm enjoying the fact that I have the freedom to go almost anywhere I want. I only have to worry about making decisions for myself and not a second party. I love the fact that I can have a good friendship with a girl without worrying that it will make someone jealous. If I wasn't single than I probably wouldn't have been able to do LDP. If I wasn't single, than my options for things to do this year may be limited. As it is, I can choose to go out west, or to work on a cruise line or completely leave the country -- I wouldn't have to worry about leaving someone behind. I only have to worry about financing myself which is enough of a headache. Being single is keeping various doors open for my life and I am loving every minute of it. I get the freedom of meeting people and making new friends -- which for an extrovert is a jackpot.

I'm not saying that I am not interested in being in a relationship. I want to be married some day. I would love to be in a close and loving relationship with that special person. I even think that I'm ready for a meaningful relationship right now.

Here's the catch, I'm picky. I'm getting too old to casually date -- not that I was ever into that. At this point, if I am dating someone than it is because I'm very interesting in seeing if this person can be my future wife. I want my future wife to be my very best friend (sorry, it has to be a girl). I want this girl to be somebody that I can completely trust and totally be honest with. I want this girl to be able to stretch me and I can stretch them. I want to be completely and totally in love with this person. Afterall, if I'm going to spend the rest of my life with them than I should like them.

I know that anything meaningful takes a lot of work. I know that even the best person I find there is going to be hard times. Growing up, I've been spoiled with two parents that have always been madly in love with each other. I'm not going to settle for anything else. I will only be in a relationship if it is completely centred on God, Love and trust. Otherwise, I choose to be single. I hope that if I happen to be single at the age of 45, I will still refuse to settle for anything less than this.

I want to encourage all the other single people out there to be picky too. To make sure that you are in a relationship with someone who is/will be your best friend. Afterall, being single isn't all that bad.

Friday, September 10, 2004

Miracle of all Miracles. . . An Update!!!!!

I've been a little slack on this blogging thing. Okay, that is the understatement of the year. I've been more hideous than a wart infested ogre at this blogging thing. I've failed you all. I now need your forgiveness. Then again, it's been almost three months since I last updated so I'm betting everyone has given up on this thing. I almost will go one record that nobody will even read this post. I could write anything I wanted and get away with it. The world will be mine at last. MUUUHAHAHAHA. . . uh. . . hm.

Quickie update on what I've been doing. Though I'm not giving you an excuse. Because we know excuses are as welcomed as a fly in your soup (unless you ordered fly soup which might be all the rage in France). I graduated from LDP in June. If you don't know what LDP is than I welcome you to check out my archives because there is some good stuff in there. I've got the massive story about how I cracked my ribs which is a must read. Though I'm pretty sure no one read it because it's longer than War and Peace. Oh well. After LDP I did my 3rd year as Medeba's fearless Co-Program Director. This year my partner is crime was the lovely Errin Fast. She is a great girl and it was a total pleasure. I'm not just saying that because she may read this at some point. The camp thing is now over and I'm living at my parent's house. First time I've been living in Brantford since 2000 (man, that seems so distant now). Though if you were a betting person, I'd put money on me being somewhere else by Janurary.

But where????

Stay tuned and we can all find out together. Or I'l find out and you can hope that I actually bother updating this thing.

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Sydney, Where Have You Been All My Life. . .

Some of the people I live with where watching the Alias Season 1 DVD. I decided that I had no better way to waste a few hours so I sat with them. I haven't had cable for the last few years which means I'm pretty out of touch on the hit shows. I'll admit I haven't seen much Alias in my time. Basically, this was my first time to see a good bit of what Alias is all about. I have to say, I pretty much dug the show. What isn't there to like? There is fun gadgets, evil spies, wild gunfights, hand combat and a cute girl. I'd say that is exactly what the doctor ordered. There are a whole lot of plot twists that keep you guessing and just begging to watch the next episode. Isn't episodic television all about hooking you in to watch the next week? Alias seems to be doing a really good job of it. I think I'll have to convince people it's time for Season 2.

Monday, June 14, 2004

True Measure of Greatness. . .

I've found myself lying around a lot lately. When my ribs put me into agony every time I decide to move there isn't much option for much else. This lying around has allowed me for some thinking. I've thought about the usual things like how funny a bear would look in an evening gown or which Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle has the greatest singing voice. I also started pondering what it meant to be a great person. I thought about the big difference between being known as a great person and being a great person. Truly being a great person does not mean you'll ever be known as great. The thing that really hit me was, being a good friend might mean you won't be seen as a good friend. Have I made your head spin? The simple truth is, doing the right thing isn't usually the popular decision. Doing the right thing for the person you love may not make them love you more. Doing the right thing might actually make people you care about start to hate you. To me, that is a really scary thought. I care about what other people think about me. At the same time, I want to be a really great person. I want to do the right thing. I want to do what is best for the people I care about. Am I willing to upset those people in order to help them? Am I willing to confront a friend when that friend needs confronting? Am I willing to make the unpopular but right choice. I hope so. Even if it means I'll never be known as a great person.

Saturday, June 12, 2004

Peter Pan & 50 First Dates. . .

This isn't going to be about the love life of a boy who never wants to grow up. I'm sure some network exec at FOX Broadcasting thinks that would be a great idea for the Fall season. I'm sure it would be a bundle more entertaining than the plethora of reality television garbage that pollutes the tube. Anyway, I'm actually doing a quickie review of these two films because I watched them this weekend. Watching movies has been what I do now since my ribs have now made me a man devoid of physical activity. Not that I'm bitter I missed a 3 day climbing trip that I've been looking forward to for the last few weeks. Ahem. I think I promised movie reviews.

Peter Pan:
I was a highly imaginative kid. I made up imaginary friends. I liked to pretend I was searching for lost gold or traveling to another magical universe. Imagination was something I had buckets of. When watching the new Peter Pan film, I was very much reminded of my childhood. As a kid, I know I would have very much wanted to travel to the Never Never Land shown in this film. I would have wanted to fight alongside Peter Pan against the vile Capt. Hook. I would want to fly through the night sky or play in the secret Lost Boys fort. I would have loved living in a magical land with Mermaids, Indians and Fairies. Those things are exactly what made Peter Pan a magical film. I appreciate a film that gives me fond memories of my childhood or makes me wish for a second I was a boy again. Peter Pan did exactly that.

I honestly do not know how accurately this movie stayed to the orignal story by P.M. Barrie since it's been many years since I've heard it. I am someone who can accept when a film doesn't follow the orignal tale completely and realize that is why they usually use the word 'based'. I have heard that when it comes to films based off books, this particular movie is pretty loyal. Either way, this film does a great job of getting me immersed into the world of a fairy tale. The set in this movie seems exactly like something I would have imagined as a child. The scenery screams out magical. I also found the dilaogue and acting a great way to throw me into the story. The children acted exactly like children. Peter Pan talked and acted exactly like a boy who doesn't want to grow up should. I know these things sound like common sense but often, a film with mainly kid cast tends to try to make the children more grown up. This film embraces the child. In a crazy way, I then got to see the real wisdom within a child. I really found the dialogue to be brilliant in it's childishness.

Peter Pan was a fantastic fantasy. A film that I have every intention of owning on DVD. It reminds me of another great fantasy film known as Legend. The two films are entirely different but both help me find my inner child.

50 First Dates

I like Adam Sandler movies. I will admit that right off the bat. I loved the Wedding Singer as I found it sweet and hilarious. 50 First Dates helped keep my streak of loving Sandler movies alive. 50 First Dates meets the fine line of being a 'chick flick' and a 'guy movie'. The film is very centred on the romance but any time a guy starts to feel silly watching the film, it makes sure to throw in the madatory cheap gags and potty humour. I laughed a few time mainly because I enjoy the silly humnour Sandler and Rob Schneider tend to provide. I also found myself being sucked into the romance. I really enjoy Sandler and Drew Barrymore as a team (thus the reason I love Wedding Singer). I thought this was probably the sweetest and warmest of the Sandler films. The ailment of Barrymore is totally silly and unrealistic but the emotion behind the film is real. You have to be touched as you watch the romance blosom. It was great seeing the loyalty of the Sandler character trying to stand by the women he loves even if she forgets him every time she wakes up.

I'm sure people will laugh at me but I found this film pretty deep for Sandler. The key is that it is deep for Sandler. It is still a fluff film. I enjoyed the question raised of how do you love somebody who doesn't even know you? I don't plan on taking life lessons from Adam Sandler. I do plan on continuing to enjoy the silly films he makes. This film is probably another DVD I'll need to call my own. Of course, I'll except gifts.

Friday, June 11, 2004

Don't Flush This. . .

I'm a wrestling fan. I will admit it. I will also admit that most people probably think I'm pretty silly for being a fan of it. I've found myself having to try and defend my fandom throughout the years. I know wrestling is fake but I still argue the wrestlers are athletes. I've been entertained many times over by wrestlers who have put their body on the line by doing high risk stuff. I enjoy the fact that wrestling is completely scripted. It allows for compelling storylines to unfold each week. Wrestling is basically a soap opera that is pretending to be a sport. I admit it completely entertains me. I'll admit another thing too. With all the cool and exciting stuff wrestling has come up with, it has created just as much cheesy and goofy things. Wrestling has probably fathered some of the most absurd things in entertainment. Wrestling can lay claim to such things as a dancing turkey that hatched out of a giant egg, two grown men dressed in complete body spandex known as the Ding Dongs, to a wrestler who was cursed by having green goo run down his head, and many other things that would make your head spin (actually, a wrestler did that to someone too). Needless to say, wrestling has a very stupid side. I must add that this side may be my very favourite. I fully embrace the corniness and silliness of wrestling. The campier wrestling gets the more I get to laugh at this bizarre form of theatre. I encourage you all to check out a website that embraces all that is bad in wrestling. I hope you all strut on over and step in some Wrestlecrap.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Bring On The Funk

This weekend I learned some very valuable lessons. Lessons that could be considered life changing. I learned the importance of funk. I discovered that there really is a Man trying to hold down the black people. I now know that Dennis Rodman, Steve Urkel and Mr. T are creations of the Man in an attempt to make Black Culture unhip. The most important lesson was to make sure I stay 'Solid'. I owe all this new knowledge to the very educational film, Undercover Brother. Without this film, I may not have found my funk. Without the funk, I might actually start eating mayo. . . cringe.

So maybe, I'm going a little overboard here. The film may not be completely life changing or enlightening. If you have two hours to turn off your brain for some mindless entertainment, than Undercover Brother is the ticket. I definitely found it a very funny movie and one that you continue to laugh at the jokes well after you watched it. Most importantly, it helped me find my funk.

Monday, May 31, 2004

Oops! Just Stepped In A Pile Of Pride. . .

You haven't been graced by a 'Spicer Rant' for a whole week now. I hope I haven't sent any of you into convulsions from the withdrawal you may be having. I've sort been on the MIA because of some really aching ribs. If your asking, 'What's wrong with your ribs?" then obviously you skipped the enthralling read that is Log v. Body. I do understand that several paragraphs can be a scary thing and I understand if rather than reading it you curled into a ball begging for your teddy. I like my teddy too. For those who refuse to read it, all you need to know is I gave my ribs a sound beating courtesy of flipping into a log. Since that day, my ribs have been more of a nag than a pal. The thing that really took me out of commission was the fact that I still worked at the beginning of the week rather than rest like my doctor had asked. By the time Thursday waltzed in, I wasn't even capable of crawling out of bed (though crawling out of a top bunk usually results in a slight drop).

My master plan, was to pretend that I wasn't hurt at all and to continue to work all week. Most people had their suspicions especially when I grunted in pain everytime I moved. Actually, most said it was a painful experience just watching me. If I had to watch me than I would be in pain too because everything I did was agony. Yet I decided to try to suck it up and work. Surprise, surprise but continuing to work only made things worse. My attempt to try to keep on working in order to help Medeba left me in a spot where I couldn't even lay in bed without crying like a baby who dropped his suck toy. Hindsight says, my strategy sucked.

Here's a little secret, I hate asking for help. I hate looking like I need help. Most of all, I hate thinking that I may be letting someone down. There isn't much worse in my eyes than disappionting someone. In my eyes, I'd rather crawl around in utter agony than think that I wasn't able to do my duty. Sitting here today, I need admit that is a weakness. For the longest time I had convinced myself that is a strength of mine. No matter what, I'd push myself to do the job. Now I realize, sometimes the right thing is to admit you can't do it.

I learned that those moments where I think I am being a hero I'm actually being a big idiot. I've found myself stepping in a big pile of pride and allowing my ego to do the dictating. This week of reflection has shown me that I wasn't helping anyone. It wasn't about being loyal or hardworking. It was being stubborn and prideful. I was afraid about looking bad. The truth is, in the end I never looked worse.

Monday, May 24, 2004

Troy. . .

I got a rare chance to escape off Medeba property and as much as I love the place, I jumped at the chance to reach civilization. Not that Kinmount could be considered that. If you haven't ever heard of Kinmount just realize there is a reason for it. I think it's sole purpose of existing is for the movie theatre it holds. It's a movie theatre/museum place. It's quite the experience for the firt time goer. A lot of neat old memoirbillia that has compiled over the last five decades of film. Though for someone who has been there many times, it sort of just becomes a very small theatre with lots of old junk. It has style and it's a nice place especially since it's the only decent theatre in the surrounding area. On Monday's movies are only $4.75.

Troy is going for that summer blockbuster feel. I wouldn't be surprised if the studio had an Oscar on their minds. Afterall, Braveheart and Gladiator walked away with such awards. These epic battle movies do have a precendence for doing well at the Academy Awards. I am a big Braveheart fan but I actually thought that Gladiator was not a deserving winner of an Oscar. The film never gave that special feel that deserves Best Film of the year or at least, I never felt it. I'd have to say that Troy lacked that feel as well.

As for a big budget, CGI, battle epic it was a pretty good movie. The story was good enough filler to keep you entertained while waiting for more action. The final battle scene provides all the drama you'd expect and want. It's a fairly predictable movie even if you don't know the Mythology of the Trojans. Speaking of Mythology, that is the one thing about this movie that jumped out at me. The movie was played as much more of a historical film rather than a myth. The gods never appeared in the movie but were only referenced. You'd almost be led to believe that they didn't exist which would be fine in a historical film but this was based off Greek Mythology which the god's are very real. Plus Achilles was more of a great warrior rather than someone who is invincible. You look past that and you're going to have a pretty fun time.

Actually, not to be a fuss pot but two other things have just stuck in my mind. Why is that Hollywood is convinced everyone in the world is white? Would it have killed the movie to have Greek or Mediterean actors in this film? I always find it hard to buy films like this when everyone is played by American actors. Another thing is the same thing that sort of bothered me in the Passion of the Christ. I think the director assume people know too much. I felt some more backstory could have helped in this film. A better understanding of the significance of Achilles. They don't really explain why he was such a great warrior or why the shot to the his heel was significant. Though since this movie was played more for historical, I can understand they wanted to leave out the whole Achilles being dipped into the water as a baby. In my opinion, going the mythological route wouldn't have been a bad thing. Especially since Lord of the Rings is a hot item, it's not like people don't buy fantasy right now.

All in all, it was a well spent 4.75. I'll probably end up owning the DVD when it comes out. I'm a sucker for a fun battle epic movie.

Sunday, May 23, 2004

About that Medeba . . .

I mentioned how I was pretty passionate about Medeba. I get you all pumped about LDP (if that post didn't get you pumped than let's just pretend, okay?) Anyway, I decided that I'll do Medeba a little shill job and direct you over to their website. It also saves me the time of having to type a post all about them and explaining them. So, do your duty and give Medeba some hits.

Body v. Log. . . log wins, this time. . .

For those who don't know me or for those who know me but have the memory of gnat, I've been doing a Leadership Development Program for the last 9 months. The people within the program give it the orignal title of LDP (if you wonder why then you should reread what the program is called in the first sentence again. . . got it now?). The program is run out of a camp called Medeba in the buzzing metropolis of West Guilford (for the sarcastically unaware, that's aka the boonies), Onatrio. Medeba is actually a place that I hold very dear to my heart. It's a camp that I've worked at every summer for the last 8 years (one summer being only for a week since I decided I'd follow the big money of a grocer clerk over actually being happy). This year I decided to finally take the plunge and take the program they run the other 10 months of the year (in case you just aren't following here, the other 2 months is a summer camp. . . now keep up!!!) The program is about training leaders using outdoor adventure skills. We learn such skills as whitewater kayaking, rock climbing, ice climbing and the list goes on and on (okay, not really but I'm not in the mood to list everything). We then teach said skills to school groups that come up and I enjoy that because I get to be the centre of attention (remember my first post, I'm all about the attention). We also get to go on a lot trips such as a paddling trip to North Carolina, a ski trip to the Chic Chocs in Quebec and an ice climbing trip to the Adirondaks. I have to say that it has been a pretty wild time and I'm really glad I decided to take it. When I'm feeling extra motivated, I will eventually post a whole horde of the stories and adventures I've gained over this year (I know 10 months isn't a year but do you need to be so technical???) For now you'll just have to wait in eager anticipation. Since I've filled you in on what I'm doing this year let me inform you what us crazy LDPs did today.

Ontario has this river called the Madawaska. If you use your amazing recall skills, you might remember that whitewater paddling is one of the things us zany LDPs do. It just so happen that today we found ourselves at the Madawaska. In another odd coincidence, the Madawaska contains some rapids. It only made sense that we, the brave LDP, would kayak the mighty Madawaska. Or in the case of some of us (i.e. me), do something that looked strangely like kayaking but was actaully screaming in a boat while bouncing off rocks.

A little quick backstory, LDP went to North Carolina for 8 days of paddling. I only paddled for 2 of those days. I know that doesn't sound like a very good use of a paddling trip and I would have to wholeheartedly agree. It was hard to continue to paddle when your right arm is in a sling and you have no movement in your right hand. I would love to tell the great story that caused my arm injury but I'm completely baffled as to how I did it. I did exit from my boat at one point but after I returned to said boat, I don't remember my right arm screaming in agony (I'm pretty sure I'd remember if my right arm started making a noise). I do remember my arm being battered and useless after returning from that day's paddle. I just don't know what caused it unless my arm just decided to randomly tear a tendon out of boredom. I've since told people I bashed up against a rock mainly because people don't like to accept the random, out of boredom tendon tear. Anyway, this post isn't about the North Carolina trip so let's hop back to the now.

I hadn't paddled since the injury which was end of April. I was pretty eager to finally get back in a boat and be battered by the unforgiving river. Like I said before, I don't paddle as I just sort of get tossed around like a good chef salad. After a 3 hour drive in the morning, the 6 of us (5 out of 10 LDP and one instructor) arrived at the Madawaska. This was when I was reminded we are amongst a long weekend. I like living up here because it's usually easy going and quiet. But once May long weekend arrives, you quickly learn why this is called cottage country (West Guilford is in Central Ontario near Haliburton which is probably another place you never heard of). The roads where filled with a bunch of people from Toronto who decided they should leave their driving skills in the big city. For whatever reason, cottagers seem to think that normal rules don't apply up here. A quick note, everyone up here find cottagers a pain in the butt. They take all the good parking spaces. They fill up the once quiet sidewalks and then leave them with a nice dose of litter. You drive like morons. Of course, I'm talking like I live up here but I'm only visiting for a year. I'm a city boy too. So, don't take the moron comment too badly considering the whole pot call kettle black philosophy. Anyway, when we arrived to the river it was filled up with a lot of weekend warriors. I can't really go on a bitter tirade because everyone of them was 5X the paddler I am. I'm just some schmoe who bounces off rocks. It was the first time I've ever seen a river so full of people. It gave me a sad realization of what I can expect from here on in (since city folks don't pack it up until Fall rolls around which happens to be my leave as well).

You still with me? Good. LDP finally venture off into the river to be treated to a 45 minute paddle on flatwater. Flatwater is where I'm king. Of course, you have to ignore the fact that I can't paddle straight. At least, I'm not bouncing off rocks and crying for my mom. After the 45 minutes of non-action (good non-action because the scenery is beautiful as long as you can mentally erase the cottages) we arrive to the first big set of rapids. I almost pee myself. Luckily, I found a nearby tree and kept my swim trunks from a soiling. The first set rapids definitely earned their name of rapids. These weren't the type of rapids that you point at and mock with such names as 'wussy' and 'momma's rapid'. The rapids contained waves that could eat you up then spit you out but then decide to eat you so they could spit you out again. That would be enough to freak me out except there where a whole lot of paddlers playing on these fierce waves. If I had pride or dignity then I'd have been fearful of having all those paddlers around because I'd have my ego wrecked. They are just playing on the rapids while I'd most definitely being eaten and spitted. That wasn't what scared me about the paddlers. I saw them as obstacles to be added to the already scary waves. Not only do the waves give me the creeps but while on said waves I have a plethora a kayakers to run into it. Not really how I wanted to start the day.

Here is the thing about running a river, in order to run it you actually need to go through the rapids. So, as appealing as clinging to a rock and crying was, I finally decided to brave the rapid. I braved it right after every other LDP went. I decided that I would follow them precisely because they knew exactly what they were doing. Then I watched as a fellow LDP did the first flip in the waves and had to bail from his boat. I then apparently proved I must not be so good at 'Simon Says. . . ' because I didn't follow my LDP friends at all. They went away from the big scary hole caused by the waves while I went right in it. At the time I thought I had followed them but I didn't really have a lot of time to ponder this because I was being eaten and spitted. Next thing I knew, I was upside down and shortly after that I was floating in the rapids. What a way to start off my glorious return to paddling, I swim on my first set of rapids.

After that, I started to get my paddling groove on. Until we appraoched the next set of scary rapids. These rapids had three ways to approach them: you could try to paddle to the left avoiding the huge waves but trying to break through a wall of water getting to calmer water, paddling to the right but being careful not to miss the calm water and being sucked into crazier waves, or going heads on with the waves plowing straight through the middle (also known as the Not Guts No Glory Route). I was fine with having no guts and decided that going to the left was the most appealing. I did. Or at least, I tried. I paddled hard to the left but the wall of water apparently didn't want me to go through and spit me back into the centre. So the gutless wonder was now going for the glory. I had no choice but to paddle straight through but making sure I yelled as loud as possible. I learned that a good yell will make up for any lack of skill one may have. I made it through that set of rapids and felt I was truly the man.

Until we got to another set of rapids. I was pumped and all ready to prove my new found manhood until I watched one of my instructors tip in the rapids. Then I decided, along with a few other LDPs, that going upstream seemed a lot more appealing. Of course, you don't really go so far when you paddle upstream. Thus eventually it was only a matter of time the rapids needed to be faced. They got faced. They actually turned out to be pretty wimpy. I fellt pretty foolish for paddling from them. Luckily, feeling foolish is a daily ritual so it wasn't anything new. I definitely couldn't claim being the man anymore.

We went through a few more straightforward rapids and this time I decided to paddle for them rather than away. I slowly started to get the feeling of 'man'ing up the river. Until we came across a big set waves. A real big set of waves. Waves that would be more than happy to eat and spit me all day long and then come back to do it again on Sunday. I was pretty sure they were in the midst of plotting to destroy a small village. They could do it. They could do whatever they wanted. They were monster waves with the intent on destroying all in their path. Being the man I was, I decided to find another route.

Right beside the waves of destruction, was a small route of rapids that came from around a giant boulder. The boulder seperated this route from the crazy wave path of extreme horror. I voted that the route beside the boulder was my place of choice. Three other LDPs stood by my choice. One of my instructors (we had two now because one met us there), didn't like that route and felt it was pretty unsafe. He didn't like the fact that the rapids seemed to be pushing up against a giant log (keep log in memory bank because it might be important later). He tried to convince us that the giant waves weren't so evil and all LDPs could master them. We decided he was crazy. So, he gave us the advice to paddle hard and be wary of the log (remember that log!). He promised to be nearby in case it got ugly. I was pretty convinced this route would be easier than tying my shoes. Then again, I forgot that mostly through elementary school I used velcro.

I was all pumped and raring to blast through this route that did have a fair share of rocks and gremlins (though the gremlins where hiding under the rocks). The more I looked at it, it did looke like a hard route. My new belief in the hardness of the route was confirmed when a fellow LDP did a tip into the rapids. It was too late and I was off to the races. I was 'man'ing it up all over again. I was showing these rapids who was boss. Then the rapids showed me to the log. I was tipped right into said log. Thus it was the match of the ages, my body battling with a solid log. Or moreso, it was my left ribs being crushed into the log. Next thing I knew, I was upside down and beng slammed into Mister Log. My ribs weren't liking it so much. I wasn't liking the fact I felt like I was trapped up against this log. Luckily, once and awhile even the weakest of people get a rush of adreline. I was able to finally push away for the log and tear myself from my boat. I got to shore. This time, I new exactly why my ribs where feeling a little bashed up. I wasn't breathing like a champ. I was hurting like a chump. After a few minutes of sitting and panting, I was breathing and just aching (which I hear is a better option then not breathing and rotting).

Michael (I've decided to name one of the instructors now) informed me that was probably one of the scariest things he ever saw. He thought I was going to be trapped under there. I proved how truly manly I am by getting out of there alive. Okay, he didn't say that last sentence but he was thinking it, I'm sure. He then checked me for injuries and this is where I felt a little jipped. With the arm injury in North Carolina, I got to have my arm in a sling. That gets major sympathy points from the ladies. This time I didn't have any battle scars at all on my aching left ribs area of my chest. Nothing to show off at all. I did have a grimacing face to show every time Michael decided to poke my left side. I basically looked like a wimp as I gasped in a pain while a man poked my ribs. For an added bonus, it hurts when I laugh, cough or decide to move. At least I can breath fine, let's throw a party (you can bring the ice cream).

From that point on, I sort of became useless. I walked around the next set of rapids. When I decided to tough it up and paddle the rest of the way, I grunted out loud with every stroke. Not so tough when your paddling on perfectly calm water but you sound like you are giving birth (something I don't plan on every really doing. . . I'm selfish like that). Luckily, the river running was almost over and I was able to make it to the end of the trip. I was batterd up enough that even my other instructor, Bean, decided to carry my kayak back to the van. A little secret, I'm not so good at letting people help me. Having her carry my kayak helped reaffirm I was a beaten man.

I'm back home now. Trying not to cough or laugh or have random people poke me on my side. I have to say, I was glad I went on this trip. Hurting isn't my favourite thing but I got a lot out this experience. You can't master the river everytime. Failure is where the real learning is found. I'm glad I wasn't my best on this river. Now, I have something to shoot for. I learned some of the mistakes I made such as big waves being better then hard log. I will be back. Madawaska will feel my wrath. That log will not win the rematch!!!!

Friday, May 21, 2004

The Truth Of Nice Guys. . .

In the grand spectrum of the dating world, I would be considered a 'nice guy'. Or at least, that is what a girl told me right before I was informed she won't be able to make it on our date tonight or any other one after that. Nice guys are that breed of male that girls always wonder why they can't find any. Then the girls find nice guys and realize they'd rather dump the darlings then date them. You may be thinking that I'm about to compose a manifesto that proclaims all nice guys never get their due but instead are the unfair punching bags of mean girls. If that is what you're expecting than you are about to get disappionted. Sorry nice guy, this is no reaffirmataion for you.

Nice guys are highly overrated. A girl should never date a guy just because he happens to be nice. I've heard many times throughout my travels (mostly to the fridge for more ice cream)that a girl should give some poor sap a chance because he is so nice. Or that the girl should have never ended that relationship because the guy was such a sweetheart. When was the law passed that a girl should date a guy soley because he likes her and is nice (I'll admit such a law would have saved me from playing Uno with my mom every Friday during high school)? As for the people always getting on the girl's case for breaking the nice guys heart, why don't they pick up these great catches (why can't gummie worms be good bait for fish)?

Why doesn't the rule of 'date him because he's nice and deserves it' apply with friendships? I know a lot of nice people but I'm not going to just become their best friend. Some nice people just happen to have nothing in common with me. I've been in rooms with nice people where we basically stare at each other and drool. Drooling isn't a stupendous way to spend a Saturday night (it's more of a Tuesday thing) Some nice people just happen to be dull or silly or smelly (it's true, some nice people don't shower). The point is though, every nice person will hopefully find love and happiness, they just may not deserve it with their current crush . Just because a girl has decided that they no longer want to date said nice guy, they haven't become a She-Devil (though if she starts to grow horns you've got an argument). They are allowed to dump the man.

Now, I'm not encouraging all girls to run out and date tattooed bikers who bite heads off kittens. I'd probably suggest staying away from kitten eater. I honestly despise how a lot of guys treat girls (thus the reason I fall under the nice guy banner). I really want all girls to find a guy who treats them right. I hope girls can find a guy who is nice and sweet to them. I'm just saying that just because a guy is kind, sweet and nice doesn't make him a catch. Girls do need to be attracted to him in whatever way it takes a girl to be attracted to mister man. He needs to have the looks or personality or hobbies or kicking movie collection it takes for the girl to be happy with him.

Coming from a 'nice guy', girls have every right to overlook us. They have every right to dump us and watch us melt into a mass of gelatine before their eyes. If it feels right, guys can cry themselves to sleep while listening to Celine Dione but they also need to realize no crime was commited (well. . . the dumping wasn't a crime but a male actually listening to. . . ahem). The girl was allowed to dump him flat on his bony butt (not that I was checking the guys butt out).

Now, nice girls don't really get the sympathy party from me either but it's basically the same song and dance so just reread the post but switch the genders around.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Hey Look At Me!!!!

It was only a matter of time. My desire to have all attention stowed upon me. My desire to rant and rave even when no one is listening. I knew eventually I'd tire of entertaining my stuffed bear and Rock action figure. I am now branching out in an attempt to find more people to pay attention to me. I'm not sure if I actually have anything important or interesting to say but I do know I crave the attention. For now, I'll just type whatever fun thought pops into my head and at some point, something thrilling will arrive from it. I'm hoping for the whole thousand monkies at a thousand typewriters philosophy. If I rant long enough then I'm bound for gold. Right? Hello? Where you going? Aw man. Don't leave. I'm lonely.