Friday, June 11, 2004

Don't Flush This. . .

I'm a wrestling fan. I will admit it. I will also admit that most people probably think I'm pretty silly for being a fan of it. I've found myself having to try and defend my fandom throughout the years. I know wrestling is fake but I still argue the wrestlers are athletes. I've been entertained many times over by wrestlers who have put their body on the line by doing high risk stuff. I enjoy the fact that wrestling is completely scripted. It allows for compelling storylines to unfold each week. Wrestling is basically a soap opera that is pretending to be a sport. I admit it completely entertains me. I'll admit another thing too. With all the cool and exciting stuff wrestling has come up with, it has created just as much cheesy and goofy things. Wrestling has probably fathered some of the most absurd things in entertainment. Wrestling can lay claim to such things as a dancing turkey that hatched out of a giant egg, two grown men dressed in complete body spandex known as the Ding Dongs, to a wrestler who was cursed by having green goo run down his head, and many other things that would make your head spin (actually, a wrestler did that to someone too). Needless to say, wrestling has a very stupid side. I must add that this side may be my very favourite. I fully embrace the corniness and silliness of wrestling. The campier wrestling gets the more I get to laugh at this bizarre form of theatre. I encourage you all to check out a website that embraces all that is bad in wrestling. I hope you all strut on over and step in some Wrestlecrap.

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