Thursday, September 23, 2004

Wedding Flusters. . .

If my soon to be married friend has taught me anything in the last few days, it is that I'm all for having an informal wedding when that time comes. Skip the tuxes. Skip the fancy decorations. Skip the weeks worth of stress. I'm all for khaki pants and plaid shirts. I definitely think a backyard BBQ for reception sounds awfully appealing. Weddings are expensive and they only last for a day than it's over. I'd say the important thing is the life you are going to be living with that special person you love. No matter how extravagant your wedding ends up, it isn't going to have any affect on your future with your mate. Maybe I'm just saying this because I'm bitter I leaving an over $400 hole in my pocket after two weddings all finshed this year.

In an attempt to save myself from being seen as a horrible friend, I'm awfully proud of my buddies. I'm so happy for both of them. I can't wait to be standing by both their sides when their big days come. One of those days just happens to be this Saturday. I'm just saying that for my day, I might opt for khakis and a BBQ.

Monday, September 20, 2004

WWE Raw 9/20/04

It's Monday night and for wrestling fans that means some WWE Raw. I remember back in the day, my old apartment would get packed with about 10 rowdies for an evening of men rolling around in their underwear. We also watched some wrestling on television too. Monday was the big night of fun. I usually found myself looking forward to the night all week. It was a great time of hanging out with the guys and unwinding for a few hours of silly mayhem. I don't live in that apartment anymore. I haven't had cable for about 2 years. My wrestling parties have been non existent. Now that I'm temporarily back at my parent's house, I do have me some cable again. Which means tonight, I got me some wrestling action, though tonight I had to enjoy the action in solo form.

I'm not sure if it was the lack of company but the night of wrestling was getting to be a little dull. A few times I found myself flipping on over to Much Music but they had a reality tv show on which as a rule I refuse to watch. The thing about wrestling shows are that no matter how dull the show may be approaching, all that matters is how the show ends. I'm not sure if it is the lack of attention span I have but as long as the show ends on an exciting note than it tends to leave me happy.

Maybe Raw wasn't knocking my socks off but then again, I wasn't even wearing socks. The night ended with a big six man tag between the evil Evolution against the spunky trio of Shelton Benjamin, Chris Beniot (you know he's cool because he's Canadian) and Randy Orton. The match was classic wrestling at it's best. The young hero in Orton got injured early in the match which meant Beniot and Benjamin where down 2 against 3. Beniot and Benjiman put up a good fight despite being against the odds. Just when all hope was lost, Orton returned to the ring and scored the big pinfall for the good guy win. I'll admit it's pretty formulic but it was still fun to watch. Even though it's completely fake, I still found myself cheering on the good guys to victory. I had a big smile on my face remembering why I was a fan. Realizing all 6 of these guys definitely deserve the spot of being in the main event.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Beware of the Driller

I'm a grown up now. I'd like to say that I can be very mature (now, everybody I know has gone into hysterical laughter). I would say that I'm a pretty rational person. I have left some of my irrational thought processes back in my childhood years where they belong. I still do have an irrational fear. A fear that measures right up there with the Boogey Man. That Boogey Man is the dentist. As luck would have it, I'm booked for an appointment with Mr. BoogeyDentist today. I can say that I'm not overly excited. A few of my friends will know that I've had a cracked tooth since high school. I've basically been a chicken and not bothered getting it checked and rather just suck up the pain. Last year, I decided to not suck it up anymore and to get it checked. I was than informed that I get the honour of having a root canal. I never went back. Which leaves me with today. I think I just have another check up and to see how horrible bad my teeth really are. Maybe I'll even get a wrist slap for being negilent. Either way, it's about time to start let the BoogeyDentist do the much needed work on my pitiful mouth. I'm going to be a man and face my fears. I mean it can't be that bad, right? If you never hear from me again than you'll know I wasn't being so irrational all these years. Or I'm just slacking again.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Got to love technology. . .

For whatever reason, none of my outgoing e-mails have been able to make it to the intended receiver. I have absolutely no clue what the problem possibly could be. All I know, is my e-mails aren't getting out there. My hotmail account is claiming that they are being sent but the people I sent them to are saying otherwise. It's a little frustrating not being able to reach anybody. I'm posting this in hopes that some of those people frequent this site. If you haven't gotten e-mail from me than you know why. Hotmail has decided that you don't get my e-mails. Hopefully, that little technological temper tantrum will be fixed very quickly. For those of you who are used to my delightful e-mails, I apologize for this withdrawal you must suffer.

Television Dating

I was watching Friends today because I tend to jump on bandwagons a little late. Sure the show is sentenced to the world of reruns and can't any longer be the cool show to watch but I've never been so good at following trends. Anyway, the episode I was watching it was about Joey falling in love with Rachel. Hold on here, I thought it was supposed to be Ross and Rachel. I guess, it was time for a new couple. It turned out though that Rachel didn't return the feelings and poor Joey was left the rejected soul. That isn't the point here. My observation is that it appears all the characters at some point in that show end up in some kind of dating relationship with each other. They all seem to through each other like a high school goes through dresses before Prom.

Then I started realizing that almost any show that had a focus on relationships tended to have all the main characters eventually start dating each other. Saved By The Bell had Zack Morris date Kelly and Lisa, while Slater dated both Kelly and that other girl whose name I forget. Those Dawson River kids all seemed to be dating each other all within the same episode. That 70's Show has Jackie date at least two of the main guys in the show. Maybe this whole post is just proving I've watched two much sappy television or I just have way too much time on my hands. I find it amusing that in the world of television it appears within the small circle of friends that everyone ends up dating each other. Your best friend seems to be destined to end up with your girlfriend eventually.

I can understand why it happens. You've got your 6 cast members that the audience can relate to. You can throw in your occasional guest star and they can date your main star but in the end there isn't a real attachment. The guest star doesn't mean a whole lot because he became the romantic interest in his very first appearance. On the other hand, you put two of the main character together and your sure to have some bit of the audience that has been rooting for the two characters to get together. The relationship connects with the audience because you have two people together that the audience knows very well.

It works in the real world too. Friends tend to get more excited when two other friends get hooked up together rather than when a friend starts dating some unknown. Farmilarity is a nice thing. Though I'm pretty sure that most friends would start to get tired if one person ends up dating everybody in the friend circle. Maybe that'll end up being the next reality show.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004


They are three simple letters. A decade ago, together they would mean absolutely nothing except a misspelling for the word 'lull'. Now in the age of the internet, LOL has a very real meaning. I'm sure most people reading this have either been on internet chats like MSN Messenger or have been on e-mail. At some point, I'm sure you've read the letters LOL. Usually after reading them they've put a rather nice smile on your face. As far as you know, you just made somebody happy. We all like making someone happy. Everyone likes to throw out a witty remark or a sly joke that leaves people howlering in laughter. LOL is supposed to be the internet form of leaving people in stitches. Afterall, LOL means laughing out loud. I'd assume that the person who typed such letters than should be laughing out loud.

You know what, I don't think that's often the case. I think that the person who typed the words LOL is often not laughing out loud. Rather, I'd guess that they cracked a smile, gave a small snicker or rolled their eyes. None of those things are something I'd call laughing out loud. Sometimes, I think LOL is the internet form of filling dead space. LOL could also be the internet way of giving the fake laugh. You know you are supposed to say something but you're not sure what is, so you throw in a good LOL. You don't want to hurt the person's feelings so you throw out those three little letters.

The thing about the internet is it is very easy to hide who you are and how you feel. For some people, the internet is such a great tool because you can so easily hide. People don't need to know how you actually are feeling. It's much easier to hide behind a persona. You don't have to be real on the internet. I think that often those three letters are very unreal. It's not describing exactly how that person really feels. It's just an attempt to make sure you keep that other person happy.

For most people that is okay. Like I said, the internet is a place where you can easily hide who are. You can have hour conversations with people without ever having to worry about someone really knowing who are. The internet isn't the real word. You won't be easily discovered. Nobody really has to know a thing about you. Except that maybe you really like to use the letters L O L.

Monday, September 13, 2004

Table For One, Please. . .

I am single. At this moment, I don't have any prospects that could change that fact. In the last few years, I've seen many of my peers enter into happy and loving marriages. In the next two months, I'll be invovled in two weddings both of which I'll see a close friend get married. I continue to watch as many of my peers and friends enter into loving relationships. I stay single with no forthcoming prospects. Instead, I'm greeted with sympathy and advice. I get to hear the lovely lines of, "You'll find the most amazing girl one day" or "God will provide you with a wonderful women, you just have to wait for his timing." People will let me know that everything will work out in the end. It's almost as if they feel I have some kind of dastardly sickness and they all hope I'll soon be cured. I've got some news for all those people.

I'm happy. Correct that, I'm extremely happy. I am a happily, single man. I'm enjoying my life. I'm enjoying the fact that I have the freedom to go almost anywhere I want. I only have to worry about making decisions for myself and not a second party. I love the fact that I can have a good friendship with a girl without worrying that it will make someone jealous. If I wasn't single than I probably wouldn't have been able to do LDP. If I wasn't single, than my options for things to do this year may be limited. As it is, I can choose to go out west, or to work on a cruise line or completely leave the country -- I wouldn't have to worry about leaving someone behind. I only have to worry about financing myself which is enough of a headache. Being single is keeping various doors open for my life and I am loving every minute of it. I get the freedom of meeting people and making new friends -- which for an extrovert is a jackpot.

I'm not saying that I am not interested in being in a relationship. I want to be married some day. I would love to be in a close and loving relationship with that special person. I even think that I'm ready for a meaningful relationship right now.

Here's the catch, I'm picky. I'm getting too old to casually date -- not that I was ever into that. At this point, if I am dating someone than it is because I'm very interesting in seeing if this person can be my future wife. I want my future wife to be my very best friend (sorry, it has to be a girl). I want this girl to be somebody that I can completely trust and totally be honest with. I want this girl to be able to stretch me and I can stretch them. I want to be completely and totally in love with this person. Afterall, if I'm going to spend the rest of my life with them than I should like them.

I know that anything meaningful takes a lot of work. I know that even the best person I find there is going to be hard times. Growing up, I've been spoiled with two parents that have always been madly in love with each other. I'm not going to settle for anything else. I will only be in a relationship if it is completely centred on God, Love and trust. Otherwise, I choose to be single. I hope that if I happen to be single at the age of 45, I will still refuse to settle for anything less than this.

I want to encourage all the other single people out there to be picky too. To make sure that you are in a relationship with someone who is/will be your best friend. Afterall, being single isn't all that bad.

Friday, September 10, 2004

Miracle of all Miracles. . . An Update!!!!!

I've been a little slack on this blogging thing. Okay, that is the understatement of the year. I've been more hideous than a wart infested ogre at this blogging thing. I've failed you all. I now need your forgiveness. Then again, it's been almost three months since I last updated so I'm betting everyone has given up on this thing. I almost will go one record that nobody will even read this post. I could write anything I wanted and get away with it. The world will be mine at last. MUUUHAHAHAHA. . . uh. . . hm.

Quickie update on what I've been doing. Though I'm not giving you an excuse. Because we know excuses are as welcomed as a fly in your soup (unless you ordered fly soup which might be all the rage in France). I graduated from LDP in June. If you don't know what LDP is than I welcome you to check out my archives because there is some good stuff in there. I've got the massive story about how I cracked my ribs which is a must read. Though I'm pretty sure no one read it because it's longer than War and Peace. Oh well. After LDP I did my 3rd year as Medeba's fearless Co-Program Director. This year my partner is crime was the lovely Errin Fast. She is a great girl and it was a total pleasure. I'm not just saying that because she may read this at some point. The camp thing is now over and I'm living at my parent's house. First time I've been living in Brantford since 2000 (man, that seems so distant now). Though if you were a betting person, I'd put money on me being somewhere else by Janurary.

But where????

Stay tuned and we can all find out together. Or I'l find out and you can hope that I actually bother updating this thing.