Thursday, January 27, 2005

A Salute To Friends. . .

Today was one of those days that was just really amazing. A day where I can say to myself, 'That was a mighty fine day and a day that I wouldn't mind repeating.' The reason for a day that is being so highly regarded? It was a day that I got to spend with friends that I rarely ever get to see. Friends that I'll probably see even less in the coming years considering where their lives seem to be heading. Today was a really good day and I have them to thank. It was a day of laughing, chatting, skiing, falling and tubing. How could it not be a good day with those elements? Today, I would like to thank Molly and Katy for providing such a fantastic day of fun and joy. It was so great to see you girls again. To all my other friends, you guys are also such a blessing to me. So many of you, I rarely get to see anymore but are so integral to who I am. I won't name any names because of fear of leaving somebody out unintentionally. I will just thank you all and hope you realize that it is YOU that I appreciate so very much. Friends are such an amazing thing.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Good Books Still Exist. . .

Yesterday, I started reading a book that I've been wanting to read since the summer. I told myself I couldn't start on it until I finished 'The Dig'. Now that the chore is over, I can enjoy a most anticipated novel. It's one of John Grisham's older books (actually, I don't know when it was written but I'm assuming it's not too new), The King of Torts. I really enjoy John Grisham's writing style. This book is really shaping up to be a good read. I find myself sneaking in chapters every chance I get. I actually, think I'll go get a bit of reading in now before it's time to call it an evening. Book review should be soon since this one won't take a whole year.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The Dig: A Book Review. . .

I got the book, 'The Dig', for Christmas back when I was in high school. Which means, I have had the book close to 8 years. Despite owning the book for so long, I never once actually got around the reading it. This isn't a matter of me not enjoying to read. I do like to read. I have read several books over these last 8 years. Some books, I have even reread on a few occasions. Why has 'The Dig' been ignored for so long? First off, it wasn't a book that I ever had the desire to read in the first place. Secondly, it is a book that is based off of a Science Fiction Computer Game. A science fiction computer game that I've played and I didn't actually enjoy. As a rule, I never bothered reading books based off movies because I usually found they were written by talentless hacks. Who writes a book based off a film??? Most films are usually visually compressed versions of much better novels. How good could a book be that is based off a film??? If that is my view of books based on films then what would I feel about books based off computer games??? If 8 years of avoiding proves anything, I don't think very highly of it.

Alas, I have small quirk about me. I can't stand owning something that I haven't used, read, played or watched. It bothered me that I owned a book that I could not say that I had read. It started to eat away at me. So last year, I decided to open up the book and give it a go. I finished reading it on Monday.

A book that took me close to a year must be a pretty good sign of my opinion on it. I closed that book and shoved it away countless times. I have read several books inbetween reading that book. But my flaw crept back at me, I couldn't stand starting on a book and not reading it to it's completion. What if it started to get good? I'd never know if I didn't start to read it.

'The Dig' is a book that is about 3 astronauts that are sent up to knock a giant asteriod off it's track to devestate Earth. At this point, it probably sounds like 'Armageddon', the horrid film starring Bruce Willis. The twist is, after they succeed on their mission the Astronauts explore the asteriod and it's brand new man made crater. Through a serious of events, they stumble upon an activation device that triggers the astriod into a transportation machine. The transport takes them to a far off deserted planet. Thus the story is about the three that try to find a way t get back home. That is the basic premise of the book. I have to say, it sounds like it could be a fairly good read. Except I had played the game and found it fairly dull. Unfortunately, the book was on pace to be the exact same thing.

The plus side, the book contains three very distinct characters. Boston Low - a cynical, veteran, black belt, sarcastic, lonely Astronaut. Ludger Brink - a dry, genuis, German scientist. Maggie Roberts - a pretty, spunky, intelligent, tough reporter. It's an interesting cast of characters. Boston and Maggie even have a decent 'romantic' type subtext throughout the book. The characters do get fairly fleshed out through the entire story. It is a easy thing to do since they are basically the only major characters in the entire novel. All in all, I felt like I grew to know the people and I cared about them. Character driven stories have always been the most interesting and important to me.

Problem? I don't find the author that great of a writer. Alan Dean Foster. He seems to be an author who likes to make movies into books. He also has done some Star Wars universe based books. In this book, I felt his style to be very dull and basic. The worse part, the first 150 pages of the book seemed very painfully slow. Very slow. Those 150 pages took me most of the year to get through. Nothing happend. They didn't even get to the planet until the end of those pages. Yet in the computer game, you start on the planet. What was the point of making up 150 pages of pure dullness? It did allow me to get to know the characters but it also slowly killed me inside with the longer it dragged on.

What about the other 200 pages? Much better. Very much better. Once they are on the planet, the story begins to pick up. It improved enough that I probably got through those last 200 in the last week or so. I definitely enjoyed it much more. Actually, I'd almost argue that while the first 150 dragged; it was the last 200 that seemed rushed. The book seems to have pacing problems. I think, the part on the planet would have benefitted to be more of the novel.

I did enjoy the last part of the book. It contained lots of classic fantasy. It had lots of cool monsters and drama. The characters where pushed to their limits. It even had a mystery about what happend to the former inhabitats of the planet. Even though, the mystery wasn't too hard to solve. To be honest, the ending of the book was really rushed and thrown together. All the problems in the book seemed to get wrapped up in 2 pages. The big mystery of the book, seemed to get solved by the hero in a matter of seconds once he became aware of the problem. That's a bit of a letdown. Plus the final ending of the book was a little too much Hollywood Ending mushy. A whole lot of cheesey.

To be honest, I don't even know why I'm holding out on giving away the ending. It's not like you will read this book. I'm not going to recommmend it. If you do decide to give it go, my reading time was about 18 months. Try to top it.

Monday, January 24, 2005

Election Time. . . Already???

I glanced at a copy of the Toronto Star today. I always like to try to get occasionally caught up on what happend outside the bubble of Medeba. The front page headline declared that Canada might be heading towards another election. It was only June that Paul Martin & the Liberals got voted into power. Now, it looks like we could be heading towards that song and dance again. The joys of not having a majority seat, you either have 4 years of stagnation or you get another really early election. The reason for the possible early election? Paul Martin wants to fight for the right of same sex marriages. Most of the other parties seem to be opposed to such a move. Martin is declaring that is in direct violation of the Charter of Rights. It'll be interesting to see if this does lead to another election or if Martin just tries to wait it all out. More interesting, I wonder where the votes will fall with such a hot topic being the focus? I feel a rant coming on about this whole issue but I honestly, don't know much more then the article I read. Not that ignorance has ever stopped me from have a thousand words of ranting and ravings.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Poker Phenomenon. . .

I like Uecker. I think it's a heck of a card game. I also don't mind a few hands of Uno even if that isn't considered a more cultured game of cards. I say this because when it comes to the world of cards, I sadly admit I know very little about it. I've played Go Fish and Crazy Eights in my life time but I admit they lose their appeal after you turn 12. I don't really know a vast amount of card games. I don't really play a lot of card games. I love Uecker but it really doesn't go much pass that.

At this time in the world, Poker is considered the hot game. I've had 3 School Groups come in this month and all three have had Poker as the game of choice for passing time. They bring their own chips and play it for hours on end. The word on the street, is that this new fascination of poker with the kids is a result of it being televised. Apparently, Poker is one of the big hits on cable. I don't get it. I admit, I don't know squat about Poker but I don't understand the appeal on cards on television. I haven't seen a single episode but I don't know why I would want to. It's cards! What type of excitement could that lead to television? Like I said before, I enjoy Uecker but I would never tune in to watch it. Why Poker???

Then again, I think I don't understand what makes good television. Reality TV is the hot thing of the day. As my reader's should know, Reality TV could be better labelled as Crap TV for all I care. I don't watch it and I have no desire to start. Maybe Poker is just another proof that I'm really not in touch with what is hip.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Shill This. . .

If I ever become a celebritry and have hounds of sponsorship deals knocking on my door, I know the two products I would endorse without any guilt on my soul, Miss Vickie's Jalapeno & Sprite Remix. These two items, have to be two of the most addictive junk food products. Jalapeno has just the right amount of hot in the chip. I've always been a big fan of the hotter or spicier chips like Barbecue or Tex Mex. I think, Miss Vicki Jalapeno may have the crown for the tastiest of the hotter chips. Does that chip ever pack a punch! As for Sprite Remix, it is the flavour king of all pops. It's the perfect pop to guzzle down after one too many Jalapeno chips. It has a great tropical fruit flavour and it sort of reminds me of Skittles(which would be the sugar candy I'd endorse). It's probably the best spin-off pop out there. Spin-off = a classic pop flavour that has some twist added to it like Vanilla Coke or Tropical 7 Up.

Both endorsements would make me a fat man but a fat man with lots of money. Lots of money to buy those two great snack foods for movie nights and chess club. I realize absolutely nobody cared about what products I would endorse but useless, trivial knowledge is what you risk here at my own blog. Use this knowledge for good, folks!

Friday, January 21, 2005

Totally Relevant. . .

There are a lot of Christian web sites out there. I'll admit that I browse almost none of them. There is a lot of Christian literature out there but once again, I peruse very little of it. There is some good stuff out there and I will not deny that. So much of it, I find rather dull and pointless. I feel I get a lot more out of reading the Bible straight and don't need to hear the thoughts of some overly conservative Christian. Christianity can be accused of being extremly conservative and at times, very much out of touch. As a Christian, I don't ever want to be known as someone who is trapped in a bubble (besides West Guilford) and not being relevant to the world around me. The key word here is relevant.

There is a Christian magazine that goes by the name Relevant Magazine. I've never actually read the magazine once in my life. A friend of mine, directed me to the website a long time ago. I have to admit, I can find myself spending hours checking out the many articles. The key here is, it is a Christian site that tends to be very relevent. The website has articles on various issues and deals with many hot topics. It has great stuff on spirituality, God, and life. The cool part, it also has movie, book and music reviews. It doesn't just cover Christian culture. It makes sure to address all forms on media and culture in the world. It is probably the only Christian website to openly criticize and review all forms on entertainment in current culture.

This website is exactly what it claims. It is relevent. I encourage you all to give it a hit.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Alias Mystery Solved. . .

You may remember that I asked a question about Alias a few weeks back. I had wondered why Sidney felt so much anger towards her father when he ordered the hit on her mother? For the episodes I watched, it appeared that her mother was the complete enemy and Sidney lacked any connection to her mother. Unfortunately, my amazing readers didn't solve that question for me. So, I had to turn to the resident Alias expert, Medeba Receptionist, Glenda. Glenda is the back bone of Medeba and if you have a question then she is your lady. I automatically assumed she would have my answer and I just happend to be right. May be the first time I've been right since March 15, 1982 -- mark this day on your calendars.

Here is the scoop, mommy was the bad guy during the time I was watching. Eventually, mum got caught by the agency. During this time, mum started to provide clues and hints on to how to solve some cases. She started to be an asset for the agency and a real help to Sidney. During this time, Sidney and her mother started to spend time with each other and they finally got their daughter/mother time. They finally bonded.

It makes sense that Sidney became a ball of tears when she found out her father hired someone to kill her mom. It probably only got worse when she found out her father only did it because her mother hired an assasin to kill Sidney. This is one Thanksgiving dinner I wouldn't want to be a part of.

I'd be pretty shaken up if my mother was a former Soviet spy who turned to good and finally started to bond and get to know me. Only to find out she hired an assasin to kill me but then my father got her killed. I'm sort of glad my mom is a Pre-K teacher instead.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Worst Winter Ever. . .

You ever notice how every year seems to contain the worst winter ever? You hear the cries of 'This is the most snow I've seen dumped'; or 'I don't remember when we ever had a blizzard this awful'; or 'This has to be the most car accidents in the winter in a long time.' Either people's memories get erased from year to year or each winter is so catastrophic that it completely wipes out the previous winter.

The older people will regale you with tales of how we haven't had a winter this bad since 1953! But how can that be, since last year it was apparently the first awful winter since 1937? Each winter seems to be approaching Armageddon proportions. We are talking about the end of the world. Yet somehow, a year later it was all sunshine and candy because this winter is the real dinger. At least, we don't have to hike up a mountain to school and then have to hike back up a mountain to get home. How was it that it was always uphill no matter where you went? But these winters, now that is the real mystery.

People make me laugh. Winters make me cold.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Cabin Fever. . .

Maybe it's the time of the year. Maybe it's the fact I live exactly where I work. Maybe it's because I've never been somebody that's been a huge fan of schedules or routine. Maybe it's a bad case of looking over my neighbours fence and checking his lawn then proclaiming, 'Hey, his grass is so much greener!!!' I don't know the answer. Then again, you don't even know the question. The situation is, for the last while I've been thinking a lot about other roads to travel on this journey called life. I've given a lot of thought on teaching and Pastoring. Two very different jobs but are both very people focused. Both will require me to head back to that horrid prison known as University. I've always known that it would be nice to finally snag that lingering degree. I'll admit I have a case of the cabin fever. Somedays, I really think about moving on even if I've been here for a short while.

Odd, this is probably one of the very few blogs where I've talked personally about myself. I doubt this will be a regular thing. If you have been reading this blog for this long then I thought you wouldn't mind some insight into what has been on my mind lately. Then again, if you've been reading me this long then you also know my thoughts change on a daily basis. Which probably means I'll still be working here by the time cows master the multiplication tables. Those sneaky cows. Never trusted them.

Monday, January 17, 2005

The Ultimate Victors in the Ultimate Battle. . .

The results of my quiz had some very disappionting results. I'm not talking about the scores because most of the crazy quiz had some pretty random questions. Though I claim to this very moment that each one had a real truth behind it. That doesn't really matter. The real disturbance came with the final question in the quiz. Who would win in a fight between Pirates, Ninjas, Jedis and Ghostbusters? I was appalled with how many people got that question incorrect. What is the schools teaching noawadays? Has our educational system sunken so low? That we as a world, no longer know who would win in the ultimate battle of all ultimates? It saddens me to no end. So, as the ever dear friend I will break down to you a quick lesson on all 4 combatants.

Pirates - They don't shower. They like to dig up lots of holes. Some only have one eye. The not showering makes them smell. But they have weapons coming out of the wazoo which makes them a might dangerous. Don't forget their habit to pillage. The especially dangerous ones come in undead form like in Pirates of the Caribbean -- which is a really great movie for all who wondered. Plus pirates are responsible for one of the world's greatest computer games entitled Monkey Island. Well, they didn't make the game because Pirates don't tend to be technologically gifted. If Pirates never existed then the game wouldn't have any characters in it. Then the world wouldn't have Guybrush Threepwood -- wannabe Pirate extradinoire! But this isn't about a really amazing computer game but this is about the ultimate battle. Pirates can make you walk planks and shiver your timber but can they really win it all?

Ninjas - They wear pajamas. Some of my friends even know that I possess the sacred ninja costume. There is a website that tells you all about their awesome awesomeness. Despite not getting changed once they wake up, they still know how to bring the damage. They chop, swing, kick and spit. Do you want to mess with that? Not me. No way! Plus they chop Pirates heads off and we know how tough Pirates are. You know because I told you. Remember?

Jedis - Do I even have to explain? Have you seen Star Wars? The force! Lightsabers! The force! Ligh. . . okay, I'm repeating myself. Do you really want to mess with these guys? Jabba did and now he is dead. No one crosses the path of the Jedis. They are like Ninjas except they get changed after sleeping. Plus they can choke you from across the room. Have you seen the lightsabers!!!! When I was a kid, I thought they were called livesavers. I don't think tossing donut shaped candies at your enemy is as fearsome. Seriously, they can chop off the heads of Ninjas and Pirates.

Ghostbusters - They have really cool zappy guns that help trap Ghosts. So, they can totally take out those undead Pirates. ZAP! Plus they come out to really cool theme music. Who you going call?!? GHOSTBUSTERS!!! I would call them but I don't have their number. The thing with Ghostbusters is that they are just these nerdy scientists. I've seen nerds before and they don't win fights. If they lose those gun then they will surely have their heads cut off. But at least, we all know their theme music rocks the socks!

So now consider yourself educated. Or just consider me a geek with way too much time on my hands. Let the Force be with you and chop off those bad guys' heads!

Sunday, January 16, 2005

You Love Me! You Really Love Me!

When I noticed that I had three replies under my 'Karma' post, I naturally assumed it would be people telling me to quit whining or laugh at me getting my comunppance. It was neither. You guys showed pity on my soul and even gave tips on how to cure this ailment. I have to say that you guys do indeed rock!!!

You know who else rocks? Joanne the Head Cook at Medeba. She saw my not so pretty hands and instantly got me some lotion to put on them. Sadly, it actually made them sting more but it was a nice thought. She did give me an inside tip on what type of cream I should buy in order to clean up this mess of pain. She also thinks that the crack, blood, red hands could be a result of all the bleach I use and the fact I tend to a fire a lot. Bleach and heat apparently aren't the hands friends. Who would have known?

Anyway, I'm just thanking the people who took the time to help out a man who now can't pursue a career in hand modelling.

More Fun Than A Bio Exam. . .

I already spammed this link to many of the e-mail addresses of some of you. I'm sure I missed a few of you since I just kind of randomly clicked on names in my address book. I'm guessing that if your checking this blog then you probably have some free time on your hands, so why not amuse yourself with a quiz about your all time favourite blogger. ME!!!

So, what is holding you up???

And yes, I know this is a poor substitute for an actual post. Enjoy!

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Karma. . .

My brother Daniel used to wash his hands incessantly as a child. We are talking about every 2 minutes. This amount of washing can't be good for the skin. When winter rolled around, the cold breeze wasn't very kind to the skin on his hands. His hands would get really cracked and look like a rash of evilness. Rash of evilness = ugly rash - for those that don't understand Spicer speak. It got so bad that his hands would start to look black when winter progressed. My dad had to prescribe him this really powerful hand lotion. I remember his hands hurting him a lot. Now, me being the ever caring brother I usually laughed at him or poked fun at his ugly hands. It was my duty afterall. I was the older brother. What else would be expected?

Many years later, I'm wondering if I should have laughed. I look down at my hands and they are beet red. They are very cracked. In spots I can even see dried blood. Not pretty. I won't be winning any Handsomest Hands contests this year. Worse of all, they really hurt. I don't want to wash my hands. Unfortunately, I have a job where I need to wash my hands on a very regular basis. Maybe that is the reason for the cracking? Just like my silly brother who felt his hands needed to be recleaned once the clock changed time. Here I am, suffereing the same fate.

So, what does this prove? Don't mock your siblings for being silly and clean freaks. Or I'm a big wuss that has to whine to everyone about his hurt hands. You can choose either.

Friday, January 14, 2005

The French Are Falling. . .

Actually, they aren't but yesterdays blog promised either a tale of the French on ice or an analysis on the status of wells. Last I heard, entire blogs on wells aren't usually a hit with the readers. Not that readers like to be hit or anything. Actually, I'd guess that people would be less likely to read this blog if they knew that they where going to get hit upside the head. I know I wouldn't read. Then again, why should I read? I already know the ending to every blog. Though sometimes my memory can be foggy enough that I wouldn't remember what I wrote 2 minutes ago. On a totally random note, what in blue lightening was I even typing about? So, this is what a completely useless post is like. I know what you're thinking, 'You're last 30 weren't so informative either!' To you I say, 'That's mean.' There, I think that settled that matter. Of course, I win the argument because it is my blog. Hmmm. . . I'm beginning to wonder if this ever did have a point?

Thursday, January 13, 2005


Leigh tried it in her blog. I tried using his e-mail address. At this very moment, I still don't know the whereabouts of one Mr. Martin Budd. I don't know if he ever checks this blog. I am beginning to wonder if he ever checks his e-mail. I'm sure many of a former LDPers have tried getting in contact with this man. I hear there are rumours that he is trapped down in a well somewhere. To my knowledge, the intnernet doesn't usually work so well in the bottom of wells. Possibly Austraulian wells work different then Canandian ones? Not that I've ever been trapped down in a Canadian well. Medeba has a well but if you claim to be trapped at the bottom of it then people will just mock you. They would have every right to since it doesn't have a drop and it isn't much of a well. My elementary school had a well too and it was the source of all our water -- it wasn't the traditional well. I wasn't planning on this blog being about wells. It's about Martin. How much many people miss him. So, if anyone reading this has been in contact with Martin or if Martin reads this than please give me a shout. Though I don't know if your voice will carry all the way to Haliburton or what the acoustics are like in your well. We miss you.

I realize this is one of those blogs that shunned probably half the people who read this things. 'Martin??? Wells??? They CANCELLED CHEERS????' To these people, I give my utmost apologies. Tomorrow's blog will be one that we can all play. Not than I even know what I will blog about. Or even if I will blog. Maybe I'll tell all about how funny it is to watch French people slide all over the icey camp. That is right, tomorrow Medeba will be home to the FRENCH!!! Not sure why I capitalized that.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Bring Your Own Skates. . .

Medeba is an ice rink. We just need some better nets and we are ready to start up our own Hockey Team. Maybe it can be a new way to get revenue? Challenge other camps to a camp wide game of ice hockey and the winner walks away with all the money. Of course, it's gambling and the Board might not like such plans. It's better than breaking all the guests' necks. I'm sure we are on our way to some serious hurting on the property. It's super slick and slippery. The rain (YES, RAIN!!! sorry about the yelling) has only made things that much slippy slidey. It does add to the excitment of 'Which Staff Member Will Take The Most Falls.' I think, the score is tied at 3 between me and Mandy. We both took some nice ones down some stairs which always earns extra points with the judges. I would really rather the ice stay on the Ice Climbing Wall and stop trying to bruise me up. I will keep you all posted on the running tally of Spicer Super Falls.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Movie Synopsis Bonanza

We're going to play a fun game. It's not as fun as Clue but slightly better than Barrel of Monkies. Here's the deal, I watch movies. That must come as a shock to some. I also like to type about lots of pointless stuff. For the next few minutes, I'm going to list a bunch of movies I've seen recently and than give a really quick opinion on said film. In reality, this isn't really a game at all. Not much different than any other blog I've done. Except this one may be more witty or less witty then previous posts. Only time can truly be the answer to that dillema.

So, here are the films:

Anchorman: I don't get the rave reviews. I don't understand the people that said this film was hilarious and brilliant. I can understand an 8 year old thinking it was comic genius. It had all the requisit potty humour to entertain any little boy for hours. I didn't laugh often but did make many glances at my watch. I think time stood still. The film felt longer than Return of the King except instead this time it decided to be awful. Though the homage to 'West Side Story' made me laugh and the Weather Guy had some really funny lines. There, I was able to pull out some positives.

Dodgeball: I like Ben Stiller. Ben Stiller makes movies that stifles laughter out of me. I remember "Meet The Parents' being one of his films that I didn't really find funny. Everyone else seemed to like it but I just didn't laugh very often. Maybe my expectation where too high and I should give 'Meet The Parents' another chance? You may be wondering why I'm talking about "Meet The Parents' and not about the film mentioned. If I'm spending all my time on another movie then it must be a sign as to what I think about this film. As it goes, 'Meet The Parents' isn't the only Stiller film I didn't like. This one, I don't plan on giving chance # 2.

Texas Chainsaw Masscare - Remake: A heard lots of bad things about this movie. If you hate slasher films than you will despise this movie. I sadly admit that I'm not a hater of slasher movies. I do admit that most slasher movies aren't even close to being good. Most slasher movies are horribly cheesey and more funny than scary. This is not one of those movies. I actually was freaked out while watching this film. I found it more disturbing than 'The Ring' which got rave reviews for being scary. I admit this film is full of cliches and the herione is still an idiot. Why does she keep on running into dark, disturbing, unknown buildings to flee the maniac? Run down the road with all the street lights!!!!! It's silly but I still got freaked out and this is all I asked.

Dawn of the Dead: This one was given to me on high recommendations. This was supposed to be the ultimate of scary/monster movies. It isn't. This movie has lots of cheese and lots of unintentional funny parts. The characters are dumber than the brianless zombies. Stupid, stupid, stupid movie. I almost felt myself becoming a zombie while watching it as my life drained away. Odd.

Life Aquatic: I keep finding myself wanting to call this film Aquatic Life. I do know one thing to call this film - very entertaining. Director Wes Anderson made himself another great movie. I think I enjoyed it even more than Rushmore and Royal Tennabaums. It has some really genuinely funny moments. The plot is very interesting and intriguing. As is key to all Anderson films, the characters are unique and engaging. A really great movie and it makes up for all the crap I had to watch above.

Shrek 2: I loved the first one. I mean, I would have married it if I could. It was such a fun movie. I was convinced that I would be disappionted with the second one. I mean, how could it live up to the greatness that was the orignal. Sequels never match up, right? Wrong. I really liked this movie. I might not want to marry it but movies never make good life partners anyway. I found it just as funny and enjoyable as the first. I just love how Shrek messes with popular Fairy Tales. Puss n Boots makes the movie.

Walking Tall: It stars the Rock who walks around with a 2X4. What was I expecting? It's not horrible but it didn't rock my world either. It sort of reminded me of Rambo except not like Rambo at all. I mean, it's a version of Rambo where he helps the town rather then blow it up. He does some damage to the town like kill all the crooked cops and destroys the Casino. The action in the movie was really cool. I enjoyed a film that didn't rely so heavily on silly effects to add to the fighting. I'll probably never bother seeing it again though.

Wow, I didn't do so well for watching movies that I liked. But Aquatic Life & Shrek 2 definitely did bring the good. I'm sure I watch some other movies too but the memory of them has taken a vacation. Oh wait. . . I saw Hellboy but I'm out of witty ways to say a movie was garbage. So yeah, here is proof that I seem to watch lousy movies. Plus side, the only film I paid money for was Life Aquatic. The rest I only paid by seeing my precious time turn to dust. Oh well, it beats doing stuf. Right?

Monday, January 10, 2005

So Bad It's Good. . .

We all have our guilty pleasures. Those things that you know are awful but you still like. I'm sure there is some manly man out their that blares Celine Deione over his radio when nobody is around. I'm talking about the little things you enjoy but you don't admit to your closest friend because you are opening yourself to public ridicule. That television show that you tape so that you can watch it when nobody is over. The movie you rented because all your friends where out of town. You knew what you were watching was garbage. You knew that you deserved to be teased for it but somehow, you were cursed into loving it. Then again, I think reality television should be a guilty pleasure but somehow it's the most watched trash in the universe. I look forward to the day those shows get transported over to the graveyard shift. Then I can openly point my finger and laugh at all who are silly enough to enjoy it. But I'm really straying off topic.

Guilty pleasures can be a fun thing. You'll have a self professed contry music hater yet there is that one song that he sneaks an occasional listen in. Or a macho guy who really like this one girly movie that makes him cry -- of course, he only will watch it with his mom and claim she made him do it. Maybe even a guy who claims to despise all reality television but somehow finds himself drawn to one certian show. Somewhere out there, a guy who buys Cosmopolitian for the articles but swears it's for his sister. Ah yes, the guilty pleasure -- the little dark secret that no one is supposed to find out. It's the kink in the otherwise very strong armour. The little contradiction in the personality.

This may come as a complete and total shock but I myself, even have a few guilty pleasures. I didn't mind that Ashlee Simpson song even if she never really sang it. I have to admit that I watched the first 3 seasons of Dawson's Creek despite all it's horrible writing and too smart dialogue. '10 Things I Hate About You' is probably one of my faovurite movies even if it'd fall under girly film. I could probably go on for another 20 paragraphs but I've given you all enough ammunition for now.

So, this is what happens when one has a week where they are stricken with writer's block. They decide to resort to embarassing themselves. At least, I didn't admit that I've played role playing games before. Oh Crap!

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Juice in a can. . .

Does that disturb anyone else? Having normal fruit juice in a pop can? I don't even know why it freaks me out. I have no problem drinking cola from a pop can. It's pop and thus it should be in a pop can. But juice? There is something that isn't right about it. It's not carbonated. Why is it in a can? Why not a bottle? I can accept bottle. But this juice in a can business is not right. Anyone notice that I must be really tired? Okay, I'll go now.

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Alias Question. . .

I've only seen parts of Season 1 & 2 of Alias. I honestly, have no clue what season they are in now. The last episode I saw, I think, ended with Sidney finding out that her mother was behind some evil group. My memory is pretty foggy but I do remember that her mom seemed to be the enemy. I may have seen some episodes after that but the impression I got was the relationship of mother & daughter was not good.

Fast forward to this season's premiere. As I said before, most of my knowledge (which is very sparse) is with seasons 1 & 2. I'm watching the premiere and I'm digging it because this show knows how to bring the good. There was one plot point that bothered me. Sidney was harbouring angry feeling towards her father because he ordered the death of her mother (his wife). He had been estranged from his wife. Sidney never grew up with her mom. The mom that she did know was a very bad lady. Here is my question, what am I missing? Why does/did Sidney hate her father for ordering the death of her mother? From what I know, she didn't like her mother. Her mother was obviously out to get Sidney. Why the hate? I'm thinking I must have missed a major plot point which is easy since I have seen very few episodes.

The people I were with didn't understand either. The only thing I coud guess was that it was still her mother. She wasn't good but she was the one to bring her into the world. Despite everything, she still loved her because she was mom. Was there more than this? Did Sydney at some point connect with her mother? I had the impression they were always at odds.

I appreciate the enlightenment. I understand this is total geekdom. I have writer's block today and decided to resort to this. I think I have an excuses to start grabbing old seasons of Alias on DVD. I need to catch up.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

New Year's Resolution. . .

As a follow-up piece to my 'Best of 2004', I thought it was time to jump on the bandwagon of yet another New Year's tradition. I will now compose a list of some of the things I would like to work/change on in 2005.

Constantly allow my dear friends and family to know how much they mean to me
Demonstrate the true meaning of love to all who are in my life
Make meals that don't contain the words "Kraft" and "Dinner" in them
Destroy the colony of germs that inhabit my bathtub
Always try to broaden my horizons intellectually, physically, emotionally and relationally
Contribute in a positive way to the youth of my Community (Haliburton County)
Run (as in the exercise not fleeing from banks after a heist)
Get in contact with many great friends from my distant past -- some will be harder to find than others
Start my own swallywag band of Pirates -- we will find that buried treasure yet
Truly try to put others over myself -- I probably have a better chance of having my hair grow back
Keep up on World news
Keep on blogging -- no more 3 months vacations
Catch all the previous seasons of Alias -- just saw the season premiere last night and it still brings the good
Continue to seek God and my Saviour, Jesus Christ
Constantly find ways to positively impact the many people in my life and the many people who are yet to be in my life
Write, write & write -- maybe I'll even finish that novel that is 6 years in the making
Remember and help the less fortunate
Continue to be witty because it's the easiest way to distract people from the receding hairline
Once and for all, find out the Caramilk Secret
Read a book a week -- I was able to do it when I was four but they mainly had pictures
Eat every flavour of ice cream known to man!!!

All right, we will see how many I actually stick to this year. I just want to thank you all for reading my little space of web this past year.

On a random sidenote: Leigh Eddy is another of my very cool friends from the United States -- who I unfortunately never see due to LDP being over. There, you got mentioned in this blog. :)

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Best of 2004. . .

I know all the rave is to do a retrospective of the year that was. Almost everybody likes to do a Year End Best of. All the television shows, websites, magazine and media like to compose a list of what was the very best of the year. I never like being left out of things so I wanted to do a big Best of 2004, too. Typically, 'Best Of' are about films, shows, music, moments, celebrities, events and other things that a person in a media bubble tends to completely miss. I can't really compose a very accurate Best Of. I haven't seen very many movies. I really don't get a good radio station. I have no clue what is hip right now. I couldn't even tell you who won most of the major sporting events this year and I really enjoy sports. I'm out of the loop. Instead, I've decided to come up with my own Best Of Awards so that I can fit in. Here is my look at what was the very best of the year 2004.

Best Television Show That Has Been On For A Very Long Time but I Only Started Watching When Someone Up Here Bought The Box Set: The Office
Runners Up: Alias, Smallville
Comments: The Office is this absolutely hilarious British sitcom. If you have never heard of it than I highly recommend you try to snag yourself one of the box sets. It has 2 Seasons and a Holiday Special, which means there is 3 box sets out there. It's one of those type of shows where you can rewatch it and still find it very entertaining. It's very funny but at the same time, it still has a very engaging plot. There are times, I felt my emotions tugged on. I also have to admit that I was into the love story of Tim & Dawn (yeah, I'm a sap). Alais and Smallville are two shows that have been around for a few years but after I stopped having cable. I've enjoyed catching up on both the shows and was actually tempted to buy their box sets over the Christmas season. My stingier side won out.

Best Song I Don't Know The Name Of: The song about having a boyfriend like a girlfriend - I think, the killer's sing it.
Runners Up: I've got nothing
Comments: I think the song is by a band called the Killers. I actually think the title may be 'Somebody Told Me'. Whatever it is, I find it ultra catchy and would love to hear more of this band's stuff. The fact I have no runner up shows how little I've been imformed of the latest hit music. I've resorted to more playing the classic CDs from my player. Like I said - no cable and radio is some kind of awful up here.

Best Thing To Do Off Camp Property: Head to Brantford to see the family I love and the great friends that I miss.
Runners Up: Time the McKeck Waitresses, Eat Kawartha Dairy Ice Cream
Comments: I went to Brantford a total of 3 times this year. Probably the least I've ever gone to see my family. That is the price you pay when you don't own a car and you live 4 hours away. Every visit home has been something I have cherished so deepily. I love my family so much. To my long time friends, you guys are the reason I am the person I am today. Hopefully, that is a compliment but you may think I'm a really cruddy person. I doubt it because you guys rock the casbah!!! McKeck's is this resturaunt in Hali that has the worse service in the world yet I continue to go there with people up here. It's the company that makes it fun even if you have 2 hours before they take your order. As for Kawartha, best ice cream in all the land. You people need to come up here and try it.

Best Sign I'm Not A Youngster Anymore: I got offered a career position at Medeba
Runners Up: I invest in RRSPc, I get Life Insurance
Comments: This is all scary. No more comments on this.

Best Blog Reply: Anonymous said...
Good points there brother. Although I would have to pose the question. What is the point of a "relationship?" Is it a status thing? A security issue? Or is it to find out if that 'nice guy' (or girl) is the right person for you to spend the rest of you life with? I think sometimes we are shooting ourselves in the foot on this whole issue of broken hearts, and heart breakers. Just a thought. Re: The Truth About Nice Guys - May 21, 2004
Runners Up: Replies to Miracle of Miracles An Update - Sept. 10, 2004, Reply to Till Death Do Us Part or When We Get Bored - Nov 22, 2004
Comments: The reply to the 'Truth About Nice Guys' was proof that my readers are very smart cookies. I thought the reply was more insightful than my orignal blog. It almost inspired me to write an entire new post on the points this person brought up. Than I ended up injuring myself and getting distracted from blogging for an extended while. I never gave the reply proper kudos but I will now because it was very observant. The 'Miracle' replies are here for completely selfish reasons. It meant a lot to see people reply to that post because it was the first time I had posted in close to 3 months. It was great to know that people where still loyally checking the blog even when I was off doing something else. My readers are the bestest (yes, it's not a word but you guys deserve it). As for the Till Death Do Us Part reply, it was another really great response that I could have done a totally new blog with. I didn't. I apologize.

Best Reason To Not Go To The Movie Theatre: Predator v. Aliens
Runners Up: Stepford Wives
Comments: I didn't go to the movie theatre often but I occasionally was able to escape the bubble of West Guilford to see some films. A few that I saw were really great movies that I hope to one day own on DVD. Passion of the Christ was a truly stunning film and will forever have an impact on me as a Christian. I thought Troy & Spiderman 2 were really fun movies. But unfortunately, I was subject to some real stinkers. The ultimate letdown was the Predator v. Aliens. It has one of the most non-sensical plots known to mankind. I really hate this new fad of where the camera man seems to be on too much sugar and jumps all over the place while filming. Stepford Wives had more of a plot then PVA but it wasn't much better. I definitely felt stupider after watching both films.

Best Way To Waste Time: Blogging
Runners Up: Watch Star Wars Trilogy, Play EWR
Comments: Finding out about blogging was truly a thing of magic. I enjoy to write and I like to be the centre of attention. Blogging is such a natural fit. I can write about whatever I want and then I can get lots of people to read about it. I don't actually know how many people regurally read this. I'm never opposed to you all making sure the word spreads. My goal of 2005 is to start posting some old poems and short stories -- though that may be transported to a new blog. I'm a geek and my love for Star Wars proves that. Many thanks for Cameron Bryant moving to England so that I can look after his Star Wars DVD Box Set for a very long time! You may not know what EWR is and its probably better that you don't. Let's just say that playing it doesn't make me the coolest kid in the universe.

Best Personal Moment Of 2004: Being the Best Man for 2 Best Friends
Runner - Up: Being hired full time to Medeba, Having a crush
Comments: It was such an honour to be able to stand beside two of my closest friends. It was such an honour that they had asked me. I'm so glad I played a part in one of the most important days of their lives. Tim & Carolyn/Dan & Jen congratulations once again. Thank you to Tim & Dan for being such amazing friends. I've been going to Medeba for 8 years now. For a few years, I've imagined what it would be like to work here full time. I love this place. For a long time, it has been my home away from home. Now it is my home. I was able to accomplish one of my life goals to be able to work here on a year round basis. After some people end long term relationships, they find themselves on the rebound. I didn't. I had no feelings for anyone for close to a year (except for maybe my ex). Well, mid year I found that I can still like other girls. I felt like a high school student all over again as I had a crush on some 'unattainable' girl. It felt pretty good.

So, there goes my attempt at a Year End Best Of Awards. Now, I'll throw out some honourable mentions.

Great Moments that Shaped 2004:

Doing Medeba's Leadership Development Program
Being Able To Program Direct For Summer Camp a 3rd straight year
Having My Awesome Brother Lucas come up for 2 weeks at camp
The rare times I get to see my American friends (i.e: Dan Lapp, Molly, Katy)
Accomplishing Skills in LDP I never thought I could do - ice climbing, whitewater kayaking
Seeing A Caribou!!!
Being moved by Passion of the Christ -- amazingly powerful film
Writing A Really Long Self Centred Best Of blog and getting people to actually read the whole silly thing!!!

Have a amazing 2005, all!!!