Friday, January 14, 2005

The French Are Falling. . .

Actually, they aren't but yesterdays blog promised either a tale of the French on ice or an analysis on the status of wells. Last I heard, entire blogs on wells aren't usually a hit with the readers. Not that readers like to be hit or anything. Actually, I'd guess that people would be less likely to read this blog if they knew that they where going to get hit upside the head. I know I wouldn't read. Then again, why should I read? I already know the ending to every blog. Though sometimes my memory can be foggy enough that I wouldn't remember what I wrote 2 minutes ago. On a totally random note, what in blue lightening was I even typing about? So, this is what a completely useless post is like. I know what you're thinking, 'You're last 30 weren't so informative either!' To you I say, 'That's mean.' There, I think that settled that matter. Of course, I win the argument because it is my blog. Hmmm. . . I'm beginning to wonder if this ever did have a point?

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