Friday, April 29, 2005

Chris Candito: You Will Be Missed

Last night, Chris Candito passed away at the age of 33 years old. I'm sure most of you don't know who exactly Chris Candito is. He was a very accomplished and entertaining professional wrestler. I was a rather big fan of his. He wasn't the largest of wrestlers and was actually under 6 feet. What he lacked in size he made up in with desire, talent and charisma. He was a man that was very passoinate about the industry of wrestling and he worked hard to excell at it.

Chris Candito was best known as Chris Candido (notice the 'd' replacing the 't') where he worked under that name in ECW and WCW (which were the rival promotions to WWF now WWE). He had a brief 2 year stint in WWF as Skip the Bodydonna. Basically, his gimmick was that he was a exercise instructor that mocked the fans for being out of shape. He would do lots of push ups and jumping jacks in the ring to mock his foe. The gimmick was stupid but he was able to put on really good matches. Plus as I said before, he had a charisma that was able to still make the lame gimmick work. He also had his girlfriend, Tammy Fytch who played the role of Sunny. Unfortunately, I think Skip is more known for his lady friend then for his amazing talent.

Skip was underappreciated by the WWF and he eventually left the promotion for ECW. Where he dropped the dumb gimmick and became 'No Gimmick Needed' Chris Candido. He became a successful upper card performer. Now, a lot of wrestling fans may not think Candido was a big contributor to wrestling but he can lay claim to holding a title in all three of what used to be the big promotions (WCW & ECW are out of business now). He is a former WWF Tag Team champion, ECW Tag Team Champion and WCW Cruiserweight champion. He was almost always a very entertaining addition to a wrestling show.

Unfortunately, like many wrestlers, Candido and his girlfriend Tammy started to struggle with drugs in '99. Their life seemed to hit the rock bottom. Neither would be hired by the major companies anymore due to their struggles. Candido's last big shot was in 2000 in WCW where he was fired for a neck injury. Poor Candido really dropped farther in the gutter.

Then 18 months ago, Candido cleaned up his act and started to refocus on wrestling. He was honest about his past and focused on being his best again. He got his passion back for the business. Candido was hired by TNA (WWE's new wannabe rival but not near as big as WCW was). Where Candido seemed to be in the best shape of his life. He started to become a major contributor. Just recently, there was rumours that WWF was interested in rehiring him again. Candido had a chance to make it back to the big time.

I followed Candido for most of his career. I always really enjoyed his work. I remember really feeling sympathy when he had his struggle with drugs. I had always hoped he would turn around his life. He did. I couldn't have been more excited because he might finally have got the big shot he deserved.

This last Sunday, he seriously broke his ankle during a wrestling match. He then had emergency surgery the next day. Candido seemed to be in high spirits and confident he would be back in action in 6 weeks. Unfortunately, there is rumours the surgery didn't go as well as hoped. Candido either got a blood clout or a staph infection. This may have been the cause of his death.

So, now Chris Candito (or Candido) is no longer here to entertain. I pass my dearest sympathies on to his family and friends. I was just a fan. They are suffering a much greater loss. I will still miss him.

This is another tragedy in the wrestling world. A place where wrestlers often die before they reach 40. It's a scary business. So many wrestling stars who pass away so much sooner then they should. I know so many wrestlers I watched growing up that are now passed on. So many guys who are probably only 10 years older then me that don't have any more days left.

I end this blog thanking the wrestler Chris Candido for the memories. Maybe I'll do a few jumping jacks in your honour before I sleep tonight. Bye Skip.

Chris Candido: 1972 - 2005

T-Bone, This One Is For You!

You would think that living in Central Ontario (aka land of the wild) that my #1 animal concern would be bears. You would be wrong. We do have bears but these mild carnivores are nothing to be feared compared to another vile creature. An animal that is far more fearsome and deadly. The rabid Llama. I know what you must be thinking, do you even have llamas up there? Or how dangerous could a rapid herbivore truly be? I answer with the question, does anyone think of the grass and the leaves? The destruction that these wild monsters conjure up is devastating. Imagine the grass is shortened before we have a chance to mow it. The fallen leaves we would have had to rake are now devoured. Will there be any lawn care work left for us to do? Must the beast leave us with a perfectly maintained property! And what if I am wearing grass pants? Can you imagine the danger I would be in? I would need to get another pair of pants! Which might not be too hard since I live on property. Plus I don't own grass pants. But IMAGINE!!!

I notice, I didn't addres the question about if llamas actually live up here. Well, they don't. But we do have moose. They tend to not maintain our lawns as well. Oh boy, watch out for those rabid llamas!

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Escaping The Past

Fact: I wasn't a very good high school student.

Fact: I once wrote a poem about my feelings towards a girl rather then do a English Poetry Exam because I was bored with the exam.

Fact: I could be found at Tim Horton's more then I could be found at my Economics class.

Fact: I've been out of high school over 8 years!

Fact: People from my home town sometimes still think I am 18.

How do you escape your past? How does one get away from the impressions he/she imprinted in people's mind? How do you truly convince them that you've changed? Is this my problem? These my friends, are questions I've been wrestling with ever since I escaped the city of Branford. A place where I have lots of great memories and friends but also, a lot of people that like to remind me of my flaws. Flaws that I like to try to keep behind me where they belong.

It's a sign of the evilness of labelling someone and not let them deivate from that. Put someone in a box and expect them to always remain that mold. Yes, I am heaping on the cliches. I also realize that I am blessed with friends that do allow me to change. Do allow me to grow up and try to improve myself. In the end, I shouldn't really let the doubters dictate who I am.

What I should do, is really make sure I don't turn out to be a hypocrite. I don't convince myself that a person can never change. Or believe they will always have the same flaws. Rather realize that people can rise above adversity. They can learn from mistakes. I know that because I am not the same person I was at 18 years old. Though I may still be cursed with the same fashion sense but that is another a tale.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Go Homestar, Go!!!

If you've got Video Flash Player or whatever it is that plays cartoons and such on the internet (aren't you amazed by my technical prowess?) then here is the ultimate website to waste time on. I've lost countless hours of my life on this website and it has to be one of the funniest things out there. Who needs cable when you got Homestar Runner?

So, go to Homestar. Go!

Monday, April 25, 2005

Sky Is The Limit

Here are occupations that I once had ambitions of pursuing. Please note, for most I was under the age of 10.

Cowboy: Not a rancher though. I wanted to ride horses, yes. But I also wanted to have shoot outs at high noon. I definitely wanted to wear the 10 gallon cowboy hat. Though, I don't think they actually held 10 gallons.

Astronaut: Though, not so much of the scientist variety. I would have much rather flown to Tatooine or Hoth. Probably would have rather flown the Millennium Falcon and have a Wookie as my co-pilot. If you didn't get any of these references then I'm shaking my head at you. Mainly because it's obvious I am a much bigger geek than you.

Indiana Jones: Once again, I definitely didn't want to be an archeologist or historian. More of someone that did uncover ancient remnants but I also had to be able to fight Nazis on the side. Though, I didn't really have too many of those on my neghbourhood block. Of course, I needed to do lots of running through jungles.

Clown: Though by age 6, they started to lose their appeal. Probably the nightmare of them wanting to tickle my toes didn't help that fact. Never been much of a fan of the tickling. Though for the record, I am hardly even ticklish. Ignore all who try to refute this.

Jedi: Unfortunately, I soon found out that the planet Earth doesn't seem to employ such a position. Probably why I wanted to be an astronaut.

Actor: This one was a desire for years and years. Mainly, because it seemed like you were being paid to play. The only unappealing part was that I had to follow another writer's script. I would have much rather made it up on the spot.

Writer/Journalist: Believe or not but the hyper little kid that 'never could sit still' actually did sometimes sit still. I usually was writing something during those odd times. To this day, my mommy has many notebooks of my writing as a kiddie. I sort of continued the writing until about. . . uh. . . now. I still sort of have a secret desire to actually make money from my lunacy (aka writings).

Anything Not Involved with School: Yes sir! Down with school. School is awful. No school for me. Keep me away from there. I never want to be part of school and its evil system. I was a horrid student who never put very much effort or desire into my work. Hand in assignments? Bah. Study for a test? Ha! Get good grades? Pish Posh. Who needs school!!!

My current career goal?


To be a high school teacher.

Yes, I know what irony is.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Random Thoughts of Randomness. . .

The perogies that have been hiding out in my freezer since I've moved in probably should have remained hiding.

A group always seems to be an absolute pleasure after a $20.00 tip.

Medeba needs more Men's retreats.

An Energon Tranformer isn't the same company as a real human.

I'm hoping an empty pop bottle and my wit will be enough to fend off the night trolls. They always like to visit when I'm alone.

Next 2 weeks, is a fantastic time for anyone who has a desire to visit.

I'm not the blogging iron man that I once was.

I'm already out of DVDs to watch with 13 more days of no company.

Messenger makes more sense, now.

I'm a procrastinator.

Taxes will be done tommorrow.

Um, not even sure if I am trying to make this witty or funny? Or just sort of typing things and hope I stumble upon some genius. Or I'm just typing things.

Probably just typing things.

Definition of irony: I spent 5 years desperately trying to get through and out of high school. I will now spend another 5 years trying to get back in.

For a big, manly man I've seen way too many girlie movies.

Wait! Why did you laugh when I called myself a manly man????

I may not be the definition of manly.

It is possible to absolutely hate somebody one night and to think he is the biggest jerk in the world; then, the next night realize he is so wonderful and talk to him on the phone for 3 hours.

3 hours would make for a hefty phone bill.

Don't worry, I wasn't the one who I was referring to in this scenerio. I don't talk to guys on the phone for 3 hours. I save those conversations for my mom. Uh. . . did I mention I was single?

Perfect porch drinking weather is wasted on not having a porch or living on an alchohol free property.

'Alchohol Free' doesn't mean I get drinks for free. Huh.

The most popular question to ask someone who you haven't seen in several years is, "Are you married yet?'

West Guilford doesn't boast a popular singles scene.

I'm choking on grape juice.

Actually, more like grape Kool -Aid.

I hope my tombstone doesn't read, 'A fool whose end was met by the cheapest of drinks.'

I think, I've seen every Julia Stiles movie out there. Not sure, I should admit to such a shame.

I actually, have to admit to liking one country song. Though I refuse to mention who it is by.

I think, I've allowed enough skeletons out of the closet for one blog.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Happy Birthday, Now I Will Kill You

Don't worry, if it's your birthday, I don't really have any intention of hunting you down for sport and then ending your life in a diabolical manner. I'm not in a killiong mood today, honest. Instead, I've been thinking about how our Leadership Development Program students like to celebrate each others birthdays. The philisophy is that if it's your birthday then you are somehow going to get wet. Wet while you are fully dressed. It could be by varied means from snow, the pond, bathtub, pool, waterguns or toilet. It runs quite the gamut of ways to make sure the birthday person is dripping wet and maybe a little humilated.

Thus, this leads to my thought of the day. Not a deep thought. Not a profound thought. More of thought of pondering and confusion. Why is it on specific special days for a person do others have the desire to pull a prank? Where is this need to emberass a person? It doesn't end with the cold inducing LDP Birthday fun but it can be found in other 'special' days too. For example, a Bachelor Party doesn't seem to go down unless the groom-to-be is painted to be a complete fool. Maybe he'll have some extra form of cream on his face? Or missing one of his eyebrows? Though, being that I am not yet married, I probably shouldn't provide too much ammunition for said day. To all my married guy friends, remember that I was fairly kind on your big days. Well, other then the kidnapping and armm tying and the whole bag over the head. I didn't use burlap!

Why? Why the need to throw some sort of wicked initiation at parties for the guest of honour? Does turning 23 really need some big test to see if they are worthy? Is the married guy really in the need of a piano dropped on him? I'll go on record saying that I really don't get it. Other then, maybe there is some deep down bitterness by the others invovled that they aren't getting older? Or is it the belief that the person doesn't deserve to have too much fun on this day? Paint me confused because it baffles me. I'm not saying it isn't fun. I am saying, when I do get married please don't lock me into a lion's cage.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Is This Considered A Bad Week???

Rather then booking new groups, during a time we desperately need them, I've successfully had two groups cancel.

I was almost murdered by an orange tarp.

Two people declared that I am indeed a fashion victim. Right before I was ready to open up my own Spring line.

Blogger decided to be moody and not post my last blog thus losing it forever and ever.

My current scenerio, for the next youth group that is coming in, has me hosting the group, belaying the climbers, doing high ropes and crying my eyes out alll at the same time.

I watched as the group of evil completely totalled the camp this weekend.

I didn't get to kick the group of evil in the shins.

In two days, I have an entire two weeks of the camp all to myself. You all know how much I adore living at camp spooky by my lonesome.

I wanted to punch a Youth Pastor in the face. Or at least, I would have liked to sneeze in his general direction. Jerk.

Trogdor burninated my village.

And that folks, is what I've decided is not my most favouritest week of all time. Probably not even top 50. Actually, I'd love a time machine so I can redo this week. Maybe slash the tires of the youth group's bus so they couldn't make it here? Hmmm. . . see what this week has done to me? Now, I'm becoming evil.

Friday, April 15, 2005

I'm A Dancer!!!

Big thanks to not so Big Tim, who made me aware of my true love. Apparently, I am a professional dancer and a pretty good one too. Don't believe me? Check it out here.

The Ultra Amazing One Word Reviews

The word on the street is that I am a very long winded fellow. My blogs can be really long. Today, I'm going to prove that I don't always have to be full of wind. I can be short and to the point. This blog is going to review a few books and films that I've enjoyed over the last month or so. But the catch is, I'm going to review each one by using only one word. Let the fun begin!

The Butterfly Effect: Twist-a-licious

Freddy vs. Jason: Brainless

Mean Girls: Why?

Diary of Bridget Jones: Sarcastical

Bleachers by John Grisham: Short

Deception Point by Dan Brown: triestoohardtobeunpredictabletothepointitspredictable

Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen: Ashamed

You know what? I'm drawing a blank. I thought I had a lot more things to review. I blame it on being up way too early this morning and going to bed way too late. Oh well, at least I proved that I don't have to be long winded. Not that you can make sense of what I typed.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Wow, The Pasture Is Greener Over There!

A had a conversation with a friend (yes, I do have friends!) which was inspiration for today's blog'o'doom. The conversation was centred on two types of people. Both of these wonderful types have a little bit of lots of baggage heaped onto their back. They've been carrying that baggage around for a few years now and are finding themselves to be getting a might tired. They are getting so frustrated with the current baggage they have been lugging about that they secretly wish they could take the other person's problem. For whatever reason, the other person with the 500lb luggage seems to have got it better. Of course, both people are wrong and neither has it any easier. Both have them selves a nice heaping helping of unpleasant issues. It's an infamous case of the symbolic lawn always being greener on the other side of the equally symbolic fence. Have I used enough metephors, allusions and cliches yet? Good, now it's time to describe our two type of people.

Let's make the first one a boy. Let's call him Sven because that name makes me giggle. Plus it's really fun to say. Plus it looks like I've misspelled seven. Though I don't really know what good making you think I've misspelled seven does for this blog. Oh my boy, Sven. Anyway, Sven is an incredibly likeable fellow. He's got himself a solid heart of gold, a wicked cool sense of humour and he doesn't smell like raw salmon. I'd say that makes him quite the fellow. As with most non fish smelling folks, he does have himself a lot of good friends. He likes his friends and they just happen to like him back. What is the problem, you ask? Where is this wonderful man's poor issue? You see, Sven is frustrated with one little faucet of his life. He's got himself lots of friends but it seems 'friends' is the only relationship poor old Sven has got.

Now, friends aren't anything to sneeze at. Actually, I hear that sneezing at friends is a pretty good way to lose them. No one seems to like to catch colds anymore. Sven loves his friends and he is really appreciative of them. In Sven's mind, it seems whenever he wants to further a relationship with a female she would rather keep things exactly where they are. Friends. As this tale goes, Sven is really good at snagging the friends but not known to gain the elusive 'girlfriend.' In Sven's mind, he feels he may very well be doomed to wander the barren desert of loneliness for the rest of his life. As you can tell, Sven can be a little dramatic.

The issue arises because poor Sven believes that something must be inherently wrong with himself. His story goes like this: boy meets girls; boy and girl get to know each other really well; boy decides he would ever so like to date girls; boy decides it is time to 'woo' girl (isn't woo such a fun word???); alas, girls decides that things work much better as a friendship with boy. Boy cries and eats a bucket of peanut butter. Boy gets really sick because he's allergic to peanuts. Boy is rushed to hospital. Boy doesn't eat anymore peanut butter. By the way, boy is still Sven.

Poor Sven is now in self pity mode which is a horrible mode to be in. Sven decides it is his fault he doesn't have himself a wonderful women that wants to declare Sven is her boyfriend. That was an awful run-on sentence, eh? Sven starts to wonder what is inherently wrong with him. He starts to question, 'Do I actually really smell like raw dead salmon???? Do my looks shatter all the mirrors? Why oh why, am I so yucky!' Like I said, Sven is really dramatic. He also isn't so eloquent because he likes to use words like 'yucky'. Hey, he's a good guy and he really shouldn't believe these lies he's feeding himself. He definitely shouldn't think he'd rather be person type #2.

This person will be a girl. Her name will be Yvonne. You know, this is one of those names that I know exist but I never actually can pronounce it properly. It spells out to be a lovely name plus it seems to fit just nicely with my names spelled with a 'v' mottif. Anyway, as you guess our lovely Yvonne has some issues herself. Yvonne just happens to be a very beautiful girl, she is extremely friendly, she is blessed with the wit and she smells of lovely flowers. Yvonne is one swank little lady. Yet as this story goes, Yvonne doesn't think that is so true.

On a side note, this really turning out to be a long winded blog! I would love to blame it on not have been blogging for weeks and weeks but we are all know it's really because I'm full of wind. Anyway, Yvonne is getting frustrated that I'm ignoring her so let's put the attention back on her.

Yvonne has lots of friends too. Yvonne is quite the popular girl. Yet, as this story goes, Yvonne needs to have her slew of issues too. Her issue? She is able to date boys and not leave things at a friend level. To Sven, that would seem like a spit dandy of a deal, wouldn't it? Yvonne seems to go through boyfriends like the Cookie Monster goes through a bag of Chip Ahoy (I decided to avoid the fat kid through a box of Smarties analogy in order to not offend Smarties). It always seems that there is some drooling boy out there that wants to date her. It's not too hard for her to be able to get a boyfriend to escort her to the Semi-formal Spring Fling Thing Dance Groove Banquetfest. The problem arises, she doesn't ever seem to be able to have a boy as a friend. No space between boy and friend but always a boyfriend. She wonders why she can't have friends. Why can't a boy just enjoy her company? Is her personality one that isn't able to create a lasting friendship? Do guys only enjoy her company because her smell remind them of pretty meadow and she is all kinds of beautiful? Thus poor Yvonne has herself a heaping of the issues. She fears she can be seen as a possesion just like a X-Box except she doesn't need to be plugged into the wall. She wishes she could be a little more like Sven.

Thus the case of the pasture always be greener on the other side. Our poor protaganists feel there issues are worse then any other. They wish they could be somebody else or have a different personality. The dangerous little secret is that we all have issues. We all seem to have things that bother or plague us. The real factor is that Sven & Yvonne can't beat themselve up for their predicatment. They shouldn't believe that they are to blame or that something is completely wrong with them. There isn't.

I don't know how to get Sven a girlfriend. I'd be willing to try to be Yvonne's friend. I do know that neither should beat themselver up over their predicatment. I do know that things don't ever have to stay the same. Yvonne can find people who want to know the real her. Both these people are very valuable and wonderful creations. It isn't about trying to check out the neighbours lawn but rather, try to make the best of the lawn one already has.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

I'm Alive. . .

I thought you guys might want to know that I am indeed healthy, alive and well. I also have really short hair now. But that isn't the reason for me being healthy, alive and well. The fact that I am alive, did allow me to cut my hair really short. I do enjoy the short hair which would in turn make me feel well. I am sure you really don't care about the shortness of my hair but would rather like to find out why I decided to disappear for ever and ever. First off, it wasn't forever and ever so you really need to work on the exageration problem. Secondly, it is too late for me to come up with a really funny and witty lie as to why I haven't been blogging. The truth is really far too dull for any of you to have to endure to read about. Let's just call it is an 'internet exile'. I have returned or at least, until I disappear again.

Before I depart, I'd like to give a big giant 'CONGRATULATIONS' to the brand new Mr Dave & Leigh Nelson. I'll have to get used to Leigh's new last name. But I am super happy for you guys. I send you many well wishes. I love you both to bunches and bunches.

With that, I disappear. . . until tomorrow (hopefully).

Oh wait, I do owe one person some major recognition and my blog would be the best spot to do it. Purple Terry is indeed more entertaining then Hollywood. But some would also say, I am an above average looking guy. With shorter hair but still really groovey sideburns.

Okay, I've got a pillow that really wants my head on it.