Sunday, July 31, 2005

Rotten Tomatoes

Planning on going to see a movie this evening? Not sure what is worth your hard earned $10.00s? Do you not trust the views of a lone critic? Do you wish there was a site that would compile several critic's opinions? Maybe even give the film a percetange based off all the reviews? Do you wish I'd stopped asking these questions and instead gave you an answer. Fine, I will. There is such a site and I've used it a few times before picking a movie for the evening. Rotten Tomatoes is a web site that does compile several articles by renowned critics. The site forms a percentage based off all the good and bad opinions. It's a good site, so be sure to check it out. Even if you don't really enjoy tomatoes. Though I still think there isn't much that can beat a fresh, toasted tomato sandwich. That really has nothing to with movies. Mmmmm. . . could I ever go for one now. But I'm off topic, so I'll leave you with the link now.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Midnight Madness: The Cottager Invasion

The annual Haliburton Midnight Madness went down last night. It's apparently one of the really big events of the summer up here in Cottage Country. All the stores in Haliburton are supposed to slash their prices and offer really great deals on merchandise. The main street gets closed off and vendors sell things from there. It's a definite tourist type of thing and it gets heavily hyped around here. Most years I've never been able to see what all the hoopla is about because I've been working Friday night at Medeba. The two times that I have gone it has been later in the evening and all the commotion has died down. I never understood what the big deal was. According to others, I just came too late to see the really good stuff such as the live bands on the streets and the fun festivities. Well, this year I arrived to Haliburton at around 8:30pm. I'll go on record to say that I still don't get it. The place is packed and you will never see little Haliburton anymore bustling. It's a large sea of cottagers infesting the streets of this quaint town. There wasn't anything exciting happening other then lots of vendors making use of the closed off streets. There was no live bands. The only festivties that I saw was a bunch of elderly couples doing a folk dance (or some kind of dance). The most amusing part about the dance was the guy who was barking out over the loud speakers what move to do next. As for the deals, I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary. You could buy 4 bag of chips for 5 dollars but I was less motivated to do that due to the kid screaming at everyone to buy his chips. He sent some serious hate vibes and I feared they may have contiminated the chips. Needless to say, I found myself fairly bored after about 22 minutes and I was ready to go somewhere with less congestion of Cottage Folks.

I'd still say it was a good night. I got to spend some quality time with the marvelous Katy and fantastic Molly. Then we all made a stop at the Baine residence which is always a magnificent experience. It was a good time. I'm pretty sure I am ready to opt out of the madness for next year.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Going the distance

I come to you today a very sore man. I just did my upper body work out today and my muscles are letting me know that they definitely exist. I've been working out consistently for about 2 weeks now (Emily would know if I'm totally lying about this or telling the truth, then again she wouldn't remember anyway). I do my upper body on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I run about 5 k and work on my legs on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. I stick with tradition by having Sunday as my rest day. I'm not addressing this topic in an effort to make you all think I am Mr. Fitness. I'm actually probably much closer to Mr. Strawberry Filled Donut. I'm addressing this because I've come to a conclusion today. I push myself and work much harder when I'm doing it with somebody else. I am at my best when I have somebody who is coaching me along and telling me to push to my limits. Unfortunately, when circumstance has me working out alone I find myself much more prone to not push myself very hard or end my work out much earlier. Yes, ladies and gentlemen I am blogging about . . . (spiff dandy drum roll)


My question for the day, is discipline something that can be learned? Or is discipline an attribute that a person is born with (like being an extrovert)? Or is it a quality that is acquired through parents ingraining a sense of discipline into a young child? Can a 27 year old slacker gain the gift of discipline? The only way I can think of gaining something like discipline is to well, being disciplined about it. Is the conundrum being realized here? How does one gain discipline? You could have somebody who is your accountability or coach that pushes you but what happens once they have disappeared off to Never Never Land or Podunk, Idaho? If you needed them to push you then will you still have the desire when they aren't there? Or after the pushing from a friend, would a person be more motivated and disciplined?

I guess, it wasn't so much a question of the day but rather, the questions of one topic for the day. Yet another example of me being a very windy young man. Or maybe I would have been able to keep it to one question if I was more disciplined?

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Busy, Busy

'I've been really busy this week.'

How many times have you heard that phrase or one that is eerily similar. It's probably a greeting as common as 'Good Morning', "Hello', or 'Where are my pants?' Okay, maybe it's not as common as the 3rd phrase especially if you are a guy who tends to have your clothing sneak away from you at night. The fact is, declaring one's busyness is a very common practice. It's like a verbal badge that people like to show off proudly. Make it obvious that they are making use of their time. So much use that they don't have anymore time. They are busy. Busy enough that they weren't able to spend any time with their friends. It's almost as if one would be worthless if they weren't able to tell you how busy they are.

Is this a good thing? When did busy become something so desired? Why does someone need to tell everyone how oh so busy they have become? Is there a fear that people will think less of them? Or is it an excuse because they feel important things have been neglected? For example just spending some time with the people they care about.

During LDP, we took a class called 'Life Management'. I remember, Bruce talking about how it appears everyone wants others to think they are busy. Being busy makes you sound important. Being busy allows to get away from doing certian things because 'you're too busy.' I remember, Bruce challenged use to not tell people how busy you were. To not allow the word busy to sneak into your conversation. Because the word really does become an excuse. Or at least, some distorted badge of honour. Instead, actually talk to people about other things that don't pertain to your crazy busy life. At the same time, try to find some balance in your life so you aren't so 'busy.'

I told myself that from that point on that I wouldn't mention how busy I was and I would leave out giving people excuses. Nobody really wants to hear it. I know, I've probably failed on many occasions. It's something that I try to remain aware of. Not to use the word 'busy' as an excuse or a badge of honor. To instead, try to keep a positive attitude. Maybe actually talk about the good things that are going on in my life. Of course, it's my friends that can be the true judge of if I've even come close to pulling this off.

I want to encourage you all to have a fantastic summer and to really try to enjoy it. Not to be 'too busy'.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Weekend of Awesome

You ever have one of those weekends where you say, "I would do that all over again and love every single minute of it!' If you have, then you sort of have an idea of exactly how I felt once my weekend concluded. It will definitely make it on the 'Best Weekends of '05' list and maybe even challenge for 'Top 23 Weekends of This Decade'. Though I'm now probably totally exaggerating. It was a weekend to remember. I got to introduce my wonderful family to my marvelous girlfriend. Best part of that scenario, they both really got along great. It was one of those evenings where I realized what an amazing lady that I have in my life. Of course, the topper of that evening was I got to eat me some delicious steak. Oh yes, the good times were definitely in full effect. Sunday just kept up the goodness of the weekend. I got to spend even more time with that very amazing lady of my life. My apartment (much thanks to her) may actually be able to be called clean. I got to enjoy her very fantastical cooking. I then, got to body slam her off a trampoline into the water. Do weekends really get better than this? Of course, weekends come to an end and the work week awaits my full attention. I'm back explaining to Youth Pastors that they can't book a group of 120 in July when we are a Summer Camp. I have hope that another blessed weekend will soon be back to do my soul good.

Speaking of this past weekend, I want to send my heartfelt congratulations to the brand new Shawn & Tara Erb. I wish you both an absolutely great life together.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Tour of Frank

There is a big cycling race going on right now. There are a few people at camp that make a really big deal out of it. To some, this is the event of the year. I really don't get the excitement of watching some guys in spandex bike for several days. It sounds like something that I'd rather do then watch. Of course, if I did it I'd die after the first few hours but then again, that sounds like a less painful event then having to watch this thing.

I personally think there is a more important touring extravaganza hitting the world by storm. The very prestigious 'Tour of Frank'. First plus side, it is in English rather then French. That is only a plus side because I'm English speaking and I'm very self centred. Second plus side, it invovles some guy named Frank. Who doesn't love guys named Frank? Come on, I dare one person to raise their hand. I had this friend back in grade school whose name was Frankie. We used to ride our bikes all over the city(ha, I was able to do it as a child). We'd buy 'Big Chew' and stuff it all in our mouths until we choked. Usually we'd wrestle in his basement until we both cried. Then, we'd do belly flops into his pool though we tried to call them dives. Oh Frankie, what great times we had. Though I'm still a little bitter about that time he pushed me off his skateboard because he didn't want me to show him up in front of the new girl. The last laugh was on him because girls dig scars. I had one nasty scrape which isn't really a scar. I'm pretty sure she digged it even if she never talked to me. Despite that, I still love Frankie. Frankie is a longer way to say Frank. Proof that Frank is really cool. We all need a good Tour of Frank.

So, what does this tour consist of? Well, that is the glory of it all. It can consist of whatever you want or need. It just needs to involve some guy named Frank. Or it could be a girl too. I don't know too many that like to be called Frank. More seem to prefer Francine. Though there was that girl called Frankie in the movie 'Frankie & Johnny'. Or maybe the girl's name was Johnny? But that doesn't make sense. I'm not going to bother watching the movie to find out which one is the girl. Then again, you never know when the viewing of a chick flick will sneak up on you. During LDP, I must have watch at least half a dozen. Wow, what a great way to spend your year. I still can't believe I must admit that I've seen a film starring Hillary Duff. Ew. I might almost have to turn my Manly Man Card back in. For shame.

Anyway, Tour of Frank. Be a part of it. You'll never forget it. Oh, and don't push your friend off a skateboard just because he's showing off to a girl. That's mean.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Dishing out the dirt

I'm going to go against usual protocol and actually write a blog pertaining to my personal life. I'm doing this because you the reader have demanded it! Or at least, guilt tripped me about not letting all of you know about my most recent relationship. Now sit back and enjoy a yarn about two crazy kids from a camp named Medeba.

Boy meets girl. Boy thinks girl is real pretty. Girl thinks boy is kind of wierd. Boy talks to girl and girl probably still finds boy sort of wierd. Boy and girl continue to talk and realize they get along really well. Girl still thinks boy is pretty wierd. The author of this blog now decides to fast forward several months. Boy and girl are really good friends and they really enjoy their time together. Or in the girl's case, a really wierd friend. Then a random day in June happend that forever changed the relationship of boy and girl (was that dramatic enough for you?)

Okay, so I've sort of got bored with the boy and girl schtick. I think, we both know who boy and girl are. Katie & Tom. No wait, we're talking about a couple that you guys actually want to hear about and not some washed up actor robbing the cradle. Chris (that's me) & Emily. Anyway, back to the story. So, in June the two of us were hosting together and no, I didn't schedule that on purpose. Shock of all shocks, we got along really well. Really really well. Well enough that when we weren't hosting anymore I found myself missing her. Meal times started to be my favourite time because it meant she would be in the dining hall. Yeah, I'm a sap but that shouldn't be any new knowledge.

June 12th was the official day that I decided to man it up and let her know how I felt. Except I apparently didn't do it in a very manly way. My left foot did a very good job of digging a ditch and my right hand did a good job of peeling off the bark. I was a little nervous but Emily was entertained with my fiddling. It probably didn't help that when she was about to let me know how she felt, a Frenchman chose that time to talk to us for about 45 minutes (though it felt like many agonizing hours). I finally got my answer and I'm pretty sure all of you know what it was. If you don't then you obviously weren't one of the people that were begging me for the details of my new dating life.

Beware some sappy content may be contained: I am in very deep like. I get along with Emily very well. I consider her one of my very closest friends. She is most definitely one of the coolest, sweetest and smartest people I've been blessed to get to know. I look forward to getting to know more about her and to grow closer to her as a friend. Because of her, I learned that it is entirely possible to talk to someone for 6 hours straight and then be able to talk to that same person for another 6 hours the next day. Anyone who knows me knows that being able to carry a conversation is a key ingredient. There you go, I found myself a really amazing girl and I'm very happy to be with her. Hopefully, that's enough info to keep the pleading and guilting down to a miminum. Because I am not going to turn this blog into the blow by blow account of the Emily and Spicer relationship. I'm going to keep that stuff for the paperback.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

The Return of the 1 Word Reviews!!!

I don't even know if my last 1 word review blog was a rousing success or a very muddled mess. I enjoy the challenge of trying to review a film or book by only being able to use 1 single word. So, I'm doing it again and hopefully, you all remember to buckle in while you enjoy this ride.

Cedar Point (amusement park): Wow
The Night of the Living Dead (movie): Huh?
Mr & Mrs. Smith (movie): Fun-a-rific
Bon Echo(June trip): Reenergizing
Summer Camp (this year): Different
Revenge of the Sith (movie): Redeeming
Tristan Betrayal (book): Spy-a-licious
Brought in Dead (book): Anti-climatic
Heat (what I feel outside): Unwelcomed

So yeah, I probably find this lot more fun to do then it is to actually read. I blame the lack of wit this time on the weather. Maybe the gnats too because I'm sort of sick of them flying into my ears. Or I could blame it on the fact that it has been over a month since I last blogged. I am a mite rusty. No excuses though. I've just been decidely more distracted over this last month then I have in a rather long time. I'll accept this distraction over the 'oh my there is 120 people on site and I don't even remember my name' type distractions of the past. Yes, this one is far more sweet and enjoyable. Are you loving the vagueness? Good. Because that's all you get tonight. I'm hoping for this to return to being a semi-daily routine. Until next time, remember only clowns can fit 250 in a volkswagon so don't try it at home or uh, your driveway.