Sunday, October 15, 2006

I Can Read Maps!!!

A lot of you reading this, at least have an idea of the infamous 'Cabin Leader Hunt' story. It has been proof for many that I don't know my directions. Most would argue I couldn't find my way out of a paper bag. I answer that with wondering how would someone fit me in a paper bag? Anyway, I'm not hear to discuss really large bags, especially paper bags because they make me think about lunch thus I get hungry. I am here to inform everyone that I played the role of a navigator on a special Thanksgiving weekend canoe trip with the lovely Emily Ho. I won't bother telling you why I ended figuring out the not very detailed map while Em played the role of sternwomen. Instead, I will point that I am back in Brantford. I will also note that Emily and myself arrived home fairly close to the time we told everyone we would. Which would make it fairly obvious, I did not get us lost. Thus the stigma of me being directionally deficient finally gets vanquished!!! Well, it would be in a perfect world but I realize none of you would allow the label of 'lost boy' totally be removed. Why? Because it is fun to pick on Chris. Admit it. I'm the whipping boy. Despite that fact, I now have proof you are all wrong and I can find my way. Take that!

I'm close to mid term time. Which is about as exciting to me as the potential of sticking a needle in my eye. For the record, I hate things in my eye. Though damage to my eye may force me to wear an eye patch which would take me one step closer to being a pirate. ARGH! So, maybe I like the idea of a needle a little more than the mid terms. I really don't like tests not that I have any reason to hate them. I usually do really well on them, as long as I'm not writing love poems instead of actually doing the test (Tim may be the only one to get the reference and I don't even know if he still reads this). I just prefer writing a paper over having to cram 6 weeks of material into 2 hours. It's more the problem of me being so verbose and finding myself trying to squish that last bit of info with 2.5 seconds left in the time. Despite my dislike for exams, I still am really liking being back in school. Most days it's pretty fun with only a few classes that have my looking for that needle.

I don't know who still reads this but I just want make it clear I miss you guys. The wedding seems so long ago now and I'm about ready for another big get together. I was thinking about doing a shout out to everyone except I am always afraid leaving someone out. I'll just say Medeba(couting all who I've met there) people, I think every single one of you are awesome and I hope to find a chance to meet up again. Slum House(plus adopted) boys, I really miss you guys because I haven't seen most of you since the summer. To all the other amazing folks that have touched my life, I'm sorry this is so impersonal but please know, if you have inkling I would probably give you 'shout out' then know that I am. It is you people that have made me the person I am today. Hopefully you aren't thinking, 'Oh crap, it's MY fault!'

Alright, I get to write a paper on ethnicity now. I know, not as thrilling as He-Man!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

I Have No Shaving Cream

That's a fact. I'm getting myself a very scruffy face going here. Speaking of Scruffy, my dog looks absolutely beautiful at the moment. She got her haircut the other day and there must be someone new because this is the best she has ever looked. I was really impressed. My dog likes to squirm and especially when anything gets near her face, I'm quite impressed she has had the hair shave all around her eye. It's rather nice being able to see her face rather than a ball of fluff. She has a pretty red bow which just makes her that much more darling. Unfortunately, I don't look as nice and I don't think a red bow would help.

I'm a month into school now. It's been feeling pretty crazy recently. Lots of school work while trying to balance working at the Doctor's office. No, I don't have a secret Ph.D or anything. My job at the office is a lot less exciting than sticking popsicle sticks under people's tongues or jabbing them with needles. It allows me to have money which allows me to buy books for school which allows me to do well in my course which allows me to brag. You know how much I need to brag. Thus the job's important.

Haven't blogged in about a month. I really planned on correcting that but seemed to have failed. At least I have 6 courses to put the blame on.

OH! Emily bought me a bike so that I can save money on transportation. Isn't she the sweetest lady in the universe. The answer is yes. Though if your question is if I've proposed yet, the answer is the same as it was the last I was being harassed.

My September is sort of a blur. Can't really remember too much of significance. All that is in my head is scanning medical reports and lots of lectures. Luckily, I do enjoy my most of my courses, though a few would fall under the category of 'Z'. As in it's the course I tend to make a lot of ZZZZZZZZZZZ noises. Actually, I haven't slept in any of my courses which is good because I hear my snoring would made a elephant seem discreet.

Everybody have themselves a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend (if your Canadian) and do Americans still celebrate Columbus Day?

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Congratulations Cameron and Darolyn!!!

Two marvelous people got married this past weekend. Even better, they ended up getting married to each other! I definitely send my best wishes and prayers that their brand new marriage gets off to a fantastic start. I do know the two of them are blessed with having each other as their 'soul mate'. I'm happy for both of them.

As for the wedding, it was an absolutely thrilling time. Probably one of my all time favourite weddings to be in attendance for. I'm not just saying that because it was open bar. Honestly, it was really good to spend time with lots of really good friends that I haven't seen in a really long time. It was super awesome to connect with all my LDPs that were there. It was especially good to see Scott again because it's still wierd (even after a year) to not be his roommate anymore. I miss you, buddy. It was also a time to connect with people who I haven't seen in over a year such as Tim and Jason (of course, Leigh & Dave but I mentioned them under LDP). All in all, it was a really good time and I'm about ready to do it again. Anyone ready to get married for me so that I can have another party? Anyone? Hey, why is everyone looking at me? Aw crap.

I started my fall term yesterday. Extremely low key day as basically the Profs just went over the syllabus or some basic course material. I got to kick off the school season with the two courses I'm the most anxious about -- a course involving my arch nemesis math and a course with a spooky 55% of my mark culminative final. YIKES! Though, both classes seemed to calm my worries a little and I'm confident I'll be able to show who's the boss (Tony Danza! Ergh, Me!). Though I do have a professor who seems to think that we are all in Grade 1 and I'm convinced she must have had a career in children's television.

To everyone who was at the wedding, it was absolutely awesome to see you all again. Yes Molly, it was great to see your pretty face too. I hope, the next grand meeting won't take a few years.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Happy Birthday, Em!

I wish I could be there. I love you, hon.

A Cute Girl From Michigan And Other Things Of Note

You don't realize how much you miss a place until you return to it. Medeba is a place were I seem to find a little bit more energy and be just a tad happier. When I am at Medeba, everything seems right with the world. I love the people that work there. I strongly believe in the mission statement of the organization. It was great to be able to spend that week up there. It was the first time in 4 years that I had been in a cabin. It was definitely a great experience to be able to hang out and spend time with eight campers. In the past as Program Director, I tried to find time to interact and get to know as many kids as possible. The role of Cabin Leader allowed me to have the chance to invest into the lives of eight kids for an entire week. It's definitely a great experience.

Of course, another great aspect of being back up at Medeba was being able to see all the friends again. As the title would suggest, I got to see that lovely, cute girl from Michigan named Molly Palmer. It was super awesome cool to have a Slum House renunion with Scotty and Cammy. The week wouldn't have felt right if I didn't get warm hugs from my camp moms, Joanne and Pamela. I am sure lucky to have three great mommies. Not only was it wick wackity splendid to see lots of other people again but it was even grander to met some new faces. All in all, it was a great time of social interaction too.

You may be reading that above paragraph and think to yourself, Chris is leaving out a very significant person. A person who deserves specific mention. You see, this person is so special to me that she gets her own paragraph. For the record, it was absolutely lovely to see the beautiful Emily again. Unfortunately, due to the jobs we had, we really didn't get to see much of each other. Luckily, we went on to spend the entire following week together which isn't a shabby deal. Emily got an opportunity to try to work off the fat on her chubby boyfriend by pushing me into exciting days of hiking and biking. In reality, I did have fun but I also realized that I can not be described with the word 'fit'. I also hate biking on roads especially when it involved doing a proper left hand turn because mainly, I hate almost dying.

Em's back at work and I'm almost back to school. I've been able to scout some of my classes via the Web CT. A got a bit of a trade off with the fact one class seems a lot easier than I imagine but another class makes me cry with the thought of a culminative final exam worth 55%. Yikes!

I still bite my nails. I just realized I've almost chewed my entire right middle finger off while typing this post. At least it will stop me from flipping people off. You all know how bad I am with that.

For the people who know him, the elusive Daniel Spicer is back home. He's decided to take on the Legion of Doom look in regards to his hair. For people unaware of the Legion of Doom, picture some crazy biker or psycho 80s football player. Or even better, think of a wierd brother who decided to shave the side and back of his head and make wierd designs in his beard. At least, it's always good for a laugh.

I think, I've filled up this post with more than enough dull and pointless info. I will now leave you with this parting thought. How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Friday, August 18, 2006

Medeba Bound

After my last final(Saturday morning!), I am heading up to the Great Green North for a week of summer camp fun! It's been a long time since I haven't spent a summer at Medeba. I must say, I am really looking forward to being able to volunteer for the final week of camp. Plus it will be nice to see lots of people that I haven't seen since Easter and some other people that I haven't seen for about a year. Plus I'll see Emily again which I admit will be nice (awww, I'm so sweet). The other plus side of being at Medeba means I'm free of having to study for exams or write essays about He-Man or Communist (the two don't relate). Or at least, I'll be free from it for about 3 weeks.

Anyway, it's not like I've been the best at consistently posting anyway. This next week, I may be invisible from the blog world again. If I do have the time, I'll be sure to throw up a few updates on the excitement that is Camp Medeba. For now, I wish all my readers a fine and dandy weekend plus possibly week (not to read that as meaning I possibly want you to have a bad week).

Yeah, this post wasn't about evolution either.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Going Under The Knife

Today and even yesterday and maybe even the day before that, I wanted to type up a little diddy about a presentation I saw that had to do with evolution. This is not that diddy. Not to say the diddy will never appear in typed form on this website. It may. It also very likely to be completely forgotten and left with the many other blog ideas that never saw life. It may also evolve to something you can all enjoy and debate.

I announce that August 16, 2006(psst. . . today) will be the last day that my lovely face looks exactly like it looks at this moment. Tomorrow, I am allowing a blade to touch this lovely masterpiece. After all, I've been wanting to look younger for a long time. I thought a little nip and tuck was long overdue. No wait. . . that isn't right. Instead, I'll be having a small benign lump on my left cheek removed. Before you freak, remember that I said benign. So why do I want it removed? Because I'm incredibly vain. That is right, vanity has made me decide to remove the lump and replace it with a possible scar. Because then I could make up a really cool story about how I got it. I can make us of killer llamas, pirates and Bill Nye. All stories need a good dose of the Science Guy. Is he still around?

In reality land (sounds like a new show on Fox), I'm actually removing it because my history shows it will probably get infected. Infection is bad, kids. Anyone who knows the tale my back right leg knows why srugery is smart. If you don't, it's not that exciting. Kind of like this post. I'll let the knife do it's damage and hope I'm not left with too nasty of a scar. Apparently, it will allow me to not worry about having to shave one spot on my cheek ever again. Man, you know how much trouble I have with shaving so that could be a time saver! All in all, it should work pretty well for me.

Other than the fact I don't really like sharp stuff touching my face. I'm so wierd like that, I know.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

It's a bird, It's a plane, It's a little disappointing

A few weeks back, I saw the much raved about Superman Returns. I read reviews where it was heralded as the greatest comic book movie of all time. I had peers telling me that it was a non stop thrill ride. Basically, I was buried in piles and piles hypage (is that a word because if not, I call dibs on creating it). Needless to say, I was pretty stoked to see this movie because 1) I'm a comic book geek at heart 2) Shamefully, I must admit Emily got me semi hooked at the Lois & Clark series and 3) I'm a guy thus any movie promising explosions is high on my list. I paid my $7.50 (yah for cheap theatres in smaller cities!), I bought my bag of pop corn, and was ready for 2 hours of pure excitement and enjoyment.

I was disappointed.

Now, we're not talking about Napoleon Dynamite disappointment. We aren't talking about people promising me that this is exactly my type of movie and me wondering what type of person they think I am. No, it isn't one of the worst movies ever created by mankind (though, I admit for a movie that I disliked so much, I sure like to bring it up, don't I? Must be my desire to always bug poor, sweet, lovely Molly).
Superman Returns wasn't a monumental disappointment. It's more along the lines of Spiderman 2. Both movies were ballyhooed as being absolutely amazing awesome. I believe both movies when they came out were declared to be the best comic book movie ever. I admit that I did like both. I might even watch them again if I was in an incredibly lazy mood, a bunch of friends were watching them and a big bowl of popcorn was in front of me. Obviously, I'm not calling for the film reels to be torched.

They weren't the best comic book movies ever. I liked the first Spiderman way more than I enjoyed the second. As for Superman Returns, I just couldn't get over the universe that was presented to me. Maybe I had been watching too much Lois & Clark or I was too attached to the modernized comic version of Superman. I really didn't enjoy how Clark Kent was such an afterthought and secondary character. I love superheroes and I obviously want the hero to get a lot of face time. I enjoy the superhero story so much more when we are reminded it is the day to day alter ego that is the real person. We deal with the struggles that the alter ego has with balancing his life with his superhero life. Those type of stories is why I absolutely adore Spiderman and have tons of Batman comics. In the TV series Lois & Clark, I believe they found a great balance between letting us know Clark Kent the human and Superman as the saviour. In the series, I enjoyed the interaction and relationship between Clark and Lois. In the movie, Lois entire feelings are directed at Superman and she doesn't seem to even care that Clark Kent has recently returned too. Once again, I'll blame it on liking the TV show thus this little story development really bothered me.

I've heard the argument that this film is trying to follow the previous movies thus I need to get notions of the TV series or the comics from my head. Even doing that, I still disliked other elements in this movie. I did enjoy that it was able to maintain some of the campy enjoyment the original films had. I thought Kevin Spacey was a incredibly evil Lex Luthor which is a big compliment. There were a few campy or cheesy elements that I wasn't a huge fan of. I personally thought the final 20 minutes of the movie was fairly poor especially the ending scene with Lex. I already spent a paragraph on this but I really didn't like how centered the film was on Superman & Lois. I thought it was a little overkill and there was other story elements that could have been explored. I would have liked the film to go into further detail of why Superman decided he needed to abandon everyone for many years. Yes, I know they explained he was trying to find out if there was any remains of Krypton plus if any life from the destroyed planet still existed. What I mean is, I would have liked to see if he had any personal inner struggle leaving the world, women and family he apparently loves so much. I would have liked to know what was his real intentions of going to discover Krypton? To really beat the poor dead horse with it's own leg, I really didn't like another element about Lois & Superman's relationship. Lois' young boy. I didn't think I would like the fact she had a boy. At the end of the movie, I knew I didn't like that fact. I don't want to ruin the movie for people who haven't seen it, a major plot point concerning the boy was definitely something I put in the 'hated it' file.

It sounds like I trashed the movie. In reality, I really didn't mind it. I just won't throw out best ever comic book movie accolades. I'll just say it was a fair movie with a few elements that irritated me. Some of the criticisms could be more because of how I envision the Superman universe and I'm comparing this film to other versions of Superman that I eagerly enjoy.

I recognize the next question is, what do I consider the best comic book movie ever? I am not going to answer that. Mainly because I don't really have an undisputed favourite. I liked the first X-Men (was really not a fan of the 3rd), the first Michael Keaton's Batman was great, I really loved the original Spiderman and despite everyone in the world hating it, I enjoyed Daredevil too. I don't have an undisputed champion in my mind. That could change because I've been told for months and months that I must see Batman Begins. I want to see it. I'm also a little anxious due to it being very hyped to me -- it's been given some 'best ever' throw outs too. Am I really in the mood to slag yet another movie everyone feel I'll love oodles?

Wow, this was a doozy of a post. You guys probably only thought I typed this much when I was referencing wrestling.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I Will Not Go To This Site. . . I Will Not Go To This Site

Hey check out this site I went to. . .

right here

Don't worry it's not naughty. But I need to restrain myself from checking it out anymore or I'll never finish this essay about He-Man. That's right, I am doing an essay about He-man and I will be graded on it.

Back to the site, apparently there is this term known as 'abandonware'. It means that the computer game publisher no longer supports a particular game anymore. Thus it basically means the game becomes abandoned by the company and essentially is no longer considered owned by the corporation (those greedy monsters). The good news for us means the game essentially can now be played for free. That little link will lead you to a majestic land of wonders where you can download a whole gamut of old school computer games. They are just begging for a home where they can be fed, loved and played. If you never played computer games or are in no way a geek, this site is about as exciting to you as a ladybug crawling on a glade of grass. Unless your Leigh because that would actually cause you to totally freak out. Come on Leigh, you know I'm right.

Anyway, I'm not going there because I need not procrastinate anymore today. But you, have my ultimate blessing.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Top 10 Reasons I Rarely Update

10. Technology scares me - ARGH!!! Too many flashy, colourful and bright buttons! I think the monitor is secretly laughing at me! I don't understand WYSIWYG!!!!! Where's my muffin? SIDENOTE: This may explain why I'm so awful on Messenger or e-mailing too.

9. The dog ate my blogs. Hmmm. . . that didn't work for homework in high school either. Rats.

8. Blogs are bad for the environment. I'm all about the Green Peace now. I throw my plastics in the garbage can instead of the on the lawn now. Yeah for me! What? You're supposed to recycle those? So many rules, I can't keep up!!!

7. I've been spending the last 3 months trying to figure out how to register online for Dee & Cam's wedding. Um guys. . . I apologize if it says me and Em have accepted to come to the wedding about 131 times. Like I said, technology scares me and often will leave me in a drooling stupor.

6. I've devoted all my time to trying to discover the Caramilk secret. How does that Caramel get into those chocolate cubes? Or maybe more importantly, why did a marketing company even think that was a half decent campaign? The question should have been why should anyone care? Or even moreso, how can a campaign be considered intriguing when a 6 year old child probably figured it out the mystery.

5. Too much crime is abundant in this universe. You may wonder how that is a valid excuse for me to stop blogging. I say, I'm not about to reveal that I have a superhero alter ego. Oops.

4. I'm holding out for the big bling. If sports stars can do it then why can't I? No more blogging goodness until I see the mad cash. What do mean by 'so, I guess this will be your last blog?' Aw man!

3. I've actually been blogging consistently for 4 months now. They've probably been the most insightful, thought-provoking, hilarious and super-awesome (that's one word) blogs ever known to man. I've just done them all in the invisible font. Learn how to read it.

2. Cam ate waiver wings and he could have died. What does that have to do with not blogging? Nothing. I must allow it to be known to the whole world that a friend of mine actually thought it was a good idea to eat food that needed a waiver to be signed and a health card to be presented. Since we are guys, we deemed him the man forever and ever.

1. Isn't it rather odd that I claim to enjoy writing yet I can't even keep up this blog on a regular basis? According to the date, my last blog entry was in May. May! May I please tell you that it is now August. Somebody is horrid at this blog thing. And it isn't Cheesy Toffee because that person just logged in another entry. Why am I shilling for Cheesy Toffee? I don't know. I have never read her work and maybe I now feel guilty. Doesn't she deserve my readership? Doesn't she deserve some props? Once again, I don't know because I never read her work. I probably won't start. Hmmm. . . looks like #s 2 & 1 on this here top ten list don't actually have any relation to the actual point of the list. Isn't that truly the real point? Yes, I know that makes no sense. I also know that an entire blog entry from me that does make sense would in reality not truly make any sense. I gots to be me. You know it.

Man, I am hungry for lunch. Peace out.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Here, Scruffy! Scruffy! Scruffy?

Storm almost reclaimed his throne as the dominate pet last weekend. All due to that magnificent ritual of blowing stuff up in the sky known as fireworks. No, this isn't a tale of how I tried to light Scruffy on fire. Instead, it's a story of why it's never good to be running late and proof that my dog is a coward. It also might be proof that I'm not the man of steel that I've made you all believe. Hmmm. . . none of you ever bought that disguise, eh? Must be all the used Kleenex's in my trash can or my special collector's edition DVD of Steel Magnolia. Can't a man feel?

Anyway, this isn't about how I am a wuss. Despite how enjoyable that little game may be for everyone. Tonight, I'm going unravel a yarn about how I almost entered a very Scruffy-less life and realizing that isn't quite what I'm ready for. Even if she always tries to occupy my part of the bed at night!

It's Saturday night and this may shock everyone but Emily and I are running late for a very important date (MI3). Outside, the neighbours are having a jolly time of shooting stuff in the air and watching it explode. Now, that last sentence will seems random but it will come in handy later, so don't forget it. Myself and the girl are rushing out of the house but somebody rushes out the door even faster than us. That somebody happens to be ol' Scruff-eroo. With a week of hindsight, I realize it's completely out of my dog's nature to run out of the house ahead of me. She doesn't do it. She patiently waits to be allowed entrance to the outside world. She didn't do that this night. I wasn't in a reflective mood because I was focused on proving to my girlfriend we were indeed not missing the movie (of course, I turned out to be right! What? You shocked?). As we run out of the backyard, we make sure to close the gate tight so that my loyal dog doesn't follow us to the cinema. Afterall, Scruff doesn't work so she wouldn't have the $7.50 required. Both myself and Emily agreed that Scruff hasn't learned to open the gate yet plus on any normal day, Scruff wouldn't dare wander away from the house. Instead she would run around the backyard, poo in the grass, sniff her new addition to the world and bark to be let inside. Leaving her unattended outside the house wasn't a big deal. Normally.

Problem is, Scruffy didn't run out of the house because she really wanted to see MI3. There was a reason that Scruffy ran ahead of me to get out of the house despite it being something she never does. It's the same reason she wimpers at night when there is a thunderstorm. Same reason I can make her leave the room anytime I make the toy tiger growl. Same reason she'll cuddle up to me at night when she hears thunder outside. The reason? She's a chicken. She doesn't like loud noise. She wants to get as far away from it as possible. Or at least be held in your arms. Nobody bothered to inform Scruff that fireworks wouldn't come to eat her. That same non informer decided to leave her all by herself in the backyard. She decided she wasn't sticking around.

Yes, I did find it odd that she didn't bark at the return of me and Emily. I found it odd that once we were home that she never decided to show her self. I assumed she decided to sleep in someone else's bed maybe because she felt jilted about not being able to see MI3. My emotion changed Sunday morning when I still didn't see my little Scruff despite calling her name throughout the house. It got even more worrisome when nobody seemed to remember sleeping with Scruff the night before. It soon became pretty clear that Scruff decided to take a hike. Except the weather was a little bit cold for hiking and she forgot to pack a coat. This would be the point that I started really missing my doggy. I almost missed that yelp she does every time a stranger comes into the house (to her, not me -- I don't just let random unknowns gallivant throughout the premises.)

This story does have a nice, happy ending. She ended up getting picked up in the morning (poor thing was outside several blocks from our house for 12 hours). She patiently waited at the shelter to be found by her worried and heartbroken neighbours. I have to say, it was quite the uplifting experience to see how excited my doggie was to see me. She desperately tried to leap out of a workers arms while I was forced to go through paper work. She knew who we were. She wanted to come home. Provided of course that we didn't start blowing things up in the kitchen.

My dog doesn't like loud despite being loud. I will never ever again leave my dog in the background and trust the fences to keep her in. I won't under any circumstance find myself running so late. Okay, scatch the third one. I don't deal with miracles.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

At least it wasn't 4 months

Wow, I didn't realize I've been taking an overlong blogging hiatus again. I remember, many moons ago that I was actually pretty decent at pulling out daily musings. It must be that whole philosophy of the time disappearing before you even know it. Or maybe the more realistic philosophy, Spicer can be a man who likes to hold off on things. Blogging seems to be the poor recipient of that very philosophy. This is the part of the game where I try to get you all back up on speed.

I'm officially done my first semester of University. I think, I already bragged about my success in the past post thus I'll spare you here. I don't know any of my final marks at this point but I do believe I gave my exams the proverbial academic pounding they so deserved. I start the whole schooling thing all over again come May 2nd which surprisingly, I'm semi looking forward to.

The perk of having school finished rather early in April, meant I have some free time on my hands. The long weekend of Easter saw me and the Emster travel up to Medeba. Yes, she drived. No, I still don't have my fulll license. Yes, I'm tired of being asked that. The weekend was absolutely spifferific and full of splendocity (it's a word, honest). We ended up being able to get 'booked' at a friend's house for every lunch or dinner. We got to visit everyone that we had hoped. Definitely a weekend I'd prop up the two thumbs.

Notice how my last few blogs have actually been about my life? Wierd? I promise a random rant about cheese or Democrats in the new future. Maybe the affect cheese is having on the political decisions being pushed by Democrats? Or I'll probably just resort to spouting off the dangers of llamas just to appease not-so Big Tim, again.

I got to act! Part of the major final for my Reading Drama class, was to be part of an end of the year theatre production. I played the role of Jemmy Campbell. Who happens to be a real life Captian of the first Australian Penal Conlony in the 1700s but also a key character in the play 'Our Country's Good.' Surprises of all surprises, the play actually is about an Australian Penal Colony in the late 1700s. Wierd how that works out, eh? I definitely had a blast of a time and it helps everyony told me how awesome I was. It gave me just a little bit of an acting bug. Maybe I'll find my way into some local theatre group. Or maybe Hollywood will come calling for me? That would sure help out in my current financial struggle of trying to pay for school and teeth.

I'm sure some people would love another Emily update. I get asked about Emily more than I get asked about myself. She is great. We're over 10 months now. We're still not engaged. If you ask in a few more months, we probably still won't be. We're both super duper happy. I love her more than a fresh pear in the morning. As you all know, fresh pear for breakfast is a wonderful thing.

I definitely didn't have anything creative or enthralling to grace you fine readers with. I decided it was due time for me to remind you all that I indeed still breath and walk (but not without tripping).

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Just To Prove Molly Wrong

Molly doesn't think I will be able to keep this blogging thing up. She might end up being completely right. But just because it's fun to be spiteful, I decided to post yet again to prove that another entry was on its way. Of course, I actually don't have anything planned. When I have nothing planned, it's always good to resort to the ol' handy lists.

I present to you, in no special order, the very important things I hope to accomplish in the next week. Drum roll please!!!!!

To make my Scottish accent sound less like a drunkard yelling.

To eat a pear. Oh boy, don't me started on that pure goodness.

Actually finish this essay that I've been very successful at being distracted from.

On second thought, if I accomplish the above task in a week then it'll be several days late.

Don't hand anything in late. Believe it or not (this may shock poeple who've known me for 10+ years), I have handed in every assignment and they have all been on time!!! Give me a gold star! Or maybe a cookie. With chocolate chips. A hint of peanut butter. Maybe some milk too because I need to wash down that cookie. Actually, I wouldn't mind a sandwich either. Hello?

I'd like to get 100% on a test. Oh wait, I already did that! BECAUSE I'M AWESOME!!!!!

Stop being such a braggart.

Make sure the house is llama proof. Those animals are so vicious!

Actually, keep up this whole responding to e-mails and blogging regularly streak.

Avoid sitting by the stinky guy on the bus

Stop always resorting to these lists because they usually stop being funny after number 3. What!?! None of them were funny?!? You're fired. Ignore the fact you were never hired and I never paid you squat.

Finish this list.

Sweet! I finsihed one of my goals for the week. Now, I definitely deserve that cookie!!! Before I end this pointless post, I want to bring up the surprising fact of the day. As you know, I've been known as one of the biggest wrestling fans this side of the big apple tree on West Street (or at least, someone who like wrestling more than all of you -- which isn't hard for most). I found out that Wrestlemania is this weekend. Just for perspective, Wrestlemania is THE biggest wrestling show of the year. Wrestlemania is BIGGER than Wednesday! I know, that's huge! It's the Christmas for any wrestling fan. Despite all this, I don't care. I know, SHOCK! Yes, I also realize I am over using the capitals here. Anyway, this is probably the first time since I became a wrestling fan at age 10 that I couldn't give two toots of the horn. Odd.

With that useless fact out of the way, I bid you all adieu

Monday, March 27, 2006

Breaking The Silence

I decided that the people that still check this blog are probably tired of the cat vs. dog debate. Those same people may be wondering if I've been swallowed by a dog or a llama (if you don't believe they can be vicious then refer to a previous post). I am alive and not residing in a living organism. Since we've got about 5 months of complete nada and I've got an essay I feel like procrastinating from, it seems like a perfect time for you all to get a super quick recap on the life that is Christopher David Spicer.

I will label this little diddy (do diddies need to be songs?), 'Public Needs To Know: Chris Brings Back Blogging Love.' Before I start with all the fun and raucousness, I do owe lots of people big apologies. I don't do excuses so instead I'll admit I'm an evil man. I hope you can all forgive me for doing such an awful job of keeping in touch with almost all of you.

With that much needed apology out of the way, I will now commence with all the important facts and events of my life that spanned from Early October to about a minute ago. Though for the sake of sanity, I will omit some of experiences that have made up this time period I deem the 'Dark Months' (not dark as in 'booooo, I'm sad' but rather dark as in 'I'm in the dark because Chris never blogs!!!!!!) Because I like lists, I will inform you in that style.

1. I ate lots of pears. Man, pears are a pretty awesome fruit. Fruit in general tends to be pretty high on the list of awesome. Pears, do I ever like to eat them. I also ate lots of clementines, bananas, apples (Honey Crisp!!) and some Chinese fruits that I forget the name of.

2. End of October, I decided to take my beginner's driver test again. I got perfect on it which basically means I'm great.

3. Decided that just successfully knowing my road signs and being able to circle the correct answer isn't enough to be an excellent driver. I made the next big step and started taking driver lessons. I so far haven't run over anybody. Actually, it's about time to start booking my driver's test soon.

4. Probably got some haircuts. Must have. Because my hair appears to be really short at the moment.

5. I use face cleanser now. Which basically means I'm a prepped up wuss. But my girlfriend likes it, so I really don't care. Plus I can't play connect the dots on my face, anymore.

6. As you can tell from my last two points, I am really hot now. Maybe I'll get on the cover of Tiger Beat. It's been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember. Though I tend to only remember things for about 2 minutes.

7. I made the much anticipated and long held off return to school. This time, I did it in Univeristy form. I would tell you that I ended up doing 'okay' in school except that Emily would kick me for saying that. Instead, I will tell you that I am awesome. I'm currently hovering around an A as my average. I will now stop before this section becomes bragging.

8. I'm sure the female portion of you are all clamouring for some Emily news. Soooooo. . . we are doing absolutely fantastic. She is without a doubt my very best friend and I love her lots and lots. Is this sappy enough for you???? Now if any of you have an urge to ask me if I'm going to pop the question, I will ask you put a cork in it. Thanks.

9. Now, I try to come up with some random facts to at least make this a top ten list. It makes my life seem rather dull when 5 months can't even fill 10 spots. Oh wait!!! I spent my first ever Christmas day without my family! That was something new and different. I did spend it with Emily and her family which was delightful. Wow, she comes up a lot in this list, doesn't she? Hmmmmm. . .

10. I became a ninja. Yeah, pretty sweet eh? I also learned that I'm kind of really bad at dancing. But I'm thinking being a ninja will begin to help with that.

My essay is demanding that I pay attention to it again. I will. My goal is to not take almost half a year to post again. Who wants to lay money on it?