Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I had a lot fun with the previous Top Ten, so I've decided to give it another go. This time, it is going to be my top 10 'Duh' moments. As in, what the heck was I thinking when I did that??? Now, I have long been someone who claims that I don't regret anything from my life because every event shaped me to be the man I am today. I am pretty happy with this man. But at the same time, there is definitely some moments that I look back on and shake my head just a little bit. Once again, these are coming to me while I think them up so it is in no particular order.

10. Try to change my Phys.Ed uniform: I am positive I mentioned this in a blog post before but it is still one of those more embarrassing moments. I was a notoriously slow changer back in Grade 1 and I was threatened by my scary teacher to not be last ever again. So I changed quickly. Too quickly. I apparently felt there was no need for shorts. I am surprised I wasn't more traumatized by it.

9. One Week Dating Adventure: Good ol' Scotty still won't let me forget the one week relationship I had many many moons ago. Now, I know I blogged about this, so feel free to look it up. Maybe done 2 years ago? Anyway, the insanity that followed can't be classified as my fault. But what the heck was I thinking in agreeing to date this person? Why does one agree to a relationship when they know they aren't interested? Insanity? Maybe. Probably more something to do with insecure teenager that needs to be in a relationship. Yikes!

8. Yearned and Yodelled for a relationship: I read my old journals from only a few years back. Man, was I ever begging for a girlfriend. Why? I just seemed so desperate and sad. Now, I am not bashing old self. He was pretty darn spiffy. He just seemed to really want to do the dating thing. I like to think that if I was single today that I would be much more different and content with myself. But I also don't plan on ever being single again.

7. Wrote a poem instead of a poetry exam: Only Big Tim witnessed this event first hand. What a sad time that was. Why didn't I write an exam that would get me marks rather than a poem that would get me. . . um, a cookie? I don't remember eating a cookie. What a gip. What a brain fart.

6. Turning my last year of high school into an episode of Dawson's Creek: I went emo before emo was hip. I added way more drama than is healthy for any teenage boy. Instead of worrying about graduating, I allowed a lot of unimportant issues dominate my life. I even almost got in a fist fight with a best friend over a girl. Talk about a movie of the week special. Only thing I missed was burning down the Peach Pit.

5. Spent waaaaay too much money on wrestling: This would be vindication for all the wrestling haters out there. Please note, I am not calling my interest in wrestling a brain fart. Nor am I swearing off wrestling. I will admit I have spent too much money and time on this silly fake sport. Now I have a dresser full of videos and such that will probably never be watched again. Think of what I could have used all that time and money on. Knitting?

4. Went for a 18 hour personal hike: The infamous 'I thought it was an island.' A story that apparently has now changed to me being lost on camp property. Truth is, it was on a canoe trip. Easily my biggest brainfart of all time. I still rightfully get teased about that. I have never looked at 'capture the cabin leader' the same again. Though I am hands down the champion at it. Search and rescue couldn't even find me.

3. Choked my best friend: How many people think I don't have a temper? I bet Dave didn't raise his hand. In Grade 2, it was a fateful game of monkey in the middle. I was tired of being in the middle. So, I expressed my desire for something new by trying to extract my friend's head from his neck. I honestly, have forgotten the real reason for the temper tantrum. I am sure it made sense then. It makes me shake my head now.

2. Held a grudge against a group of people: 90210. The label my friends gave to a bunch of people that made us feel inferior and stupid. The problem is, I carried spite and dislike for them for many years. It was only about a year or so ago that I realized I still was holding a silly grudge. Hatred towards people that don't even remember me anymore. What was the point? None. I have let it go. I've forgiven them. If I ever met them again, I would be willing to try to get to know them.

1. Made a really unfunny Top 10: Sorry, I thought this was going to be a lot better. I blame the tired.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Top 10 Events During My Hiatus

I like top 10s because I can get away from needing to have coherent thoughts. I just throw together some random ideas and attach numbers to them. I also thought this would be a spiffy way of updating everybody. Though knowing me, I can't promise that all the following events actually happened.

10. I survived a week plus trip to Florida with Emily and her parents. Though I was never concerned about my survival with Emily. Truth is, I had a really amazing time. I also got to meet Emily's NC relatives who may be some of the coolest people in the entire universe. And I discovered that BBQ = Pork is actually a myth perpetrated upon me by a form LDP and great friend. Accoring to several NCers, BBQ can mean several type of meats but they did say that out in the Raleigh area they seem to only acquaint it with Pork. Did everyone enjoy this lesson on the NC definition of BBQ? Sadly, I've been wanting to spill these beans for months. I'm a pitiful man.

9. Discovered Generations Church. I really love this church and a lot of what they stand for. It is extremely community focused which I believe should be the goal of the church. It is not stuck on old traditions and encourages us to challenge and question what we have been taught. It is so different from my previous church experiences which is a very good thing. Anyone that knows me well can vouch I have been pretty bitter towards Church for a long time. And one extra added bonus, the Pastor doesn't like the label of 'Christian'!!!

8. Did some real bouldering at Niagara. Is called the Gorge? Dee or Emily would know. I forget insignificant facts like names. Anyway, this would be the very first time I bouldered on real rock. I won't lie, sometimes I wanted to cry. But if you ask me, go ahead ask, I think I did really well. Of course, it took Jedi mind tricks from Emily for me to complete some climbs such as a fairly difficult crack climb. I hate crack climbs! In the case of plumbers, drugs and climbing, just say no to crack!

7. Have wrapped up two more semesters of school. I've got a little more than one full year (12 months) to go. I'm still keeping my average in the A range which is splendid. Would anyone from high school have guessed me to be a Dean List student???

6. I was given a super awesome bike. I would like to say that I have rode it every day since but then I would be a dirty rotten liar. Though I did warn that not all material in this post could be accurate. Anyway, I have not used it as much as it deserves. Even though it is 100 times cheaper than bus, faster than walking, or more fun than car. Why the hold up? Because biking on the road makes me pee myself. I hate the big vehicles trying to bully me on the road. Just ask Em. I'm a wussy on busy traffic streets. And we aren't talking Toronto busy but wee ol' Brantford busy. Yeah, I am a wimp.

5. Weddings! I've been to at least 2 since my last blog. One was an aunthentic Asian wedding. 9 courses! Both had open bar and dancing. Man, why did I ever hate weddings when I was younger? These things are just an excuse to party. Those wedding crasher guys had it all right. Except for the whole sleeping with some random girls they met. Since Emily would hate that.

4. Decided I was no longer a Christian.

Did that make you panic? Well, don't. It isn't what you think. Rather I'm opposed to what the label of Christianity represents in a lot of cases. I am extremely frustrated with the institution of Church. I believe it is Christians that have hindered a lot of people from finding God or Jesus. Frankly, Christianity is a religion and I am not religious. No, I am a follower of Christ. Thus I am not forcing myself to stick to a lot of traditions and legalisms that I feel harm faith. Besides, I have known for a long time that I was way more Liberal in my 'Christianity' than most people that surrounded me but also knew that 'Liberal Christian' had some pretty lousy thoughts attached to you (possibly unjustified). Instead, it is just better to shed the Christian label.

For the record, this is not me saying I have a problem with Christians or Conservative Christians. If that is what helps you walk properly with God and Jesus Christ then congratulations. I applaud you.

3. Officially threw out my ninjas. I know right now both Tim and Scott are crying. I'm sorry. They were way past dead.

2. Missed watching Wrestlemania for the 4th year in a row. Is it no longer bigger than Wednesday???

1. This list is obviously not in any particular order. I did not feel missing a stupid TV show was a bigger event than making a huge decision in regards to my belief system. I just thought I should clear this up. Though, this isn't really an event. So ummmm. . . I finally gave in to the evil darkness that is Facebook. Yeah, I sold out.

Hopefully, this makes up for the useless post from yesterday. Emily informed me she was tre disappointed with it. I can't upset the masses. Or at least, can't upset my sugar momma. Kidding. Mostly.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Is This A Record?

Wow, I haven't posted since last Thanksgiving. Could this be the longest I've gone without gracing the blogging world with my presence? Can I go longer? Does this post have a point? Will this post consist entirely of stupid unanswerable questions? Nope. Because I didn't start this blog with a question. And these previous sentences weren't a question. Though I now do not have really any theme to this post anymore. Nope, now it's basically just a bunch of useless and dull sentences squashed together to make some type of paragraph.

Yet now I am starting a new paragraph. Maybe this will have a point? Nah.

Alright, so I actually didn't have anything to say. Sure, you would think I would have lots since it's been months and months since I have even made a blogging peep. Actually, I could probably rant on a lot of current issues. And I definitely owe people a life update. But I am not going to do any of that right now. Instead, just going to state that this will begin to be active again. So if you gave up hope, try to find it again. Maybe it is under the couch. Or futon. Or whatever you use for sitting. Milk Crate?