Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!!

At 29 years old, I don't think I can get away with dressing up as an Ewok and snaggling some candy from a few houses. I still get a kick out of all the cool costumes kids dress up in. Making a Jack'O'Lantern is a blast no matter what your age. I will just have to wait until I have kids of my own to dress up and parade around the streets. Then maybe I can mooch half the candy off them. Afterall, too much sweets aren't good for you. I would just be looking out for them. Anyway, hope everyone had a frightfully good day.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Top Ten Reasons To Procrastinate

10. Why do it today when it will still be there tomorrow?

9. Free Cell

8. I heard on CBC news that most text books contain the deadly skin eating virus and it is best to avoid all contact.

7. Wine and cheese are said to only get better with age, so why can't that apply to assignments or tasks?

6. It has been said, that it is the challenges in life that allow you to grow and be a better person. What type of challenge is there in doing your assignment several weeks before the due date?

5. Youtube. Internet's version of crack.

4. My alter ego is taking up all my time. Fighting crime can be very consuming.

3. The voices in my head tell me to. They are also saying to stop picking on Britney. Oh wait, that is just some crazy girl on Youtube.

2. It isn't procrastinating. Just pacing. Really slow and methodical pacing.

1. I could tell you the number one reason but I think, I'll wait until another day.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Not A Time To Be A Cleveland Baseball Fan

Cleveland must not be a super jolly place to live right now if you're a baseball fan. Not only is there all the drama with the team mascot and team logo being pressured to change, but the team now can be labeled as chokers. If the Indian name gets scratched, maybe that can be the appropriate new name? Cleveland Chokers??? It isn't too bad. Definitely doesn't have any racist connotations anymore. For the logo, you can exchange the feather for a noose and change the colour from red to blue. Seriously, blowing a 3-1 lead has to be absolutely heart breaking. I am just glad I was too young to really properly experience the Blue Jays monumental blowing of a three game lead against the Royals back in 1985. I am now predicting, there is going to be another party in Boston after the World Series is completed. I will probably care as much as I did the first time. At least, they probably won't make a lame romantic comedy about it this time.

Thursday, October 18, 2007


Of all the possible emotions, this may be truly the scariest. If I get an apathy towards my studies then I am likely to watch my grades get flushed down the toilet. If I get a apathy towards my relationships then likely they will eventually completely disappear. But maybe the scariest is an apathy towards the world around us. I encourage everyone to stay informed with international events. Keep an eye on things like Myanmar or the Sudan. If possible, never be afraid to get involved and make a difference. This world can be such a better place but it will never be that way if we let apathy be a main emotion.

Not much of a rant today. I blame mid terms.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Nothing Changes

So, the referendum did not pass and the Liberals remain in majority power. A day after what was to be a major vote for Ontario and it is almost identical to before. Though they did not get any seats, the Green displayed a mighty good showing in a few of the ridings. It gives me hope they have a chance in the future. Did my voting preference show through in that last sentence? Does that choice really surprise anyone? Of course, my preference towards the Green Party probably reveals that I was for changing the voting system. I believe it got shot down by the voters mainly because a huge majority did not really understand it. Plus people tend to not really like change. I think if it was better explained and truly promoted during the election that it would have had a better chance. Oh well.

I have to say, voting time is a period where I realize that I am quite different from my parents. They're pretty staunch conservatives thus often favour the PCs. It is rather interesting to realize how radically different we are in many ways. It is the same world but we view it very differently. The comforting thing is that despite the major differences in these areas, we still really love each other. We still get along really well. It is a sign that people with different views and opinions really can live in harmony. Maybe this crazy world still has some hope?