Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy (this past weekend was) Easter

I hope everyone had a really delightful weekend. Maybe threw in some quality family time, too. I had a really fantastic weekend as I got to give a very special person their first ever Easter Egg hunt, I got a delicious turkey dinner, I was able to throw a successful Easter hunt for the church kiddies, and I had some quality time with some friends I rarely see. All in all, this one gets two thumbs up.

I am hoping this can be the fresh start to me actually blogging again. We will see if you hear anything from me again for the nest 37 days or so.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I Thought This Semester Was Going To Be Different

Apparently, I was wrong. So much for sticking with New Year resolutions. I had hoped to blog on a semi-daily basis this year, as well as be way ahead in my assignment. I have failed on both accounts. Once again, a horde of papers are attacking me on all side and I really only have myself to blame for it. These next few weeks should be pretty wild and not in the Disney G-rated way. There will be lots of violence. Maybe some crying.

On the plus side, I have a house and a cat. Or more accurately, Emily has a house and I'll be occasionally squatting in it. But the cat, I lay at least half claim to him. Probably his right half because I find the ear on that side particularly intriguing. I could spend hours gazing and contemplating its wonder. Well, not really. I haven't actually given much thought to the cat's ears. Though I do know he has them.

Anyway, back to my pathetic attempt at combating the horde.