Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday's "It is Almost Christmas" Question

I'm sure you've often been asked what is your favourite Christmas movie.  For me that would be A Christmas Story, because I watched that thing a billion times as a kid.  Even though it was set in a period before I was born, the film resonated with me and I could relate to the main character.  Though my Sega Genesis never risked shooting my eye out. 

But I am not asking you what is your favourite Christmas movie.  Instead, I am asking you what is your favourite "not quite a Christmas movie", because you know, it isn't quite Christmas yet.

What do I mean by "not quite a Christmas movie"?  I mean a movie that wasn't produced and sold as a Christmas movie, but is either set around Christmas or has Christmas-like themes.

My favourite?

It is a tie.

Die Hard and Gremlins.

Both films are set during Christmas time, so they are easy picks.  But I argue that they also have important Christmas and holiday themes.    

Die Hard is about a guy fighting his way through great adversity in order to reconnect with his family.  John McClane is all about the family, and Christmas is an important family time.

Gremlins is about the dangers of not properly researching a gift.  The father really should have stuck with a Cabbage Patch Doll. 

So, what is your favourite "not quite a Christmas movie"?

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