Friday, December 13, 2013

My Weekend Plans. . .

To not be on the blog.

Our new house still is imitating a storage facility and also is screaming for a serious cleaning, and it really does deserve to become a real home we can all love and spill coffee inside of.  This will be one of the time consuming things of the weekend.

Also I'm going to do something totally new and use "I have pay copy that needs to be finished this weekend" as my second excuse for not being on here.  Because. . . well. . . I have pay copy that needs to be finished this weekend.

But my honest and sincere hope is that my lack of writing on here will end on Monday, and I'll have oodles of words for you to digest.

If that becomes the reality is something that will have to be discovered on Monday.  So, I'll see you then, and have yourself a great weekend.

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