Monday, September 29, 2014

The Breakdown of Emotional Connecting with Movies Podcast: We've Got Feelings!

Scott and I have once against been swerved by fates and won't be reviewing the pictures we promised for this week. Instead we're going to dig deep inside ourselves and look at our very souls that over the years have had many movies latch on to them. These are movies that not only have stuck with us for decades, but also have impacted how we live our days. We'll be looking at classics that we love (we mention Raiders of the Lost Ark several times), but also discuss some not very good movies that still found a way to bury deep into our memories and emotions. As always, if you love what you hear then please pass it along to another lover of movies.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Ways Netflix is Reshaping the Creative Aspect of Television

 As the years go on and if I continue to cover pop culture, I'll likely find myself writing about Netflix more and more (eventually, I may even get around to reviewing House of Cards). It is not only becoming an entertainment powerhouse that is creating exclusive series that garner awards buzz and critical acclaim, but now their creative decisions are being emulated by the major networks. At one time, the networks would have completely dismissed Netflix as real competition, but now it is a major part of shaping the television industry. In my latest Collective Publishing pop culture column, I look at how Netflix is becoming a major influence on the big networks' creative decisions.

EDIT: Added a pretty picture, and then referenced the series it is depicting in my write-up.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Breakdown of Cinema's Forgotten Podcast: Genres and Cinematic Elements We Dearly Miss

I know, I know, the end of last week's podcast promised this week's Breakdown would contain five movie reviews, including several 2014 comedies. Well, circumstances turned me into a dirty rotten liar and maybe even a scoundrel (minus the eye patch and being Steve Martin). It also caused for what I think ended up being a pretty intriguing podcast. Scott and I look at once popular genres (including the romantic comedy genre that gave us major hits like When Harry Met Sally) and several old cinematic elements that have now become either extremely rare or extinct in mainstream movies. It is a bit of nostalgia, but also evidence of why the current mainstream motion picture scene can often feel homogenized and barren of variety.

Also, just because I don't feel like making another "sorry I've rendered this blog into a ghost town but now things will be different" post, I wanted to just sneak that into this post. So, sorry I've rendered this blog a ghost town, but now things will be different. Hopefully, the blog resurrection starts later tonight with some reviews of new Fall TV premieres. Later this week, I'd also like to make a glorious return to writing about life as a stay-at-home dad, which I always intended to keep up after my Pregnancy & Newborn column ended but gloriously failed to accomplish.

Anyway, for now there is a podcast up there for you to listen to.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The State of Modern Movies is in Better Shape than Most Critics Claim

 The movie industry is a drastically different creature than it was a few decades ago, or even ten years ago. There are certain movies that almost never get made at the mainstream level anymore, and thus aren't seen at cinemas outside of major cities. This has led to a lot of complaints about the current state of cinema, and many of the criticisms are warranted. There are a few constant whinings that I see on social media that are growing tiresome, because they aren't actually true. In my latest Collective Publishing, I refute three very common criticisms of modern movies.

Monday, September 15, 2014

The Return of the Breakdown Podcast: Analyzing the Summer Blockbuster Season and Beyond

After a short break, Scott and I return to debating and discussing cinema. This week we look back at what was an intriguing blockbuster season and prognosticate over what to expect during the awards-bait season that is about to start. 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Winners and Losers of the 2014 Fall Network TV Season

The Fall Network TV season is finally here, and as always, there is an army of new shows ready to battle for your eyeballs. But those are rather important organs, so you have to be picky over who gets them. And each year there are many shows that end up leaving the war empty handed and disappear forever before Christmas. This week at Collective Publishing, I look at the series destined to be breakout hits and also the ones cursed with early cancellations.

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Misguided Self-Entitlement Doesn't Stop Jennifer Lawrence from Being the Victim

I don't really love dipping into the celebrity lives part of pop culture too often. But the stealing and leaking of nude female celebrity pictures was a major news item this past weekend. More importantly, some on social media showcased an embarrassing display of self-entitlement and misogyny that reminded me how awful a place the internet can be sometimes. In this week's Collective Publishing, I explain why female celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence didn't do anything wrong and that they're the victims here.